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terça-feira, 5 de setembro de 2017

New team from my friend

Hello boys! Been awaile, I know. We had a long winter and a too short summer, and here we are;at the tail end of 2017 already!

I wanted to stop by and tell you all about a new Kickstarter my dear friend Fabio, owner/operator of GASPEZ-ARTS, has set to start in a very few hours from now. It is a fantastic new Chaos Dwarf team going by the name of Bull Warriors!

The team harkens back to the "Big Hat" days of the now defunct GW style Chaos Dwarves. But thats about the only thing they share in common, as these ain't your momies Chaos Dwarves!

They are much more dynamic and Modern.The sculpts are by renowned designer Raffaele Stumpo, and man, does he bring an old concept to wide awake life! I've included a few pic's to get you interested, and I think they look ace:

These are just the beginning. There will be a full team of fresh new sculpts and I for one look forward to the Hobgoblins! In fact, I am running a all Hobgoblin side in our new league, and I am having to use the tired GW Hob's. I beg you Fabio! Have your man make plenty of Hobgoblins so I can retire the GW figures to the depths of the boxes!

The Kickstater starts on September 5th, and the "early" bird special Fabio has in place will only be for the first day! So get over to the GASPEZ-ARTS FACEBOOK and check it.

Seriously boys, Fabio has ALWAYS helped out when I was running  my event the Mike Kriger Memorial Cup. In fact, he was the main supporter. Year after year, the man helped when other people/companies sometimes did'n even return my emails. Fabio is a kind man, and he took interest in our event. He can hang his hat on that.

Lets all support the man and his new venture. It looks like its gonna be a good one!

2 comentários:

Phil Curran disse...

Not keen on the hobgoblins but they are better than the Willy ones.

Axtklinge disse...

The sculpts seem very detailed and in character.
Hope it gets funded.
Theres is always room for nice looking teams.