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sábado, 28 de dezembro de 2013

My last painted mini of 2013

This year, much like it happens every year when we enter in Christmas season, all national TV's changed their program schedules and grid, in order to accommodate more thematic entertainment, including family shows and movies.

One of these movies really caught my attention because we've mentioned the book that inspired it, here in the blog more than once. In fact, not only we've mentioned the book but we've also showed a lovely set of miniatures, representing the main characters of that book (and movie).

By now you've probably guessed I'm talking about Carol & Max.

Well, after watching the movie (again), I felt inspired to get some painting done, and fortunately for me I had just the right pair of minis to get my brush work on.

 So here it is my version of Carol & Max painted minis, probably done in a record time since I enjoyed the minis so much that I couldn't bear myself to stop until I had it all done.
 Hope you like them too.

Thank you John (Bound For Glory) for making these meaningful lovely figures happen and get available for those of us lucky enough to get a set.

Carol and Max where commissioned by our friend John (aka Bound For Glory), and sculpted by Rykar for The Thursday Night Heros tournament, held in honour of his friend and cousin Mike (co-founder of the club), who was unfortunately killed in Afghanistan.


3 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

You have done a beautiful job on these pal - I can only hope my set end up looking half as good.

Axtklinge disse...

Thanks buddy!
Loved painting them.
I liked the movie a lot, and I'm sure it must have helped.

Tristan M disse...

One of my wife's favourite books