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sexta-feira, 28 de junho de 2013

NAF site new look!

 For those out there who don't get the NAF newsletter (and why don't you?), or have been too busy to check all the Blood Bowl news in there, we'll just let you know that the NAF site has changed!

With this changes, even if you're not a member (just yet), you can still check all the news in the front page (including tournament announcements, and lots of other interesting BB related stuff)!
Also, you can catch up with all Blood Bowl fan based variants (BB Sevens, Street Bowl, ...), or even take a peek at the long list of resources (suppliers, forums, playbooks, ...), were you'll probably find everything you might ever need to put you team together, get them a "pro" side line crew, and learn the tactics to turn you into a successful coach!

Why don't you check it for your self in this link right here!

Of course 'old timers' (aka members), still get their private lounge, in the appropriately named "members area", to mingle and politely - most of the times at least - discuss members stuff !
Want to get in there too? Here's how to... Join the NAF!

Thumbs up to the NAF crew involved in this change for a very nice job!

sábado, 15 de junho de 2013

Swag or Stuff either way it's gooood!

Some of you may have read here on the blog how I got lucky at Narrenball earlier this year with my Undead team.  Well aside from a massive trophy (which I don't get to keep) and a NAF Trophy (which I do!) I also received an Impact voucher for 70 euros as tournament Champion and another for 20 euros for Most Touchdowns (an astonishingly low winning total of 8 from 4 games!).

Well I thought I'd share just what I bought with it so here goes:

First up dice, as most of you know I'm a total dice addict.  These Impact dice are dual purpose as they can be used as block dice or d6,  A clever idea but somehow I am not convinced.  Still they are a nice addition to my collection.

Then Star Player Cards.  Now I think these came from Australia originally (or should that be aboriginally?) and I picked them because I liked the look of them rather than with any actual usage in mind.  After all, the star players are listed in the rule book right?  However, since I've had them I've found them to be very useful, whether in league play or at tournaments as soon as you are facing one of these titans of the turf get the card out and sit it next to the pitch.  It saves constantly looking up what skills Morg has (what doesn't he have!) or constantly having to ask your opponent 'What Agility is Jordell again?', 'Oh, I thought that was what you said!' or forgetting that extraordinary skill 'She can do what!?!'.

I got four packs of fluorescent skill rings, the 'hard' variety.  I've got a few sets of the rubber rings, which I generally prefer, but I thought these might be useful too particularly when used in conjunction with the rubber ones.  I have a lot of converted miniatures and although I am a big fan of this part of the hobby I prefer not to leave myself open to the accusation of gaining an unfair advantage 'The one with the ball isn't a thrower then, it's a blitzer?' that sort of thing. So I thought by using the rubber rings to denote positionals in heavily converted teams with the see through harder rings to show different skills this might alleviate the problem.  It doesn't quite work as I intended because the rubber ring is very difficult to see underneath the fluorescent one and the hard rings are such a tight fit they don't really sit on top of the rubber ones too well.  Still variety is the spice of life, as they say.

 But what about figures I hear you say, well since Impact have just launched their range of certain teams recast in resin for $35 (excellent value) it was too good an opportunity to miss and I ordered a Scotling team.  They are very characterful especially the caber tossing 'Treemen'.  Someday I'll find the time to sit down and paint them up......someday!

I have a lot of balls (snigger) already, one for each team plus some, but I thought I'd add these to the collection as they could save time during the game.  You know the drill constantly trying to squeeze the ball back on to the modelled and flocked base only to have the next dice cup delivery dislodge it again. These should help alleviate the issue as they can be applied in many ways apparently.  I say apparently because I have yet to paint them up and without painting them there is no way they are coming on to my pitch(es)!

So I've talked already about converted miniatures, and (just) about balls so I added a few packs of conversion arms and hands as these are often the bits you need to make your conversions look more 'bloodbowly' and less 'weapon snippy'.  I also couldn't resist a football (soccer ball if you must!).  These are bought more with vague long term intentions than any immediate plans but I'm sure will come in useful eventually.

And that as they say is that, I think a pretty impressive haul for 90 euros (including the postage!) and a selection that addresses many of the facets of the game.  When you think about it I'm a very lucky man, 4 good games of Blood Bowl with like minded friends, a shiny new NAF Trophy to use as 'Intimidatory Reroll Counter' and all this stuff to boot!

quarta-feira, 12 de junho de 2013

I wanna get something off my chest

My friend Jonas got me into gaming. One June afternoon we were sitting around his house wondering what to do, when Jonas said "we could try to figure out my dungeons and dragons game". He had the early book, and I grabbed it and I was hooked.

  That was a Friday, iirc. Jonas let me take his D&D book home to learn the rules so we could play.
I waited for my father to get home at 5pm. when he got home, I said "Dad, there’s this new game, and they have the stuff over at Hobby Hangout. They close at 6, can we go?", as he was still very proud of the fact that I got 4 A's and 2 B's, he said "OK, we can go over as long as we're back before dinner".
  And we went. Hobby Hangout was right across the river and within 5 miles. My dad bought me a bunch of stuff that night; dice, the rule books, but no lead figures!!! He said I should see if I like the game first. If I liked it, he'd bring me back the next Friday for some figures.
  We loved D&D. When my dad took me the next Friday, I bought a load of figures. That was the start of my figure collecting. I remember sitting at our kitchen table with my friends Jonas, Jason and Shawn. We used the testors paint that used turpentine to clean brushes. It didn’t matter. We were bad painters but by the fall, we had gotten better and neater.
  We went to Hobby Hangout for all our gaming needs, they were very much on top of the role playing hill; they had it all. The owners, Phil and Dianne, were old hippies but they were nice to us they would ask what we were painting, and ask us to bring in some painted figures. They were interested and looking back, they were cool people.
  In 1982, they moved their store about 10 miles from my house. We couldn’t ride our bikes or walk to hobby hangout anymore.
  My grandmother gave us the idea to take the bus, this was better than bugging our moms and dads when they got home from work.

  One rainy fall Saturday, me and Jason got the bus and went to Hobby Hangout. I had picked up a few blister packs of, iirc, goblins and bugbears and as I was paying for my monsters, Dianne said "PHIL! CALL THE POLICE! THIS KID IS STEALING!" I looked around, and she had my friend Jason by the arm, oh s@$t.
   Phil, the owner, was more laid back about things. he said "put it back and leave", but his wife wasn’t having it. She demanded Phil call the police so he did...
   The police came and took Jason and me to the police headquarters. I didn’t take anything, but the cop took me because I was with my friend. When we got to the HQ, the chief of police said to me "did you take anything?" I said no. I suppose he believed me, as he didn’t ask me again, or search me.
   Turns out, Jason attempted to steal a 20 sided dice. That was it.
The chief called Jason’s mom, and she came and took us home. Jason told all who were interested that I had nothing to do with the "theft".
  I stopped going to Hobby Hangout after that. I guess I was too embarrassed. In fact, I didn’t go back there until 1992. Of course I was driving by then. I remember going in and Phil would just kinda look at me in a strange way. Not watching me like a hawk, not watching like he expected me to steal something. It was weird.
  At that point in time (1991-1995), I was painting historicals, bloodbowl figures, early 40k stuff, etc. Hobby Hangout didn’t sell figures at this point in time but they did sell POLY-S paints, which I loved. If they were still made, I’d be using them, so I stopped by every so often for paint.
  And Phil ALWAYS gave me that weird look and he never made small talk with me.

After about 1995, I stopped going to Hobby Hangout. A pretty good hobby shop opened in my town, with friendly people and great gaming. Hobby Hangout and Phil and Dianne were forgotten.
   Two years ago, I got word that Hobby Hangout was going out of business everything must go.
I planned on going. Not for anything they had (all the gaming stuff was sold off years before. they still had poly-s paint, but I really didn’t need paint (I had about 120+ paints ). but I wanted to get something off my chest.
  I wanted to thank Phil. Thank him? Yes.
I wanted to tell him I had nothing to do with my friends attempted theft of that dice. I wanted to say thanks for keeping me away from drugs by introducing me to the world of Dungeons and Dragons.
I would play that game and others every Friday and Saturday, all night, 6pm to 5am every weekend. I wanted to say how sorry I was that his shop was closing after all those years. I wanted to tell Phil I had good memories of my father and I going to his store and buying the D&D figures that I loved painting!

  My wife and I went down to Hobby Hangout  on a rainy Saturday morning. The rainy weather was very much like the day Jason and I were taken to the Palmer Police headquarters on the way, I told my wife the story.
  We got there and I walked around looking for Phil, but I didn’t see him or Dianne. I asked a young lady about Phil. she told me Phil had passed away 4 months before.

terça-feira, 11 de junho de 2013

Zlurpeebowl IX - result = Best Appearance + no spoon! (33/40)

Well Zlurpeebowl IX is done and dusted and for me, it was mission accomplished!  Our team also did really well and I'm sure the Eh Team was close to the top of best team again (we also got our trophies from last year - thanks Xtreme!!) and bar my nearly catastrophic blunder early on in our road trip down (I'm the moron who forgot to bring his passport and cost us several additional hours of driving) pretty much the entire trip was a huge success! We ended up at Xtremes a bit late Friday night, but did manage to get some Deathroller Racing in and hang out a bit.

This year I decided to bring my Insane Goblin Posse and aim for a Best Appearance award. Since I wouldn't likely be challenging for top tables with a goblin team, I chose to also use a FTLOTG roster (Zlurpeebowl does not use the usual stunty rosters - instead there are even more handicapped rosters who challenge for a "For the Love of the Game" cup) since this would gain the Eh Team an additional team point.

Here is the list I took - I was really happy with everything except I think I would swap jump up on the Looney for a simple dodge.  Usually when the chainsaw goes down - his armour is broken.  Stopping him from going down as frequently would have been preferable, since I barely got the chance to use jump up.
Bombardier - hail mary pass
Fanatic - mighty blow
Fungus the Loon
Looney - jump up/leap
Pogoer - jump up/sure feet
3 Goblins - side step
5 Goblins
3 Rerolls
3 Bribes

Game 1 vs Dan 0-5 loss
I had never really met Dan before, but I remembered him from zlurpeebowl last year - he won some dancing contest and when I brought it up he said he'd been practicing for this year! Dan brought a dark elf team which comprised of; witch w wrestle, 3x blitzer w dodge, blitzer w guard, 5x lineman w block, 2x linemen

This game was quite rough for me.  For the first few turns, I turned over nearly immediately.  I did manage to stun a lineman with the Looney, but this is how my dugout looked after two turns.
and it didn't get much better - the one shining light of the game was his witch elf managed to trip herself dodging and I managed to take her out with my Fanatic - woohoo!!  This tournament was all about the little things!  Here's how my dugout looked at the end of the game - I did manage to avoid having to look up the rules for what happens when you get tabled!
one goblin left alive!

Game 2 vs. Mike 2-0 win
Mike also brought a cheaters list - though very different from my list.  I recall him playing at Chaos Cup when I was there in 2011.  Mikes list had; fanatic w guard & mighty blow, looney, pogoer & 4x goblins w sure hands, 9x goblins. He said straight away he came to lose five games!  I found out later he managed a win vs. a lizardmen team where his fanatic and chainsaw destroyed the poor girls kroxigor & saurus.
an early scare!
Mike gave me an early scare when after receiving - I couldn't pick up the football, then he managed to waltz into two tackle zones, pick it up and dodge away!  I had to completely block his route to the end zone to ensure he wouldn't just dice his way into the end zone.  Fortunately for me it seems it wouldn't have mattered as he failed his first attempt to dodge away anyways.  The rest of the first half I tried to cause more attrition but failed - though I did score at the end of the half.  Luckily for me in the second half, my bombardier pulled off an epic toss that hit and killed outright his pogoer carrying the ball.  Regardless of the daunting casualties I took, I applied as much pressure as possible and managed to score a second touchdown late in the game.

Game 3 vs Anthony (@KhorneliusPraxx1-2 loss
Anthony had to wake up at 4am and drive for several hours to arrive to play at the tournament.  I was truly frightened when I saw his list.  He only had 5 saurus and no kroxigor so he could afford 4 rerolls, but every saurus had block and three of them had mighty blow.  One of his skinks also had sure hands.
goblin side stepping cage!
Pretty sure I had Anthony sweating it out big time.  He scored on turn 4 and I managed a very epic goblin cage which saw me make a mistake giving him a chance for a 1 die block instead of 2 die uphill - but fortunately for me, he rolled a skull - allowing me to tie it up at half time.  For the second half, things could have gone very differently if I had chosen to reroll my blitz on the first turn where I rolled double skulls.  I chose to keep the reroll, and it resulted in a goblin death.  Then his first block resulted in another goblin death.  It put me under the cosh a bit, but if it wasn't for a failed dodge with reroll I still could have scored a second touchdown and I still nearly held on for the draw.  Anthony managed to score a touchdown on the last turn of the game (my Looney and Pogoer knocking down his ball carrier twice in the interim) but he pulled it out!

Game 4 vs Brian (@B_C_Harmon0-1 loss
Brian is a great buddy of mine since he roomed with me at Chaos Cup in 2011, but unfortunately we have not ever had a chance to play a game - so this was our first! Again it was scary to have to play a dwarf team with my goblins that did not even have trolls!  Brian was having a pretty crappy tournament from what he told me.  Not only that but he had a very VERY strong list; runner w block, runner w dodge, 2x troll slayers, 2x blitzers w guard, 5x blockers w guard.
amazing first half!!
Brian also got a really big scare! I won the coin toss and chose to receive - and for the first game my Fanatics were pretty epic - smacking his dwarves around - killing one in the first turn.  My Bombardier also managed to kill another dwarf.  Throughout the first turn I dragged his dwarves all over and spread him out.  Eventually I had about 6 goblins within scoring range and most of his dwarves too far away to be involved.  So it was time to hail mary pass the ball down the field.  The best Brian could do was get a single tackle zone on the ball, and tie up my other goblins.  Unfortunately for me, my Pogoer failed a dodge with reroll - and in two turns I was unable to get a chance to pick up the ball.  In the second half Brians luck began to turn and he pulled off a quite standard dwarf grind to win the game, I managed a blitz on his ball carrier but my chainsaw didn't break his armour - but again I was happy to have had him sweating.

Game 5 vs Josh (@Aldis_Snowtied 1-1
I played Josh and his orcs at zlurpeebowl last year and he pulled off an epic last turn 1-0 win.  This year I pulled something close to the reverse this year.  This is the first time I've gotten a result other than a loss against any team other than goblins - woohoo! Josh had a pretty standard looking orc list; 4x black orcs w block, 3x blitzer w guard, blitzer w dodge, thrower w block.
greenskin vs. greenskin
A lot of the details of this game are eluding me now - probably due to the amount of alcohol imbibed Saturday night.  From the photo I've taken I must have won the coin toss, and I can see that neither Fanatics are on the pitch anymore and I'm slowly remembering rolling skull/both down for each of them.  You can see that the ball has been hail mary passed down to his end, but I know that he stopped me from scoring - and I remember him needing 4 GFIs with his thrower to attempt to score and failing one of them, leaving us with no score at half time.  In the second half he scored about midway through and I had about 6 goblins left, including my Pogoer.  I had an opportunity to score with my pogoer and again he let me down, failing his dodge with reroll after picking up the ball in 2 tackle zones.  So in the final turn with no rerolls, I decided instead of just going for it with the pogoer again - I dodged 3 goblins into the end zone next to the ball so that if I failed to pick up the ball and was fortunate with the scatter I might get a chance of catching the ball in the end zone.  In the end, I was fortunate enough to not worry as my Pogoer finally redeemed himself by picking up the ball in 2 tackle zones and dodging out successfully to score the fourth and final touchdown of the tournament for me.

Game 6 vs Sarge 0-2 loss
Sarge won best sportsman at zlurpeebowl last year and for the first time ever the repeat was pulled off - he won it again this year.  Gearing up to zlurpeebowl I inquired about playing him in the grudge match (an excellent convention and one I plan to implement at the Canadian Open) - Sarge also played a FTLOTG roster which was based on khemri without any tomb guardians; 2x blitz-ras w tackle, 2x throw-ras w block, 2 skeletons w tackle, 10 skeletons & 7 fan factor.
This game didn't go well from me from the start.  I did get to receive but with all his fan factor, Sarge won +2 FAME.  Then within 4 turns I had burned all my rerolls on kickbacks and fumbled bombs.  Then in the fourth turn I fumbled a bomb again which exploded and stunned my Bombardier.  Sarge got some tackle zones on the ball and while I had a couple chances to hail mary it away from trouble - the lack of rerolls was telling and Sarge managed to score.  In the second half I managed several chances to blitz his ball carrier - and was successful once, but he was very cagey with his positioning and it meant too many dice (generally without rerolls as kick offs usually resulted in me losing rerolls or Sarge winning rerolls) and Sarge finished the game scoring a second time - congratulations to him!!

As usual - Bryan, Jonny and I took our usual photo!
natzlurpim v3.0

best appearance!
I managed to win the Best Appearance award I had been gunning for, while Dave (@doomington) & Alex (@alexmatusiak) managed to finish in 4th and 5th place respectively (although the trophies for 1st - 4th are determined by tournament points among the 4 players on the 2 top tables - which Alex and Dave did not play on in final round.) but both finished with very impressive final records of 4/1/1 - and Tyler (@tkohlmetz) tied for most touchdowns but lost out on tiebreakers.  Excellent results for the Eh Team!

You can also check out the results thread here on the zlurpeebowl forums.

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sexta-feira, 7 de junho de 2013


Hi, like CeeTee I made the pilgrimmage to the NAFC and although the actual Blood Bowl from a results and dice rolling perspective was a bit of a disaster the weekend itself was still a great experience and I had a fun time.

My friend Thorsten made the trip for the first time and we flew over together from Duesseldorf to Birmingham where we were met my friend Peter who had driven over to England (via a Blood Bowl tournament in France) as part of his two week holiday. We then drove up to Sheffield where we were being hosted by my friends Pete and Anna.  Both Pete and Anna played in the NAFC last year but Anna finds 6 games in two days to be too much, so this year she stayed at home and watched the cricket instead.

Anyhow as you'll know the venue was changed for this years tournament, one of the main benefits for those who don't have, handily placed friends, was the co-located hotel offering good rates.  Here it is from the car park:

The conference centre itself is just out of shot on the righthandside of this picture.  Inside was very nice, with a bar and adjoining lounge areas, plenty of toilet facilities and a gaming hall that looked like this:

Here is a second chance to play spot the (non) geek:

Each day we were provided with a packed lunch, which was fine, nothing outstanding but providing enough fuel for the following games,  What was nice though was being able to go outside sit on the grass and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine between games.  I know, I said sunshine and I'm talking about England but it's true I tell you!!!

There was also a hot meal on the Saturday night included in the price of the ticket but Thorsten wanted to see Warhammer World, which is less than a 15 minute drive away, and all four of us wanted to see the Champions League Final that evening so I can't comment on how good, bad or indifferent this meal was as none of us even saw it.

From the games point of view I took my Undead and first up faced off against .... Undead.  This was the only game of the weekend where the dice wanted to play ball for me and even this started with my Mummy rolling Block and Skull first block having to reroll it and getting double skulls.  Second turn Ghoul failed to pick up the ball and burnt a reroll whilst failing but my armour rolls made up for it and I won the war of attrition 1-0.

The second game I played a very nice American gentlemen by the name of Aron (Aaron?) who had come all the way from Nebraska to play six games of Blood Bowl.  He played very well and most of the key rolls went his way so I lost to his Dwarves in a typical 1-0 grind.

Third game of the day oh look Undead vs Undead again!

Two nicely painted Egyptian themed teams facing off on a nice pitch. Unfortunately my dice descended from bad to worse and I lost the game by the odd touchdown again.

Here's another shot of the boys in action:

The following day I played Amazons and if anything the dice had taken a turn for the worse with the added bonus that he was failing nothing.  However I dominated the game and would of won but for a double skull final blitz free when literally any other result would of brought me victory. 

Lizardmen were next with the strangest set up I've encountered for this team.  Six Saurus plus Silibili and he'd given them Guard as a skill in each round so I was facing off against seven ST4 players with six Guard but only one with Block and the team had no rerolls at all.  However he appeared to of sold his soul to Nuffle for most of the game.  I scored in turn 8 and he had a go at the one turn touchdown.  Even though I'd set up to defend against this possibility he managed to make about 20 dice rolls with nothing going wrong and it was 1-1 at half time. 
More crazy dice rolls prevented me from scoring a winner and left him needing to pick up the ball with a Skink, Hand off to a Saurus and complete two GFIs for what would of been an outrageous win,  Fortunately for me he did the traditional thing and fell over the line. 

That left Wood Elves played by a nice Geordie lady for game 6. 
It was one of those games where the ball just refused to be picked up by the Undead and the Wood Elves kept nipping in and running off with the damn thing!  Although I was finally getting some decent armour/injury rolls and slowly taking Wood Elves out of the game I was 3-0 down before it could make a difference.  I managed to come back to 3-2 as by that time there were only two WE on the pitch, and they were lying down pretending to be dead, but ran out of time and that was that.

We had a bit of a nightmare trip back with the Channel Tunnel claiming not to sell tickets at the gate anymore and some dramas with the ferry, BUT all in all it was definitely worth it and the new venue has to rate as a success.

quinta-feira, 6 de junho de 2013

NAFC 2013 flash report: Ceetee!

Still in the 'aftermath' of the NAF Championship held the 25th and 26th of May (2013), I've managed to get a flash report from fellow TFF'er Ceetee, about his games in this year's tournament.
Here's his take on the event:

Well the NAFC has come and gone, and it was a great experience. I went with my brother and because a lot of us stayed at the venue, the socialising was brilliant. So how about the games?
I took Elves with 2 Blitzers, 2 Catchers, a Thrower and 6 Linos, with 3RRs and an Apo.

   Game 1 - Made of Welsh (Goblins)
Two chainsaws looked a lot of trouble against my AV7 - fortunately, Nobbla kicked back in turn 1, then a 3d blitz took the other off the pitch. A slow grind, hitting as many gobboes as possible lead to 1-0 at the half, and 2-0 at the end.
   Game 2 - DaBoar (Dwarf)
Dwarves are not an Elves' favourite opponent, but some elf stalling led to 1-0 at halftime. DaBoar ground down the field. However, a tiny positioning error allowed me to surf his runner in turn 6 of the second half, so I ran out 1-0 winner. I was given some D6s from his club, too - thanks!
  Game 3 - Jericho (Dwarf)
My second Italian opponent, my second Dwarf opponent! A similar game to the last, 1-0 up, but then some great work from Jericho saw him hand off to score the equalizer turn 16 - close all the way through and a great game.

   Game 4 - Podfrey (Dwarf)
Great. Dwarves again and this time Podfrey. I kicked again and did a good job of slowing the drive up. However, a half-hearted attempt at mobbing the cage allowed Geoff to push through and score at the half. The second half started with some ridiculous positioning on my part, which quite rightly got my all carrier catcher surfed. A lucky throw-in got me back in the game and I equalised in turn 5. A deep kick made it a little trickier, but 6 GFIs later, (including a reroll on the last one!) Geoff won the game 2-1 and went on to win the League championship.
   Game 5 - Stick (Norse)
A complete and utter dicing. Stick is an excellent player, but his dice were dreadful, whilst mine were astounding. Nothing he tried worked, whilst everything I attempted came off. A one-sided 5-0 win that seems more and more ridiculous the more I think of it. Sorry Stick!
   Game 6 - Wilzif (Undead)
The last game, and the chance to face an opponent whom I last played 5 years ago. Wilf received the kickoff and set about smashing my Elves. I used my Apo early on a Wrestle lino which meant I couldn't use it on my Blitzer in the next turn. I got plenty of shots at his Blodge ghoul ball carriers, but Wilf worked the ball into the endzone turn 8. In the second half, he got a great shot on my ball carrier and wound up a deserved 2-0 winner.

So, 3-1-2 and a great weekend.

I will definitely be back next year at the best attended tourney in the UK.
All the best,
Ceetee (*)

(*) Ceetee played with the Drones Club (Pro Elf team), and managed to get a very respectable 53rd place out of 156 coaches. Well done mate, and thank you for sparing the time to let us know how things went for you!

terça-feira, 4 de junho de 2013

My cousin Mike.

  For the 4th year, our club, The Thursday Night Heros, will be putting on our tourney in honour of our friend, and my cousin, Mike. Three years ago, Mike was killed in Afghanistan. He has left behind a wife and little girl. and a lot of people who loved him.
  Tho I have a brother, I've always considered Mike my second brother and best friend.
We were about the same age, and we had a lot of common interests: gaming, hockey, punk and hardcore music, and Blood Bowl. Always Blood Bowl.

 Mike played Amazons and played them well. He was one of the founders of our club, and our league winners get to take home the Mike Kriger memorial cup until the next season.
He is remembered as a dear friend, always helpful, always friendly.
  We run the event on the last Saturday of October. This year we are looking for a new hall due to the fact that the price of the town hall has gone up, and also the place is a little small. We have a pair of figures I commissioned for the event and for sale.

The figures are Carol and Max from the book WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.
Mike and I had talked a lot about getting the monsters from the book made into Blood Bowl figures. I must say they came out very nice. Big thanks to Rykar and my friend Simon for all the help!
  I'm happy to run the event for Mike and the other pa. fallen soldiers (we take donations for the fund).
I think its important to honour these men and women who give so much to guard our freedom and protect us.
I think Mike would be proud.
I hope he knows his friends and family still remember him.