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segunda-feira, 13 de outubro de 2014

Road to NAFC 2015

The latest NAF newsletter (09/10/14), announced that the Road to NAFC Championship 2015, will be hosted by FUMBBL. For those that missed it, last year's Road to NAFC was hosted by Cyanide and the prize was a ticket to the NAFC, in Nottingham - UK, worth 55£.
This will be the first time that NAF will sanction an on-line tabletop resurrection style tournament, and, once again the prize will be the ticket to the NAFC!,2P57F,10ZEQG,9UIJM,1

Quoting Phil / Purplegoo:

"The Road to the NAFC will be contested over 6 rounds of Swiss competition and will use the same rules as the NAFC
The Road to the NAFC is set to be the first of ongoing online NAF sanctioned resurrection style events; hopefully allowing members to track their progress via a new ‘online variant’ ranking system. For FUMBBL coaches old and new, this functionality will also be extended to user organised events similar those already running in the [L]eague division there.
For anyone that doesn’t know, the NAF Championship is the biggest tabletop Blood Bowl individual tournament of the year and one of the five yearly NAF Majors. Held at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham, UK, the 2014 running of the tournament attracted over 170 coaches, and 2015 could be even bigger.
Full details of the Road to the NAFC will be announced later in the year. In the mean time, please discuss and ask any questions you might have in the TFF or NAF forum threads. I’m really looking forward to this form of the game going digital and the collaboration between FUMBBL and the NAF!"

Sounds like very cool news to me!
Have fun.

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