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quarta-feira, 16 de Abril de 2014

Tipus Minimus finally made it into the first team!

Tipus Minimus, the mutated gobbo, finally made it into the first team of The Pitch Praetorians!

After an rough start at the NABBO League pre-season coupled with a few injuries in some not-so-friendly matches, he managed to prove it's worth (ahem.. stabbing the competition) and was accepted into the first team.

Tipus Minimus came from a land far (very far) away, to play in the NABBO League after the 2012 draft of the "GHAG overdrive contest".
Cheers to Tristan for it!

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terça-feira, 1 de Abril de 2014

We can't go back

My mom passed almost a year ago. Cancer.
  As my mother was living with my sister and brother in law before she passed, she had put quite a bunch of my kid stuff in storage along with things from my brother and sisters childhood. You know, grade cards, pictures, art, that kind of thing.
  All this was returned to me last summer. I just this last weekend got around to looking through it.
I found a big box of my old role playing stuff. D&D started it all for me, in 1977. A bunch of RPG games followed. Too many to list. There were books maps, the odd dice, bunch of other stuff.

I also found what I believe is my groups first blood bowl league roster. The date says 1989, so 2nd Ed 18 teams, not too shabby for a 2nd Ed league, huh?
 When I look over the roster, I think back to a bunch of good times. and a bunch of good friends who, for whatever reason, are no longer in my life.
Who could forget Billy "dumb dumb" Degrote? He's the guy who gave us the club name "The Thursday Night Heros". Or Shawn N. who just disappeared one day? Or Shawn L. who joined the army, and for some reason never contacted any of us again? I had a falling out with John K. who was, for a while my best friend. We went on a road trip and when we got back, his parents had a) decided to get a divorce and b) John had to move away with his father. That was a tough one.
 Bob Wagner was another dear friend. He was into the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I loved Judge Dredd. We both loved punk music. We went to shows and we were always in a fight with someone at a gig (we were both skinheads). We would drive far and wide in serch of a cool game store or music shop. Comics, too. I just found his phone number online and I called him. We planned on getting together for a game of Bloodbowl (he hadn't played since 2nd Ed.), but I live about 90 minutes for him and he has a big family that takes up a lot of his time.
  And many more. Phil, Scott, Berny, Joe...

I guess I'm getting old. I for some reason find myself thinking of those guys. When getting together on a Friday or Saturday night and playing some game until the wee hours was a great time. Even the guys who were only in our gang for a short time, I think I miss them, too. It could be, that life has gotten me down this last year. I lost my job due to an injury at work. Maybe because my sons cancer has returned. Maybe because I don't see my brother and sisters much. I don't know...
 Life gets away from us. I sometimes have a strong desire to look these old friends up, contact them and tell them I miss them, but that's kinda weird, right? So i won't. But I want to, before we all get too old.

Sad news for Blood Bowl :(

These are just sad news for the Blood Bowl players around the world  :(

"This is a very special episode of Zlurpcast. No jokes here. We somehow managed to get a former higher up at Games Workshop on the line to tell us the REAL future of the game we all love, Blood Bowl. I’m still in shock how we managed to get this interview. Many have speculated about a new release and/or a new set of rules. What you find out about the future of Blood Bowl in this interview will blow your mind to tiny bits. Listen now, before the Empire forces us to pull it down!"

sábado, 22 de Março de 2014

Dungeonbowl XI (2014) photo report

One of the Major (and coolest) Blood Bowl Tournaments out there has got to be the Dungeonbowl! It's held in Germany, and it went on in the past 15th and 16th of March.

You can check the rules used this year in this TFF thread, or go directly to this picture section, kindly provided by TFF fellow gamer traveller to see all the lovely teams and pitches they had there this year.

And since you're there, take your time and have a look at all other great Blood Bowl info and goodies in traveller Blood Bowl Miniatures site.

And just for a fun fact, take a look at the dugouts they used this year in "The Dungeon" - the stage where the Dungeonbowl winner will be decided (pic below)!

Wondering where you've seen those before? ;-)

It's really cool to see our stuff being used out there.
Thanks for that guys!

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segunda-feira, 10 de Fevereiro de 2014

NABBO League blog open!
(The banner is a link)

Open for it's coaches for the NABBO Tea Cup 2013 and to the general public in the beginning of this year, the NABBO League crew is proud to announce the blog where you will be able to read (and see) plenty of stuff about all that's going on with the NABBO League.

The blog is divided in two groups of sections, the first three being dedicated to the season main competitions (League, Cup, and Tournament), with a bit of fluff on each competition itself and a Hall of Fame with all the past winners.
The last two sections (The Teams, and Wide Zone), are dedicated to all hobby activities behind Blood Bowl, where you'll find league teams, star players, custom pitches, plenty of conversions, and even a few side line figures that have taken a role in the "grand scheme of NABBO League Blood Bowl".

The blog will (hopefully) be in a constant updating mode, with more figures added as coaches have them painted or photographed, so check it out once in a while to see some news.

Hope you drop by to take a peek, and if you see something you enjoy please feel free to leave a comment!

quarta-feira, 5 de Fevereiro de 2014

SAGA Baggage Train

A few months ago, while browsing for some inspiration to paint a couple of minis I had in my workbench for ages, I've ended up in the forum of a game that I already read something about in Paul's Man Cave blog, sometime ago:
SAGA skirmish game, from Gripping Beast/Studio-Tomahawk!

In this SAGA/Muskets&Tomahawks forum, not only I've found the inspiration for the colour schemes I was looking for (you should really go there if not for more, to check some really fantastic paint jobs), but I also saw a few conversions that got me that "itch" to scratch build/ convert/ paint something similar myself.
 So, after some hunting in the bits box(es), I found the pieces to put a couple of "peasants" together, some plastic (very cheap) farm animals I had from some other project, and after a few sketches in a sheet of paper, I was ready to start my new "Baggage Train".

With some leftover bits of wood and plasticard, my baggage train was almost ready, all I need was to fill it with something worthwhile...  "Grain bags will do just fine!", thinks the goose running after some of the corn falling from the moving cart!


The peasant minis were build with bits of old GW Mordheim plastic sprues, so obviously they didn't look that much "Dark Aged", but after sculpting some tunics and hoods (hand bag and torch too) with green stuff, they ended up looking ok I guess.
Both figures have a magnet under the base to keep them in place while moving the "train", but still allowing me to take them off to fight for their lives, next to the train or somewhere else if needed to.

Hope you like this little project and as always, comments are welcome!

terça-feira, 28 de Janeiro de 2014