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segunda-feira, 11 de março de 2013

Sandstorm Devils - Converted slann team

As many of you Blood Bowl fanatics know, one of the latest three races that the Blood Bowl Rules Committee (BBRC) endorsed were the Slann.
In the their (BBRC) fluff paragraph, they are described as "an ancient race of space travellers", where amongst their kind some "more energetic members enjoy travelling the realm and playing Blood Bowl".

With their skills (Leap and Very Long Legs on everyone of them), and this "ancient space travellers" kind of look in mind, I´ve decided to have a go at them using a box of GW kroot gifted to me a looooong time ago, for which I've (happily) never found any use before.

 The conversions for most players were very simple (clipping off the weapons, some repositioning of the arms and legs, and some green stuff to fill the gaps).

One of my major concerns was to be able to clearly separate all the positionals (Liners, Blitzers and Catchers), so I've kept the Liners fairly 'normal', while giving all the armour to the Blitzers, and the most acrobatic positions to the catchers.

To make sure they would 'stay in place', many of those with more dynamic poses needed to be pinned, and have a bit of wire inside their support leg, to make sure they wouldn't break if hit by and dice out of of control...

With the core of the team settled, I still had to find a suitable Big Guy (Kroxigor) for them, but since I wanted to keep the cost of the team low, and within the theme, I've nailed a cheap plastic Rat Ogre from evilbay, and sculpted his head from scratch, facsimileing their younger (and lighter) brothers heads.
The prehensile tail of the Rat Ogre was spot on, since the kroxigor also has one, so it saved me some work there!

An undercoat and a few splashes of ink later, they were ready to step into the pitch and have a few games in our local league, the NABBO League!
Oh and speaking of ink, besides the distinctive poses I've decided to also give them different coloured "barbed spines" (those sharp things on their heads), to make 'em easier to spot on the pitch, both for me and for whomever I'm play with.

 Here are some of the Liners, with their more 'normal' (jack of all trades) poses, and distinctive blue head tones...

The Blitzers get red/orange heads and a some armour to set them apart from their team mates...

 ... and the last contenders, the Catchers, get yellowish beaks and purple tones on the head spikes.

For the Big Guy, I felt it would be about right to give him the very same tones of the Blitzers, since he's supposed to be a 'strength' element in the team (a bit like the blitzers).

As a final touch I've built a "Turn" counter for the team: a banner inspired in Japanese crests, representing the distinctive the barbed spines in their heads.

Hope you like them!

5 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

These are a fantastic looking team.
Love all the conversions and they are all easily recognizable - great job!

Any thoughts for reroll or score counters?

Axtklinge disse...

Thank you for you comments Tristan!
I always try to build (and/or paint) positionals really easy to identify, because that's one of the matters that bugs me the most while playing other coaches. I simply love all sorts of conversions, but since in the end it's actually a game, 'playability' (as in 'identify' opponents pieces), tends to be a high ranked priority in my book.

As for rerolls (Score and Turn), I've been using home printed paper counters (glued to cardboard to make 'em sturdier).
I may end up doing some 'proper' counters later, but so far is how they stand.

moute disse...


Axtklinge disse...


Dalfort disse...

I have my kroot troops to convert to Slann, my Kroxigor is the Krootox figure with the gunners feet trimmed off and a cut down wyverns tail.

Great job :-)