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sábado, 6 de fevereiro de 2016

How about some Dungeonbowl?

Yes, how about?
As I've had the chance to mention a few times in past posts, we at NABBO League enjoy playing a bunch of other games between our official league competitions.
It's a nice way to get to know other games, put to use some of the non-bloodbowl related miniatures we all have, and have a good time amongst friends.
All while scheming and plotting for the next NABBO league competition of course!

One of those games we play, is a home version of Dungeonbowl - a very short version of it where several coaches may play at the same time, each controlling a big guy, and as in other DB type games, each has the herculean task of finding the ball hidden in the chest, and carry it safely to his end zone, all this while the opposition tries to stop it anyway they can - including throwing chests at each other...

Anyway, I did a post a few years back, with a WIP photo report of the building of the dungeon, and in that report I mention a couple of fellow Talk Fantasy Football mates, over their own forum threads on Dungeon Bowl.
One of them - yggdrasil,  has recently put together most of the info he had in that really long thread in TFF, joined a ton of other photos and info about the game, and made a fantastic web site with it


 In there you can find and download several rules pdfs (from the 1989 original ones, to his own adaptation to them), read fluff and game reports, and last but by no means least see photos of his beautifully converted and painted teams for many colleges of magic, along with quite a few extra stars, monsters, and a ton of other stuff that crawls in Dungeonbowl dungeons!

Miss it at your own peril, that's all I have to add to it!

Have fun,

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Tristan M disse...

bookmarked for reading later :) thanks!