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sábado, 8 de setembro de 2012

Hear Ye! Its a Deathroller Build Competition!

I bet by now all of you hard core gamers have read Neil's great article and rules for the amazing
Deathroller Race 2000.

I'm also fairly sure a lot of you are all pumped up with the huge potential of FUN the Deathroller Race can turn into, specially taking into account that you probably already have everything you need to start playing right away.
(Neil even took care of the "Deathroller tokens" and "Rerolls" for you did he?)

Well, this time he wanted to show us all how easy it is to build your own Deathroller model, using some leftover bits (everyone has a bits box, right?), and other 'easy to get' everyday materials.

Oh, and yes, I did mention a "Deathroller Build Competition" in the title!
It's true, we do have one and it even has a prize, but I'm afraid you'll have to keep reading to know all about it...

Back on track... here's how he has done "The Albion Spitfire":


I started rooting through my bits box and made a pile of things I thought might be useful in making a DR from scratch.  
Corks from wine bottles make excellent rollers!


Then I narrowed it down to the things I wanted to use to make one.


 I pushed some bits together as a dry fit at each stage to make sure my mental picture could conform to reality (in my case this by no means a given!).

Then I started building!
Having made the basic construction I re-raided the bits box for various finishing touches.



 Then a bit of green stuff, a black undercoat and a quick paint job and DR Nrº 7 a.k.a ‘The Albion Spitfire’ is ready to race!

It needs a Bio of course can you guess who it’s an homage to?

Another very inspiring job from Neil, wouldn't you agree? But wait, it doesn't end here!
It turns out that Neil has made is his very own "Deathroller Race 2000" die (see pic below), and he's willing to give away one set of those as a prize for the winner of the ...

Deathroller Build Competition

 And here you have the rules for our "DBC":

1. What do I need to do?
You just have to scratch build a Deathroller (or some "similar equipment" suitable for blood bowl environment, that could be able to participate "Deathroller Race"!

You should mail us at least two pics of your Deathroller: one before painting (no paint, no primer, or whatever ink you may wish to use), and one after you finished the job (deathroller completely painted and ready to hit the pitch)!
Note that you may send us the pics separately or at the same time, it's up to you as long as it's within the mentioned deadline.
You're welcome (and encouraged) to include a few lines of fluff with your entry.
2. Who can participate?
As long as you're following our blog, everyone!
So anyone who puts the effort in is welcome to enter.

3. When do I have to have this done?
We'll receive entries up to October 21st (including).
That means you have 6 entire weeks to think about it, check your bits box, think a bit more, glue your bits together, and slap them some paint, and send us the pics of your master piece!
I suppose it should be enough.

4. So... what and how do I WIN?
Thats the easy part.
We'll be posting the deathrollers pics on the blog, as we get them.
When the deadline is met, we'll do a final post including all the competition entry's, and open a voting pool.
When the pool closes, the winner of the voting gets a pair of Neil's very own "Deathroller Race 2000" dice!

And that's about it.
The deadline is set so get to work!
Please don't forget to follow the blog, as we might end up adding extra tips or info on the contest.
(Any questions on the competition, or to mail the pics of your deathroller, please use our contact in the top of the blog.)

4 comentários:

Laughing Ferret disse...

This sounds fun!

But the Albion Spitfire might get my vote if only from it's choice of entry song! ;) Great conversion-bash too!

Randroid disse...

Does it have to be a Dwarf operating the machine or could it be something else?

Neilpferd disse...

@ Ferret, thanks, having admired your work that's high praise - in twitter speak #wellhappy. Any chance you could cross promote the competition on your blog?

@ Randroid the competition rules state:
You just have to scratch build a Deathroller (or some "similar equipment" suitable for blood bowl environment, that could be able to participate "Deathroller Race"!

I would read that similar equipment to mean no it doesn't necessarily have to be a dwarf.

Videador disse...

This sounds great!
I am going to work on it rigth now.