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domingo, 17 de novembro de 2013

CACK Bowl Charity Pitches

I've been kind of busy lately and this obviously translates into very few time to keep up with forum and blog news. Today I've finally managed to spend a few minutes checking out "stuff", and found something I believe it's very worth to give a shout out to.

Quoting JT-Y, fellow TTF'er and Chairman of Coppull and Chorley Knights Wargames Club :

"(...) Final version of the CACK Bowl pitch below. 
The idea is that it plays on the club name; Coppull And Chorley Knights, and represents a jousting tilt being used as a football pitch with a nice, medieval look to the dugouts/ dungeons.

There will be a special one for the winner of CACK Bowl 2013, but we're also offering these to anyone who wants one. They'll have ''CACK Bowl 2013'' in the left hand endzone and will cost £50 for the hard jigsaw type. £45 to anyone attending the tourney. 

Very reasonable considering the standard pitches cost €45 from Comixininos.
All profits (we expect to make between £5 and £10 per pitch depending on numbers) will go in support of the charity, Help The Homeless.

If you are interested, say so below and I'll PM you with payment details.

If you are attending CACK Bowl you can collect your pitch from there, otherwise I'll post them after the event and we'll cover costs (within reason!) from club funds rather than charge more or donate less.

You can check the original in TFF forum here: link!

The pitch looks great, the price is quite reasonable, FF Fileds pitch quality needs no introduction, and if that wasn't enough, it's for a very worth and needy beneficence subject.
Give yourself an early Christmas treat and help those guys to help who needs the most!

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