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terça-feira, 26 de julho de 2011

Chaos Cup countdown timer

I've added a small countdown timer to track how long it is until chaos cup.

I haven't played very much blood bowl since about March (a few games with a dark elf team in XTBBF) and none with the undead so I need to get back into practice. I'm going to try and get a game a week at least until the tournament (either board or video game)

Hey guys, do either of you play the online bb game?

ps. This is also a test for blogging from my phone!

domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

SuperSuckers... like SuperSuckers.I know this band isnt that new,but i only heard it now.

Plus,i guess its kind of official that im the random nonsense poster around,hurray for me...lolol.

I need to find a new a new contry.

Tristan,how hard is to get a job in Canada?

quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2011

Undead Blood Bowl team

You asked for it!  The rest of the MMN crew asked me to post a little bit about the team I planned to bring to Chaos Cup this year.  After a solid outing at the Power of One tournament (2nd place/Most CAS) in Montreal last year with a team built for blood, I decided this year I would dedicate myself to the walking dead in an effort to familiarize myself and hopefully win a few more trophies!

So, may I present to you - the Torne Bane Flaming Ears!

I became a little enamoured with the idea of basing the fluff for my blood bowl teams on real life NFL teams.  I had done the same with my orc team and I really liked how it worked out.  Basically I used the internet to find out the most active players from a team in the year I wanted to represent and find out what jersey numbers those players wore during that year.

For the undead I selected the expansion year (1976) Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who went 0-14!  Who else but the undead are going to fall apart on me!  So I did some digging in the warhammer fantasy undead book to find a place that rhymed with Tampa Bay, finally selecting Torne Bane.  Next I needed a name that rhymed with Buccaneers -  this was getting kinda tough - but eventually thanks to the above logo, I thought Flaming Ears would work - since it almost rhymes and the if a skull had ears on fire I think it would look pretty close to the logo.

With my team name and colours (orange & dark grey) selected I went about figuring out jersey numbers.  The team MVP was a defensive player #63 Lee Roy Selmon.  Most of the other players weren't that special, so I mainly chose guys whose last name went well with "dead" (they all have the first name "dead" - lol) as per my favourite named player, "dead" Fest!
Finally I will leave you with a pic of my zombie players.  For other pics of the team you can check out the link to my team page above, but I thought a pic of the zombies appropriate since Axt convinced me to send him a painted zombie after I commented on his ZOMBIES!!!! game post, in exchange for them each painting a harlequin for my planned spire brat pack gang for necromunda - and I will paint him in the style of my blood bowl team - so at least they will have one fan, even if it will end up all the way in Portugal!

Heroes of Armageddon

Just a quick post about a really worthy charity cause that is winding down right now.  The Heroes of Armageddon is finishing up. Any donation as small as $5 could win you 1 of 4 entirely painted armies.

All the proceeds are going to a very good cause - Doctors without Borders.  Be sure to check them out as they really do good for the world.

terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011

Chaos Cup 2011 pt1

Windy City is BOOKED.  Last year I was fortunate enough to participate in 7 blood bowl tournaments across Ontario & Quebec.  This year I have so far attended 2; family commitments, attending Astronomi-con (same weekend as two possible blood bowl tournaments) and the cancellation of Challenge of Q'ermitt has meant I haven't been able to play as often this year.
CHAZ! Spelled Chaos. Silent O.
Therefore, due to the fact that this year seems to be the year of seperate vacations from my fiance and Porter Airlines flies from downtown Toronto to downtown Chicago, I have decided to attend the Chaos Cup 2011.  I have never been to Chicago but fortunately have a nice friend there willing to show me around a bit before the actual weekend of the tournament. I'm hopeful of getting some of everything on this trip.  A lot of gaming, a bit of partying and hopefully a bit of tourism are all in the mix.

So, onto my preparations for the tournament.  You can find the rules pack HERE.  Simply put, it's 1100TV, no ST/AG upgrades, max 1 upgrade per player, no skill allowed more than twice (as an upgrade). Thanks to my success at the Power of One tournament in Montreal last year with a super bashy Undead team, I have decided to run the Undead at pretty much every tournament I attend this year (both in an attempt to get better with them, and because I think the fluff I created for them brings me a lot of good fortune (surprisingly, actually the opposite of the fluff).  Another point to remember the Chaos Cup is a NAF MAJOR tournament, which basically means it impacts your rating twice as hard as other tournaments.  Better do well!

I think the below is about as good a "casualty focused" team I can manage, but I would definitely be interested in any comments you might have!

Mummy w Block / Mummy w Piling On
Wight w Guard / Wight w Mighty Blow
Ghoul w Block / Ghoul w Leader / Ghoul w Sure Hands / Ghoul w Wrestle
Zombie w Guard / Zombie / Zombie
1 Reroll

  • 40K saved using Leader
  • Full complement of Ghouls
  • Extra Guard player
  • Possibility of losing Leader reroll.
  • Fouling extra risky (losing a more important player) and more difficult to gain reward.
Alternatively if I downgraded a Ghoul to a Skeleton, I could take two regular rerolls and give the Skeleton Dirty Player - but I would lose the Guard on the Zombie.

Mummy w Block / Mummy w Piling On
Wight w Guard / Wight w Mighty Blow
Ghoul w Block / Ghoul w Sure Hands / Ghoul w Wrestle
Zombie / Zombie / Zombie
Skeleton w Dirty Player
2 Rerolls

  • A Dirty Player means I can attempt to ensure that prone/stunned players are removed from the field.
  • No worrying about losing the Leader reroll.
  • Spending 40K difference from the Leader reroll to a normal reroll.
  • Losing a second Guard.
  • With only three ghouls I will need to be very cautious about committing with them.  This could increase their survivability but also might mean they have less impact on the game.
I have an added bonus for being super excited about this tournament.  In speaking with my buddy at Konflikt Terrain, I have been assured that a special project he undertook for me will be ready for this trip. MUHAHAHA!!!

dual posted on GWpertinent

Chop Shop...

Didnt post anything yesterday...been playing guitar and listening to Slayer all day.

And because i´ve been playing´s a cool lesson by one of my fav guitar players:

Hummm...Tristan,do you play any instrument?

segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2011

Nhammm... pancakes!

Just needed to say hi to Tristan -Hi Tristan!- and welcome him aboard!
And since I forgot to take pictures from my breakfast I'll try to make up for it with a couple of pics from my last week Zombie game:

This one was taken after the first couple of turns.
The place was still quite calm while the survivor teams moved in from the north side (top of the table), searching for loot. Still, attracted by the vehicles noise and a couple of shots fired by the survivors, a few zombies had already started to show up...

As the first team reaches the location of their last objective (the last piece of loot) the zombies already turned into troublesome sight...

In an amazing turn of events, after getting inside the building (to capture the last piece of look), the first team gets bogged down by the zombies, and in a 'hollywoodesque' kind of stunt a member of the second survivor team gets the loot, and jumps out of the balcony (from inside the house) to the top of the jeep, avoiding the flood of zombies all together.

And after running over and shooting a bunch of the zombies, the second team makes a 'go for it' and manages to escape to dreaded area, leaving the area with the loss of only one team member, and winning the game.

Hope you enjoy it!

sábado, 16 de julho de 2011

Welcome aboard Tristan...

...oh yeah,thats right,Tristan is now part of the MMN crew (little does he knows that he´s going to do all the work here...but you didnt hear it from me ;) ).

My first impression was that he seemed like a cool guy,he has a ton of blogs and loves Blood Bowl so,what else could i ask for?

I guess having Tristan in the crew is a win-win situation,so,prepare yourselves for some Blood/Death/Mayhem/Creamy Bowl goodness.

On a personal was a slow news day...i got up,skipped bath,made some coffe,had lunch,went to the market to buy stuff for my pancakes,ate 3 of them (with powdered sugar,strawberry sauce,cinnamon and ice cream)

and now here i belly is hurting like hell,my son is trying to blind me with a Power Ranger sword and....and thats about it.

Well...i´ll see you all tomorrow...


sexta-feira, 15 de julho de 2011

Hell yeah...

...yesterday,we had the first "outside" comment,wich is damn cool :)

I want to think that it was because i´ve started to post in english...i knew that it was the right thing to do.

Also,if you can,check out Tristan (the owner of the first comment) blogs,they´re really cool:

- GWpertinent
- Terrain from Junk
- Weekly Minis

Im so happy,i feel like party:

quinta-feira, 14 de julho de 2011

Taking pics of gummy bears...

Im bored,bored,bored,booorrreeeddd...

When you start taking pics of the gummy bears you´re about to eat,thats when you realize that there´s something wrong...lolol.

Mike Mozart... alive and kicking.

Yeah...what else can i say,i love his videos.Check it out:

And since you´re at it...check the other vids ;)


quarta-feira, 13 de julho de 2011

Roger Alan Wade...

Lolol...i always wondered who the hell sang those "contry" songs on was this guy =)

Social services... royal ass. working more now that im on vacations than when i was working.

My citizen card expired like 4 months ago plus,my criminal record will take 5 working days to doomed.

Anyway,now im gonna leave you all with the Irategamer E3 Top 5 Best of List...

terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2011

News of the day...

...well...its not that true,i should have called this post,"News of Yesterday",but who cares.

I have a Twitter can see it on the left...

I just made it because i...i....errrr....i....dont really know why i oppened a twitter account...i guess that i wanted to be cool...just like you guys and girls.


Also,in Monster Hunter,i´ve killed my first Yian Kut-Ku...

I´ve got KO´d like 2 times,but i´ve killed the little i´ve got to kill a pink baboon that tries to fart over me...strange little game.LOLOL

segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2011

Vacations Countdown...

...yup,only 3 hours to vacations...

But,despair not...i will continue to update the blog...maybe with some random personal pics... :)



...i was going over my youtube channel and noticed someone had subscribed to my channel...i thought:

-"ghaaa...another loser that wants me to subscribe him so he/she can earn some bucks"

Well,couldnt be further from the truth,instead,i´ve found this awesome band:


Just check out this vid:

It cant get more awesome than this....

domingo, 10 de julho de 2011


Right,my shift is almost getting sleepy as hell.

Lets put on some music:

See you in a couple of hours :)

Somehow back online...


For now i´ll be using my wife´s PC...lets see how it goes ( Diablo 2...oohhh...the horror...)

Anyway...yesterday i was talking about the Hobbit but,how many of you have actually read the book? ;)

Since im a great guy,i´ll give you the audio can download it and put it on your music player.

Tell me im not a cool dude...lolol

Thanks ThrobnWood for this :)

sábado, 9 de julho de 2011

My computer died...

...for fuck's Diablo 2,my Warcraft,Starcraft...all lost :( . Oohh...and blogging through the phone is a royal pain in the behind... Ill see you all tomorrow.

Yngwie Malmsteen Lesson...


He makes it look so easy...lolol.

If you happen to have the exercise tabs of this video,contact me by mail or trough the comments ;)

The Hobbit

Dudes...cant wait for these movies to be released.

Wouldn´t it be cool if they also release a Silmarillion movie? would be 24 hours non-stop of middle-earth goodness...


Anyway,you can check any Hobbit progress here: The Hobbit Blog

And heres a first look at Bilbo and friends

sexta-feira, 8 de julho de 2011

Harry Potter...


I guess i could do a post about the new Harry Potter stuff,but the truth is....i hate the damned four eyes...i never liked him,and i guess i´ll never will ;)

That being wife is calling me to have lunch,so,ill get back to you in a couple of hours.

quinta-feira, 7 de julho de 2011


...i guess ill start writing in english then...i´ve noticed that the page views from outside of Portugal are increasing more and more.....soooo......this will be a nice way to gather more fans and to train my writing...i guess its a win/win situation.

It seems my vacations are knocking on the door...if everything goes well,next Monday ill be officially off from everything concerning work...


Well...for today,here´s Swashbuckle-Cruise Ship Terror (Axt...this one´s for you)

Im also thinking about opening a Twitter account...lets wait and see ;)


terça-feira, 5 de julho de 2011

Extreme Thundercats of Fuck...


Epa,nao vou entrar em detalhes,mas ficam a saber que hoje foi um daqueles dias extreme mesmo....

E ja que falamos em extreme...ficam com um gostinho do que foi a minha manha:

Que depois se prolongou pela tarde:

Desconfio que como o dia ainda nao acabou,talvez venha a ser necessario adicionar outro video para mostrar como foi a minha noite...lolol.

Mas para ja,ainda se lembram dos Thundercats?Parece que,num futuro proximo,vai sair mais material deles...nao sei é se vai valer alguma coisa.

Andei a procura dos 9 minutos de imagens de material inedito que tinham postado no youtube,mas o video ja foi retirado e nao me apeteceu procurar mais...principalmente pela imagem abixanada que os Cats agora tem...baahhh

Ou seja...esta era a imagem original dos gatos:

Seres de outro planeta,marcados por diversas batalhas...a transpirar virilidade por cada poro do seu corpo "gatoide"...ou "humanato"...ou "gatano"...

E esta,é anova imagem de metrosexual ou algo que os valha...

Onde é que esta a crianca no corpo de um guerreiro?O Lion-O na nova foto,parece uma crianca,num corpo de uma...criança...E o que é que faz ali aquele Gormitti amarelo,que suponho ser a Cheetara?E o aquele cabelo e a idade que aparenta,andar no meio de criancas pode ser um bocado suspeito...lololol

Bem,para me despedir,deixo-vos um outro video dos ThunderCats:

segunda-feira, 4 de julho de 2011


...tive de vir trabalhar :(

Eu nao posso provar,mas acho que o tempo nao passa da mesma maneira quando estamos a trabalhar ou de folga...

A minha teoria é que 1 minuto passado em casa,tem sensivelmente menos 37 segundos que 1 minuto passado a trabalhar.

Um dia ainda vou conseguir provar que o tempo nao é todo igual,e depois vao-me todos agradecer,quando passarem a ter um ordenado maior,ou a terem mais folgas...

Ja agora...viram o filme de ontem?Que tal,nao é assim....especial?


E pronto,ficam com Turbonegro-All my Friends are Dead...uma banda...err...especial ;)

domingo, 3 de julho de 2011


Hoje ficam com o Haggard....o filme esta completo,apesar de nao estar com grande qualidade,mas acho que da perfeitamente para se passar um bom bocado de tempo a ve-lo.

Se o quiserem sacar,usem o Keepvid ...ou entao usem outro programa da vossa preferencia ;)


Ry (Ryan Dunn) is a depressed young man who is obviously obsessed with his promiscuous ex-girlfriend, Glauren (Jenn Rivell). After discovering that Glauren has been seeing a metalhead called Hellboy (Rake Yohn), Ry is devastated. Still skeptical, Ry pays his best friends Valo (Bam Margera) and Falcone (Brandon DiCamillo) to break into Glauren's house to obtain proof that her new relationship is serious. While Valo and Falcone undertake "great" endeavors to help their friend, Ry is tormented with a slow and subtle period of mental and physical deterioration. After Valo and Falcone conspire to make Hellboy's life miserable, Ry finds a new girlfriend and is finally able to get over Glauren.

sábado, 2 de julho de 2011

Bom 12:43...

Para ja ficam com o trailer do Final Fantasy XIII-2 que foi apresentado na E3...epa,mesmo eu que nao sou fa da serie,tenho de dizer que este clip é de muita qualidade.

Noland,this one´s for you ^^

Ficam tambem com o video de homenagem ao Ryan Dunn que a DickHouse pos no seu canal de Youtube.


sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2011

Vou mas é dormir...

...sim,porque trabalhei a noite e ainda nao fui a cama...ja a mais de 24horas que estou acordado.
De qualquer maneira,e aproveitando o facto de ter de ir as compras,dei por mim a passar os olhos pelos jogos da PSP,de maneira que acabei por comprar os seguintes:

-Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron

A primeira vista nao esta mau,o meu filho é que escolheu este.Ainda so tive tempo para jogar uma partidita rapida,mas tem la um modo de jogo que eu gosto muito...o Conquest...que ja costumava jogar numa versao do Lord of the Rings pra NDS.

-Street Fighter Alpha3 Max

O que dizer...é o Street Fighter...ainda nao tinha nenhum jogo de "porrada",e como nao sou muito fa de Tekken´s ou Mortal Combat´s (SSSAACCRRIIILLLEEEGGGIIIOOOO),nada melhor que um jogo em 2D...provavelmente o jogo que mais me viciou no tempo das maquinas arcade...
O unico problema,é que o jogo nao consegue detectar cartoes de memoria com mais de 2 gigas (tenho um de 4Gb),por isso so vou conseguir gravar o progresso ou os highscores quando encher pelo menos 2Gb do dito cartao (quando o cartao estiver cheio com pelo menos 2 Gb de ficheiros,a PSP ja o vai detectar ;).

Ps-no video aparece Street Fighter Zero 3,mas é o mesmo jogo...Zero é o nome pelo qual e conhecido na Asia.

-Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Hummm...ainda nao experimentei...tenho sono....must.....reeeaacchhh....beddd...ggghhaaa

Temple of the Dog....

Txxxiiii....á que tempos que nao ouvia esta musica...acho que ja pra ai a uns 15 anos.
A nostalgia....

Partoba... seguimento do momento partoba que eu tive a quase 24 horas atras,que melhor post poderia eu aqui....postar....que uma compilacao de todos os partobas feitos ate ao momento?

Divirtam-se e se possivel,filmem-se enquanto assistem aos clips...lolol...nao se vao arrepender ;)

Partoba 1

Partoba 2

Partoba 3

Partoba 4

Partoba 5

Partoba 6

Partoba 7


Mundo Canibal