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quinta-feira, 24 de abril de 2014

More Pics From Dungeonbowl XI

Hi all, now you have picked yourself up from the floor at the shock of me posting on here again I can continue.......

I was at the Dungeonbowl XI (a now annual pilgrimage) which this year had new organisers (thank you Marian and Thomas) who had to cope with a relatively short notice fast ball from GW and find a new venue also. Part of that was getting enough pitches together so to help out I lent them some of mine. Which is how the NABBO dugouts wormed their way in to a 'starring' role in the final of one of the Bloodbowl Majors! The venue wasn't ideal for such a large tournament and it might well be the only time it's held there. Nevertheless I believe most people had a good time, I did despite my continuing curse from Nuffle. Here are some pics I took.
Pirate pitch and NABBO dugouts working in harmony..

My friend Peter looking thoughtful 

My Gobstyks pitch seeing some action

Bloodbowlers flocking to admire the teams in the best painted

My Khemri teaching the Witch Elf the meaning of humility

The Tent. Saturday freezing, Sunday ridiculously hot due to the heaters

My Zlurpee pitch gets an outing

WH40K, wtf! Nurgle apparently.......

Boys will be boys!

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Axtklinge disse...

Welcome back mate!
Great to read a post from you again!
So that's how NABBO stuff got there... :)
Sorry to read that your Khemri guys couldn't manage to overcome Nuffle's curse just yet, but I'm sure you'll turn that around in no time!

Hey, and now that you found your way back to MMN, don't be a stranger and let us know about all you're "cooking" for the NAF championship...


Anónimo disse...

pretty nice blog, following :)