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terça-feira, 19 de março de 2013

Kick-Off to Da 40 MINERS!

Today I've finally finished the painting of the mini I'll be sending to the BIG HOUSE! Don't know what I'm talking about? Read on...

(The banner is a link to their web page)

If you're a fan of Blood Bowl, just Dwarfs (or Dwarfs in Blood Bowl), chances are you're not a stranger to DA 40 MINERS dwarf team.
(Well, if you're a regular in the North American BB tournament scene, you might even have already played against them!).

According to their (fantastic) website they've been around since 2004, and since that date they have collected many trophy's and prizes (check 'em on their web site front page), making them one of the most respected (and feared) Dwarf teams around the Old World.

The constantly growing numbers of team fans, has already forced the team owner - Xtreme -, to quite a few improvements on the BIG HOUSE - Da 40 Miners stadium (you can check those past improvements in the "Big House" section of the site).

Today with a new renovation already on the move, Da 40 MINERS and his owner are asking to all of us - the team fans, to Sell Out the Big House (read all about it here).
All you need to do is to pick up and paint one of your dwarfs as a 40 Miners fan and ship it, so it gets to the Big House before June 9th.

You can find all the details on the links above, and sign up for the task in either of the appropriate threads: Talk Fantasy Football (Here!), or in Zlurpee forums (Here!).

 Oh, and there are prizes for all who enter, so go in there and check it out for your self!

So, as I mentioned up there in the beginning, I've already finished up the painting my 40 Miners fan, but there's still plenty of time for you guys to paint yours and send them to Xtreme to help him out to Sell Out the Big House! It's gonna be HUGE so dont miss your chance to be a part of it!

So go ahead and Kick-Off to Da 40 MINERS!!!

And while at it, have fun!

Edit: ...with all the talk, I've effectively forgot to post one of the things I really wanted to (must be getting old).
Aside from the dwarf mini I've painted and will be shipping to the Big House asap (and that wont be showing here just yet), I've decided to complete the painting of (yet) another Miners fan, that I started painting almost two years ago, but that never go to actually finish.
I suppose there wont ever be a more appropriate blog post to show it so here it is, 'Golden Toe Joe' biggest fan, the 40 Miners fan number #41, Kragg Gurnisson, a real dwarf miner!

Check out all the memorabilia he collects from his all time favourite dwarf team.
He even takes it with him when he goes to work!

If you look closely you can see a shiny jewel he just found deep within the mine.
Tough job, but well worth it, at least today!


Hope you like the small diorama!

PS: Couldn't end the post without one last and quick note to wish AbraxiS a TON of luck, whom by now should be travelling to the land of chocolates and (Swiss) army knives, after a new job.
Fingers crossed to wish you the best luck buddy!

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omg dude that miner is amazing!!

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