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sexta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2012

Podcast update...

Enjoy  :)


"The return of Good Dwarf / Bad Dwarf! This episode’s topic — Star Players at tournaments, good or bad? On a related note, Chainsaw wielding looney Star Player, Helmut Wulf calls in to talk about his project when he’s not playing Blood Bowl…. that’s right, Heavy Metal singing! You will get a full preview of Chaos Cup 2012 in Chicago, brought to you by Nurgle King – Your decay right away, at Nurgle King now! Plus, this episode wouldn’t be complete without Jonny and Xtreme talking about Gencon Bowl… which includes random encounters with large black men, Lara Croft dress-ups, belly dancers, and Angry Tom saying FUCK to kids. Classic Zlurpcast as always! Make sure to sign up to the ZLURP NATION Free Email Club to get access to bonus audio content each month!"

Both Down

"Both Down Episode 10 – In this episode we kick off the segments with a very special guest interview. Then its time to get crazy as we talk to the “Chaos See-Saw” Alan about his team for Chaos Cup. After all that we then go over our Chaos Cup plans and maybe do some trash talking. It all ends with our Shout-outs where we talk about Chaos Cup, 3DB, Nuffle and way too many other things. You like us, you love us, now have some more of us!
Episode Breakdown by time:
  • Behind the Fluff – Interview – 10:55
  • Tournament Talk – Team Breakdown – 48:25
  • Tournament Talk Part 2 – Chaos Cup – 1:08:00
  • Shout Outs – 1:30:12
Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 10:

Three Die Block

"This episode, Chance and Drew talk about their Gen Con 2012 experience, complete with interviews with their opponents! Then as both local leagues gear up for playoffs, the guys talk about their predictions for this season."

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Paul O'G disse...

Excellent - I love me my Blood Bowl podcasts for my long drives in the car :-D