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quarta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2013

Thrud the Barbarian... Hardcover!

Most of you probably already know something about Thrud the Barbarian, either in the form of the comics character, of Thrudball (the BB tournament in aid of The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation), or it's miniature in a Blood Bowl pitch somewhere (see below)...
What some you of you might be missing is that he started as a comic strip, quite a few years ago (1981), in the pages of White Dwarf Magazine by the hands of Carl Critchlow.

 Image from The Stuff of Legends.

Here's how fellow TFF'er Giraffe told us about some very interesting news about it:

For those of you who've heard of charity bloodbowl tournament Thrudball , but are too young to recall White Dwarf Magazine back in the 80's, I wanted to share this news about Thrud The Barbarian.
Those of us 40something White Dwarf Readers will fondly recall the old black and white Thrud The Barbarian comic strips (in about 60 issues of White Dwarf, won several readers awards for best article)...but might NOT know of artist Carl Critchlow's Eagle "Small Press Award" winning Colour Graphic Novels ...

Titan Comics have released a Thrud the Barbarian hardback collection, containing all five of the colour Thrud stories, plus a few of the old monochrome strips from the 80's plus some NEW bonus Colour Strips never seen before...

I simply cannot recommend this enough to you, it's an absolute HOOT, if it doesn't make you laugh, then nothing ever will...


Frank Hill, Club Leader, GCN Club BRGA

( You can read Frank's the original TFF post here: link).

Here's is the cover of the Thrud The Barbarian (Titan Edition - Hardcover) book, and you can find some more info about it's contents right here: yet another link.


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Paul O'G disse...

Great figure - I want one!!!

Tristan M disse...

Not to take this too far off topic, but eriochrome has a great list of blood bowl miniature related posts.

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eriochrome disse...

I could have gotten a Thurd mini as there was one in the prize pool one time when I got a prize for wooden spoon but it seemed to good for a wooden spoon award so I took some secret weapon models instead.