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sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2016

Last day of the year...

It's the last day of the year!

Personaly it has been a rather long and tough year for me, but hobby wise - and fortunatly for those who love Bloodbowl, it has been a very interesting and eventfull year!
A new boxed set has been out, the rules remain mostly the same, and to add to it GW seems to be producing yet again new miniatures and dice to the game we all love so much.
Of course each of us might have a different idea of what it would have liked to see GW do with the boxed set - be it different races in the box or a different sized pitch, but I'm sure everyone would agree that the future of the game never looked so bright in the past 10 or more years.

And now, a few updates that SHOULD HAVE been done long ago but unfortunatly didn't:

Remember that cool project to create a Symyin Bloodbowl team, that even got miniatures casted, and ended up earning a spot in FUMMBL, with Star Players and all?
Early in the year, the awsome gentlemen from THREE DIE BLOCK podcast did a fluff contest for this same team, and I was one of the proud winners of a complete Symyin resin team!
I've always loved to fluff up my Bloodbowl teams, and this trully was a great oportunity to participate in one of the coolest team projects I've seen in a ong while.
Kudos to Chance and Drew for enjoying my entry.

Have a peek at my entry HERE if you will.

As for the team I got, after adding some shoulder pads on the players, off to the paint station they went, and a couple weeks later they were ready to take on the NABBO League season XIV!

Here the team discussing the tactics for their league assault!

- BOTH DOWN podcast...

During the year, theres been quite a few times I have changed emails with BOTH DOWN ginger crew Steve and Scott, sometimes asking for a few more details about some piece of the latest podcast, others just sharing some bloodbowl league experience.
One of those chats ended up in SWAG talk, and the fine gents from "The #1Podcast... hosted by gingers" kindly sent me some of the great dice they produce every year for the apparently endless stream of tournaments they comish!

Awesome SWAG from awesome guys. Keep it up!

- Splatterday Wight Fever Tournaments

Thank you to both Mr. Neilpferd and Mr. PeterD for their awesomely themed tournament series SWAG (also from other tournaments - greatly appreciated!), and for the ocasional brainstorms of all things Bloodbowl!

That's about it for now, wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, with lots of success and luck both in your life and dice rolls!

All the best,

2 comentários:

Paul O'G disse...

Happy New Year mate! Reilly and I got the new boxed set too (although we didn't need to) and are enjoying painting up the lovely new figures. Pictures to follow of course.

Best wishes for 2017!

Axtklinge disse...

Happy New Year to you too mate!
I'm looking forward to see that brush work Paul, and hopefully a game report featuring those two awesome new teams of course!

Best wishes for you, Reilly and all the family and friends!