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terça-feira, 27 de novembro de 2012

The 1st TFF Figure Exchange!

This is not exactly new and I intended to post this it a lot sooner, but "post offices" around the world seem to be running so slow that before this really is 'old news', here it goes...

A couple of months ago, while going through Talk Fantasy Football forum threads, one has caught my attention: figure exchange. anyone want to try it?
It was from a fellow TFF'er (cheers to bound for glory for it!), and it was quite simple: paint and ship a blood bowl miniature to a fellow TFF member!
Everyone interested could join, then would be randomly paired, and afterwards it was just pick up the mini to paint, do the actual painting and ship it to your pair.

I was matched with spubbbba (another fellow TFF'er, and a very good painter)... (did I mention he is a very good painter?), and after a couple of mails to make sure I wouldn't get him a mini that he would already had or simply hated, I was ready to go.

I had a few ideas sketched on paper, and after some thought, decided to go for a secret weapon goblin.
Not sure if its just me but I find very amusing the whole concept of goblins wielding these huge weapons on the pitch, terrorizing everyone only to injure themselves more often than anyone else.
I had done it before (with a ball & chain for the 'Give Him a Goblin' project), so this time it had to be a different weapon.

So, here it is my entry, a fanatic with a chainsawwwwwwwwww.....

Bob: Look Jim, there goes the fanatic, running the pitch from side to side with his huge chainsaw. Now that's a funny little fella. I wonder if we could call him in for an interview?
Jim: Somehow I don't believe it to be a very wise move Bob...

Bob: ... look Jim, he must have heard us, it's coming our way!!
Jim: Sure seems that way Bob! I guess I'll need to go now, and perhaps try to find someone... I mean something to have a bite. Give him my regards Bob, will you?
Bob: Sure thing Jim! But hurry up, or you're gona miss all the fun!
Jim: Yes Bob, I'm running already...

Hope you like him.
Bob seemed to!

5 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

He looks fantastic buddy!
Just curious why is he painted with "normal" skin colours?

Paul O'G disse...

I LOVE it - spubbba is a lucky recipient! Wish I had seen this comp. Maybe next year we could do another

Axtklinge disse...

Thanks guys!
I was waiting for the rest of the minis to arrive to their new homes - at least one or two are still running amok in post offices, and then try to show them all here (might still do if they're ok with it).

@Tristan: About the skin, it's a conspiracy theory I have from many years now, about what Granny-W calls "da greenskins".
According to my sources (*very old books*, It's all I'm gona say), back in the days those of goblinoid race had plenty of skin tones, with many varieties depending on the place they live (much like humans).
But one day, Granny-W decided to get hold of the One Bucket (of green ink). You've probably heard of it before: "One Bucket to rule them all, One Bucket to find them, One Bucket to bring them all and in the greenness bind them", and from that day on everywhere you saw them they were... 'green'.
But not me, I know different.

@Paul: I really hope he liked it. However, despite my effort to built and paint something 'unique', I'm fairly sure I got the better end of the deal. The mini I got from him is amazing (both conversion and painting wise).

Tristan M disse...

Very cool! I follow similarly to you (not with my BB team unfortunately) but with my LOTR/WHFB orcs & goblins they get a mix of skin tones - similar to the LOTR movies. Check out the LOTR tag to see some pics.

Post a pic of the mini you got!

Axtklinge disse...

@Tristan: I'm kinda waiting for the last couple of minis to arrive, so I could ask all for their permission to show them here too.