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domingo, 7 de outubro de 2012

Deathroller Build Competition 1st pics...

Oh yeah...the 1st pics have arrived...courtesy or Mr. Tomsche Murrath  :)
Enjoy this "beast" of a Deathroller...
Before painting...

...and after painting  :)
Also,attached to the pics,came this wonderful piece of fluff  :)
"The fields of the Blood Bowl pitches will tremble with the appearance of Hashut's Chariot, straight from the ziggurats of Zharr Naggrund in a quest to gather more and more slaves in this upcomming sport in the Old World. The chairman of the infamous Vongalazthag Violators does appologise though for the unfortunate bunny, it didn`t grant passage to those comming for the right though..."
Pretty cool huh?
Also,dont forget to check the latest episode of Zlurpcast
"Chaos Cup 2012 just wrapped up and the Zlurpcast Main Guy and Other Guy talk about why this was such a special event. Besides the record setting number of coaches and several US States and Countries present, the male bonding over the weekend is the reason we all love to attend Blood Bowl Tournaments. We also find out why Da 40 Miners and their coach have been so sad lately. That sadness leads to overindulgence at the bar of course. Fake GW Employees, Building Bears, and of course Nihilism are all things you will learn about from this episode. To finish this show up we preview Underworld Cup 2012 and Ghouls Night Out III. Grab your favorite Zlurpcast flask, fill it with your favorite bev and crank this episode up to eleventyseven! STRONG GRAPPLE TAUNT!"
And,check out the new tournament from the Both Down crew...

Edit - Forgot to tell you that Tomsche also haves a blog...check it out here:

And heres more info on his DeathRoller -

3 comentários:

Axtklinge disse...

Oh wow!
Very cool Deathroller Mr.Tomsche! I do feel very sorry for the poor rabbit, but at least the girl got safe!

Neilpferd disse...

I love it!

Tomsche69 disse...

Thanks for the comments!