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terça-feira, 20 de outubro de 2015

Douglas and Max #2: for Mike!

 How say, boys? Been awhile...

I hope everyone had a good summer. seems like I was just sitting in the heat 2 days ago, LOL!
Well, its tourney time in our little corner of pa. we are getting set for the Mike Kriger Memorial CUP, on Saturday October 31st. it will be held at the Nesquehoning rec center, from 10am until its done.

This year, we will have the new set of "wild things" models, Douglas and Max#2. New figures are always fun, and we are very proud of these new figures from ace miniature man, Rykar. He did a great job bringing these monsters to life.

 By now, most here know the story about our event and the figures we have bought to the game. my cousin mike, was killed in the fighting in Afghanistan. He was my best friend, and he was a founding member of our gaming group, The Thursdaynight Hero's. To say that his death left a hole in many peoples lives would be an understatement. Mike was a kind person, always ready to help a friend as well as a stranger. he sadly left behind a wife and little girl.
 This year, we are hoping to surpass the $300 mark with donations to the Wounded Warrior Fund. this organization is set up to help our vets who may need help. Services like mental and physical therapy, service dogs, housing, and things like that.
We know mike would be proud.

If you'd like more info on our event, please feel free to contact me. Our tourney is for beginners, so don't expect "NAF" level game play, but the point of the event is just to play blood bowl and have fun doing it.
 If you can't make it, and would like a set of these limited miniatures, they are $20usd per set, and a portion of the sales go to the Wounded Warrior Fund.
 I only wish we could do more, or I wish I could give one of those big fake checks, just for the LULZ!


2 comentários:

Axtklinge disse...

Those minis look great BFG, congrats to Rykar!

Hope you can get a ton of ppl to go to your tournament, so you can make that check a huge one!


bound for glory disse...

thank you, ax. i really hope to give a big donation to the wounded warrior fund. that is very important to the thursday night hero's(our club).
please, if you know anyone interested in supporting this, point them to this set of miniatures. we would love to include their names on the list of donors. its a great cause, and we are happy to help. cheers! john