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quarta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2014

SAGA Baggage Train

A few months ago, while browsing for some inspiration to paint a couple of minis I had in my workbench for ages, I've ended up in the forum of a game that I already read something about in Paul's Man Cave blog, sometime ago:
SAGA skirmish game, from Gripping Beast/Studio-Tomahawk!

In this SAGA/Muskets&Tomahawks forum, not only I've found the inspiration for the colour schemes I was looking for (you should really go there if not for more, to check some really fantastic paint jobs), but I also saw a few conversions that got me that "itch" to scratch build/ convert/ paint something similar myself.
 So, after some hunting in the bits box(es), I found the pieces to put a couple of "peasants" together, some plastic (very cheap) farm animals I had from some other project, and after a few sketches in a sheet of paper, I was ready to start my new "Baggage Train".

With some leftover bits of wood and plasticard, my baggage train was almost ready, all I need was to fill it with something worthwhile...  "Grain bags will do just fine!", thinks the goose running after some of the corn falling from the moving cart!


The peasant minis were build with bits of old GW Mordheim plastic sprues, so obviously they didn't look that much "Dark Aged", but after sculpting some tunics and hoods (hand bag and torch too) with green stuff, they ended up looking ok I guess.
Both figures have a magnet under the base to keep them in place while moving the "train", but still allowing me to take them off to fight for their lives, next to the train or somewhere else if needed to.

Hope you like this little project and as always, comments are welcome!

4 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

Looks excellent sir, well done!
I like the little animals and this should be useful for all kinds of gaming, not just SAGA, I could see it as a Mordheim objective or some blood bowl "tailgate" party :)

Axtklinge disse...

Thanks mate!
Yeah, hopefully it may be useful for other games too.
It was really fun and fast to do and paint, but I'm sure it will serve its purpose.

Tristan M disse...

Sometimes it's nice to paint something for no reason than to paint - that's how I ended up starting to collect figures for WHQ, was just painting up random fantasy models I had sitting around and trying different colours.

Axtklinge disse...

And I feel the same about scratch building or even converting.
More often than not, later on I find a use for those pieces, even if not for the game system intended.