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segunda-feira, 25 de junho de 2012

I smell goblins...

...yup...i probably need to take a shower  :)

Anyway,just want to tell you guys that the gobbos are ready to take the pitch,and i have took some,crappy,pics of them...

Here´s the first pic ever of the Merry Mayhem Merc´z....aka....the MMM´z

They look awesome...and thanks to all of you that entered the contest...once again,than you all  :)

Now i still have to work on the names and then i´ll post new pics and i´ll introduce them to the an eye on the blog  :P

(Merry Goblyn Mayhem pic by Neil...the cool guy holding that awesome trophy right below this post  ;)  Thanks mate)

6 comentários:

Mike Howell disse...

They look great! It was a fun project and certainly lit my fire for Blood Bowl. We may even have a league started here soon!

I'm impressed at the how well this came together. Of the 29 committed minis, 23 have been received. Well done people!

Axtklinge disse...

They look awesome!
Can't wait to see them in the pitch.

Congrats to everyone involved!

AbraxiS disse...

Yes,it was indeed a awesome project...and thanks to you and all the other guys that entered the contest.I must say that Tristan still haves 2 gobbos in his house so,soon they will also join the Merc´z.
Im also glad that with that little green guy you´re now "hooked" to me,the more you play the game,the more you´ll like it ;)

Paul O'G disse...

Awesome! And yes I know I still owe you a bench warmer: we have a big shipment due in next week so hopefully he is in there!

AbraxiS disse...

Awesome...i really wanted to have all the MMN crew playing in the team :P

Tristan M disse...

I thought for sure I commented on this - maybe it was just on facebook or something.

So glad with how well this came together. I have both wappy (wapcaplets) and lolo (2 heads Lo & Lo - Lorand) here and have been meaning to put together something from zlurpeebowl to send over along with them. I will get you them soon!