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segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2016

Slaaneshter United

I'm working my way through the 24 at NAF Tournaments and decided to take my Chaos Pact team Slaaneshter United to this years NAFC (team number 18). I finished 73rd out of 140+ teams winning 3 and coming second in the other three games. The team is all female and I thought I'd share a few pics here.

Here is the team Logo

And here is a shot of the whole squad:
The big girls:
Elf lady:
Girly rat
Two headed Goblin girl (the mind boggles...)
and some of the marauders:


and finally I took Lewdgrip to the tournament, he gives the team a lot of options they wouldn't normally have in this format:


Thanks for looking!