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domingo, 16 de agosto de 2015

Remember "Carol & Max"?

Do you?

Almost one year and a half ago, here in Merry Mayhem News blog, we started a couple articles featuring Bound For Glory bloodbowl tourney, the "Mike Krieger memorial Cup", and the lovely set of limited edition miniatures that he and his crew (The Thursday Night Heroes) have put together for the event: here, and here!

The selling of those, aside from helping funding the tourney, also had the grand objective of providing a donation to be handed over to the pa's fallen soldier fund.
(I obviously could not pass the opportunity to have a go at painting this such exquisite pair too - here - besides I reeeeeeeally loved the movie).

So what's new, you may ask?
As promised back then by BFG, and once again with the help of Rykar (the sculptor), they have another set "on the forge".
This time it's "Doug", the big guy who gets the (well deserving) spotlight, but rest assured that he will also have the company of Max (and yes, a differently sculpted version of our little friend "Max").

Here's a photo of their greens, as found on the "wild thing #2 coming soon" post in TFF.

Too cool to be truth?
By all means, click on the thread link above and go check it out your self!

And yes, start putting a few coins aside to get them when they get out, they deserve it!

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Tristan M disse...

hope these continue to get made - a "where the wild things are" ogre team might actually get my wife to try playing again.