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sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2012

Last but not least

The year is rushing to it's final days, and since the world has not ended (not yet, at least), I wanted to make one last post, before the new cycle begins...

As mentioned before by Abraxis this has been a very good year blog wise.
We've had contests, tournament reports, game reviews, pod-casts and magazines shout outs, a few prizes given, and many many Blood Bowl related stuff shown off (Pitches, Dugouts, Star PlayersSide Line figures, memorabilia, etc, etc, etc).

Just like the saying - to each his own, I too must address this very successful year to the rightful accountables: all of you out there, the fantastic BB community, that keeps feeding us with your news, photos, reports, and amazing and inspiring creations!

 It's really cool how after so many years of modeling, painting and playing we still get surprised by yet another fantastic new model, conversion or paint job.
That alone is most of the times more than enough reason to feel inspired again, and give all of us the momentum needed to start putting together a new team, or have another go at the old one that still waits in the shelf for a few layers of ink.

For all that and more you are all responsible, and we thank you for sharing it with us!

And now, since a MMN blog post doesn't feel quite right without a BB picture, here's one of a Khemri team I've managed to put together and paint early this year.
Hope you like them!

2 comentários:

Paul O'G disse...

Here here! And here's to another great year of Blood Bowling goodness in 2013!

AbraxiS disse...

Happy New Blood Bowl Year :)


By the way,those Khemri are swweeeettttt...for a Khemri team of course ;)