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terça-feira, 23 de março de 2010

Mas falando de BloodBowl...

...aqui ficam com mais algumas novidades:

Tackle Zone Radio #009 – Flinging Snot

Do you have the Right Stuff? We dont!

Welcome to the first of four episodes detailing the ins and outs of Stunty Teams! Nathan and (mostly) Shawn Babble on inanely about Ogres this episode and It’s pretty obvious that Shawn won’t shut up about them! We also Have a look at a few of the seldom used skills out there.

This episode we discuss:

News – We have a look at some of the Mini Companies out there and discuss whats new?

Roster Dissection; Ogres – In episode 1, the boys (Mostly big mouth Shawn) talk about the fun and mayhem involved in playing Ogres.

Brilliant Coaching –There are some Skills out there that you just don’t see that often… Nathan and Shawn Have a deep look at a few.

Some of the Links discussed in this show: Come and check out how your hosts Shawn (Bouf) and Nathan (Greedy Smurf) are going with their teams in Season VI of their local league. If you love the software, don’t forget that you get a 10% discount when you mention Tackle Zone Radio. – With the demise of Talk Blood Bowl, we are blessed to have the content ported over to Talk Fantasy Football. A HUGE and fantastic forum for BB and other games. - Check out the new Sarcos – Have a look at the Gridiron Range! - You have to see the Chaotic Team to believe them! - Another Great Miniature Company There are some new Beastmen Minis out there too!

Thanks For Listening!


Three Die Block (03.22.2010) - Elves, Mercenaries & Journeymen

(1:07:09) In this episode Pauly and Chance toss the ball around with the (high-flyin') Elves, and later explain the differences and similarities between Mercenaries and Journeymen, and wrap up with a quick rundown of the local league standings. Also, be sure to stick around for Cheering Fans and the announcement of a London tourney and a St. Louis league.

Find out more info about the London tourney at

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