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segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2012

Blingtoof's Gitbash 2012 - result = Best Team + no spoon!

I'll apologize right now, I meant to tweet lots of pictures and stuff over the weekend but I forgot my phone on Saturday so didn't really have easy access to twitter or taking pictures.  So my game recaps are going to be brief since I have no pics or any tweets to spark my memory.  I will be doing another post about the actual team and display base, etc. later on.  For now a huge huge thanks to Axtlinge from Merry Mayhem News for creating the custom dugout for me, as well as providing a ton of advice and inspiration.  Also thanks to Carl and Hillary @ Site3 for their assistance with the laser cutter, and Jason from The Printing House (branch 63) for help printing the dugout.  Here is a link to the NAF thread for this tournament.
Insane Goblin Posse - aka the gobblugalosch
I went all out to try to win Best Team with a goblin team with an ICP/Juggalo theme.  This was sparked in two ways.  One was that I misread the rules and didn't realize the goblin shaman lightning bolt everyone gets was only 1 per tournament.  I thought it was 1 per game and for that reason really felt I had to take goblins.  To find out I only had one sucked!!  I picked the theme because originally the zlurpcast guys were supposed to come, and they love juggalos! Unfortunately they weren't able to make it but I did such a good job with the team it didn't matter.  So I won the Best Team award and was successful in my goal of getting another set of winners dice.  First year they were gold and I had tossed Chris (the T.O.) a suggestion to make next years silver (guessing next years will be bronze - after that who knows!) So I've got a set of gold blingtoof dice as well as now a set of silver.  I'll be trying to get a pair of those, so we'll see what award I go for next year.
Best Team Award
The team I took was;
Troll - block
Troll - stand firm
Bomber - hail mary pass
Fanatic - mighty blow
Fungus the Loon
Looney - dodge
Pogoer - sure feet
8 goblins
3 rerolls
2 bribes
1 assistant coach
1 cheerleader

Game 1: 0-1 loss to Dave's Skaven
I was really pleased with this game, holding Skaven to 1 touchdown was a good result.  I don't really remember a lot of what happened since it was the first game and was still nursing a bit of a hangover from Friday night's festivities. Except I seem to recall a goblin getting eaten.  I also remember I didn't get to use the bomber very much since I didn't start with him on the pitch.  I definitely won the coin toss and elected to receive, but if I recall correctly Fungus danced around his skaven instead of hitting them a lot on that first drive and I wasn't able to make enough inroads to score.  He duly nipped around behind my team and stalled out til late for his TD and I think I ate my goblin trying to OTT.

Game 2: 0-4 loss to Kevin's Orcs
I made a mistake in the first turn of this game that really lost any momentum I could've gotten.  Kevin rolled a blitz on his first kick off, but tripped going for it to get the ball.  I surrounded his down player and did everything up to the foul and picking up the ball/handing it off to my bomber.  I should have just tried the foul first since I had a bunch of assists and it was his tackle blitzer.  Instead I went for the ball since if I got ejected he was just going to grab it and score.  But that happened anyways and I didn't get to foul his guy!  He scored on turn 2 and I had to spend 2 bribes and then had to use all my secret weapons on the next drive anyways.  Went downhill from there.

Game 3: 2-1 win over Pete's Goblins
Pete made a mistake in his first turn, going with Fungus first (he basically copied my roster) and he ended up hitting my troll meaning he only got 2 dice and he rolled skull/both down.  He failed his loner and lost Fungus + turned over.  I capitalized heavily, getting the ball, knocking down a troll, chainsawing a goblin and then used my goblin shaman to hit his other troll.  I scored with about 3 turns left for him but he was already doing a good job taking on my trolls, he killed one but thankfully it regenerated.  Start of second half he kicks to me and I have the bomber sit in the back and wait for an opportune moment after he flooded forwards, to run my pogoer deep into his end and I hail mary passed the ball at the end of a turn, landing near the end zone and just had to wait a turn to run up, pick it up and score.  Now 2-0 up I am out of bribes and I was  running out of players (2 ejected for fouling, all 4 secret weapons gone and he kept KO'ing my trolls).  By the end of the game he had cleared me off the pitch to walk in his touchdown, but it was too late for him to try for another so I got the win and he got fouling points.  This win basically saved me from the wooden spoon and simultaneously gave the spoon to Pete.

Game 4: 0-4 loss to Eric's High Elves
Eric is a big ICP fan and so obviously was a huge fan of my team. Eric won the coin toss and chose to receive.  I think he scored on turn 2, so first bribe gone to keep the looney around.  I just couldn't catch up to Eric in this game and he had 3 of his 4 TDs in the first half.  Eric kept a very thematic viewpoint during the tournament - in that High Elves would hate having a goblin on their team and they would never want him involved if possible and they would hope he would die.  So he gave his goblin stupid skills like break tackle for a double, etc. and he also didn't really foul a lot - so of course the one foul that worked for him all tournament was a casualty against me - LOL!

Game 5: 1-2 loss to Rod's Chaos
This was a heart breaker.  It was very back and forth as he got pieces ejected for fouling and we were both causing lots of KO's.  He won the coin toss and everytually scored in the first half, thankfully a number of KO's came back so I was able to save my bomber for the second half - although he did KO my pogoer who didn't come back, but thankfully I got Sure Feet on another goblin as the skill up before this game so I used him in place of the pogo'er, and managed to get him deep into Rod's half before hail mary passing the ball.  My fanatic and fungus both were on for the same drive and they totally destroyed Rod's team.  I made an EXTREMELY annoying and crucial error forgetting that on my turn 7 in the second half, Rod still had two turns.  I thought we each had one turn so I scored thinking I was the only team able to score in one turn.  I was right but I was wrong about how many turns he had, and with each only having 5 players it was easy for him to just walk in the touchdown after changing weather had the ball bounce out of bounds for a touchback.  My goblin was safe on turn 7 so if I had just been happy with the tie, I would have gotten it - but that mistake basically gifted him the win.

In terms of great things happening in game over the weekend the best were;
1. I never had a bribe fail.
2. I never had my HMP bomber fumble.
3. I never had Fungus go down as a result of a block (that I did, ie. double/triple skulls or both down)

Which leads me to believe I did a pretty decent job with Fungus AND I was extremely lucky with bribes and bombs!  Although the bombs almost never did any damage.

ps. my fouling points record from last year is intact.  116 points and this years winner of best fouler was Rod with 76.  40 points more, not sure if anyone will break that record :)

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