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quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2012

Fluff Update

by Nazgob
The Badland Outlaws have made it to the play-offs! They played their quarter-final match this morning and we can present this exclusive report from touchline reporter Joe Prince.

(n.b. a full match report and team sheets are available here)

The play-offs started with a bang.

Jack, the famed killer berserker smashed into the Orc defensive line. Hagdish Guung stumbled backwards, lulling the Norse player forwards, before bracing himself and surging forward, assisted by Rark Snotling-Muncher. Just seconds into the match and the most feared Norseman on the pitch was being carted into the dugout on a stretcher.

Things went from bad to worse for the Lads o Liberty. Scrambling to recover, they grabbed the ball and moved towards the wide zone. However, Oddgit, shaman for hire, saw them coming and unleashed the mighty foot of Gork; all three Norsemen beneath its scaly green sole were crushed to the floor. Witnesses swear that one of the men was squashed completely flat, only to be re-inflated by the team apothecary.

With the ball bouncing lose, the Outlaws moved up to recover it. The blockers took up positions to cover it, but 'da Hammer', Egbert Jones, fumbled the pick up. Luckily, the team captain was once against well-placed; he caught the bouncing ball, before blitzing free just seconds later.

Switching to offence, the greenskins pushed forwards. Their inexorable advance was unstoppable, not slowed by either Brort Eralg's injury, nor Splurgle's obsession with the wax dribbling from his ears. Just before the half time whistle, Rark sauntered over the line. In celebration, he ripped the head of a snotling and proceeded to live up to his name.

The second half started as normal. The ball was retrieved without incident. With the Orcs having the man advantage, they began a solid drive.

Midway through the half, the Norse began to fight back. Overconfident, Brort Eralg had stepped a little too far forward, opened himself up to the blitz. The ball bounced free and despite the best efforts of several greenskins and one Ulfwerener, it landed on the ground. Luckily though, Nuffle continued to smile on the Outlaws and as Andrew moved to secure the ball, he missed an outstretched Orc leg and plummeted to the ground.

Moving swiftly, the Outlaws reorganised their play and got the ball to the secure hands of Bar Goblin-Drinker. Prior to this game, the big Black Orc had achieved nothing all season, but he stepped up to the challenge, shepherding the ball into the end zone.

Although Jack did manage to score a couple of casualties, it was a case of too little, too late and nothing could prevent the 2 nil victory by the Badland Outlaws. They now march on to the semi-finals of the Zlurp Nation play-offs, to face either the aerial might of Poachers Pocket, or the evil Dwarves who call themselves the Gears of Blood Bowl.

Tune in next time!

Did you know?
Determined to prove the supremacy of the Black Orc, team captain and owner, Rark Snotling-Muncher, has made a bet with his head coach. The fortunes of five snotlings rest upon who scored the most touchdowns; the Outlaws' Black Orc Blockers, or the Blitzers.

Currently, the score stands at five all.

With five little green existences on the line, it's no wonder that the semi-final game is already sold out.

8 comentários:

Paul O'G disse...

Fantastic! Go Outlaws!!!

Axtklinge disse...

Nice fluff (here and in FUMMBL too)!
Congrats on the win!

And since you have fluff on all your games, I took the chance to update the bio of Makamaka Pua (the Black Orc your Troll decided to eat in our game).

Marco tartaruga disse...

Very gooood!

Nazgob disse...

Glad you guys like it.

@Axtlinge Good to know I'm spreading the fluff love.

AbraxiS disse...

Good match and good fluff mate.Now,between those CD and WE,who would you like to play?

I think that MagicDave and his WE´s will win.... :)

Nazgob disse...

Well, a little bird has told me that there may be a scheduling conflict.

That said, I'd rather play the Wood Elves. I know the team really well, and know how hard it is for them to beat Orcs.

Be4ch disse...

Lovely write up and the stuff on FUMBBL is great. I had a go, once, but it's not up to your standard

The Horrid Henrys

I'll have to get a lesson off of you one day about how to do the buttons and links and stuff.

Nazgob disse...

I'll sort something with you at some point, Be4ch.

That is an awesome team logo!