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sábado, 27 de abril de 2013

Miniature Madness - Star Players Part 2

As promised here are some more of my Star Players:

Why is it all these Gobbos seem so happy in their work? Come to that why bother writing bomb on their bombs, I can't believe many of them can read it and anyone catching one thrown to them probably has a good idea what it is anyway and if they took the time to read it well..............

All right which smart ass threw the stick and shouted fetch?

He always appears to be grooving out to something only he can hear, maybe something by the Grateful Dead?

Okay he may not have made the cut for the CRP/ LRB 6 but ffs he's a ninja playing Blood Bowl, how cool is that!

Speaking of cool, as if two wardancers on the pitch isn't bad enough imagine I thought you might not want to!

The idiot who served calamares as a half time snack was strangely never heard from again.......

Coming up in a few days big and small we love them all.

quarta-feira, 24 de abril de 2013

Miniature Madness -- Star Players Part 1

The second of my Miniature Madness posts and a selection of my Star Player Miniatures, some are the official BB ones and some not.
 You've got to admire someone so obviously happy in their work!
 Not sure why two heads is such an advantage, surely they could potentially lead to indecision. I used to be indecisive you know but now I'm not so sure.......

Helmut bringing a new meaning to 'making the cut'.

A hidden in very plain sight dagger, "Oh this? It's for clearing mud out from between the studs on my boots..."

 He daren't look up because the weight of his helmet will probably make him topple over, but the Prince can certainly play.

What can you say about Morg? Well if he's within earshot it'd better be complimentary or it could be the last thing you ever do say!

My Blunderbuss conversion from an old Chaos Dwarf Flamethrower type thing.

More in a couple of days......

sábado, 20 de abril de 2013

Miniature Madness - Sideline Figures

Hi All,

I haven't been on here much recently as real life has got in the way a bit, however one of the things I'm working on at the moment has lead to me taking some pictures of some of the figures in my collection so I thought you might like to see them.  I'm splitting them down in to groups rather than one massive post and the first of these groups is sideline figures. So without further ado..............

A Cheerleader

Give me a B!
This High Elf Cheerleader was painted for my Wembelfy Stadium Dugout for my Insel Elfen team.  She is used as the reroll marker and no doubt helped persuade the panel who voted it Best Dugout at Dungeonbowl 2010!

An Apothecary
Was that three beetles or four?
This young apprentice apothecary is busy mixing up some sort of poultice; Wing of Bat, Eye of Newt, Testicles of Dog and a splash of Donkey Urine just how Griff Oberwald likes it!

Halfling Chef
Get yer 'ot dogs 'ere!
This is Jan Moleby, Halfling Master Chef to Littlepool Foodbowl Club who did the seemingly impossible and became Minden Blood Bowl League Champions in 2004!  He was a fun conversion and has often proved effective when tempting the opposition with a bowl of scouse!

Apothecary, Bloodweiser Babe or Cheerleader
You might just feel a little prick...

You may remember Axt showed his manic chainsaw wiedling gobbo that he made for Figure Exchange on this blog and this lady of the lamp was the figure I sent off to my chosen swap buddy.  I figured she could be used as either a Cheerleader, Bloodweiser Babe or Apothecary by the recipient; either way her presence in the dugout should help team morale but might well prove distracting!

Oi you! I saw that and I don't remember getting bribed yet!
 The classic referee figure, an essential in the old LRB for depicting where the refs focus was under the IGMEOY rule.  He doesn't look very happy but he has a firm grip on his 'persuader' hidden behind his back so he might see that foul by the Black Orc Blocker but on the other hand........

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire
 This fellow is one from my AD&D days but he has recently discovered a love of Blood Bowl!  More particularly he has discovered that he can be well paid for casting a single spell and indeed he will be well paid even if he doesn't decide to cast the spell, after all who is going to ask for their money back from a bloke who can hit you with a lightning bolt?

That's all for this post, hope you like them, I'll post the next installment in a couple of days.

terça-feira, 9 de abril de 2013

My pile of insanity

As I'm off work (possibly forever), I've been going through my blood bowl collection.
Kinda for the "remember when" thing, but really, just to catalogue what I have and what I want.

   Its a big collection, as I have mentioned here in a recent article and its gotten bigger. I buy bb/ff figures a few times a month. Sometimes just a figure or two, sometimes a team. As its my only hobby (well, that's not exactly true, I have an AK I shot at the local range), my wife gives me no trouble over it, and in fact, she's a fine painter. But I find myself asking why I have all these figures.
   As of 4/4/13, the collection stands at 1357 blood bowl/fantasy football figures. as of this post (4/9/13), I have, due for delivery, a team from Gaspez Arts (rats), and four figures from Goblin Forge.
I paint every day, but the collection is only about half painted. I have a GW Human and GW Orc team on the painting desk, and they are almost done (another 2 days), and my wife is painting a Shadowforge evil elf female team.

   The problem is, it seems there are new teams/figures released every week, and I don't even collect sideline figures (no coaches, cheerleaders, etc), just players. I have over 40 big guys, about 160 Star Players, and a crazy number of secret weapons...
Dice? I have 50+ block dice (I had more, but I sold 30 GW block dice to a club in Canada).
And I have 12 pitches... Funny thing tho, I had to order a range ruler from Impact! last week because I seem to have lost mine. I can play the game without the ruler, but why should I?
   I could say I'm gonna stop buying bb/ff figures, but I like the hobby, I like teaching new people the game, and I'm happy I can loan teams to new people who join our club.
These days, teams are a lot of money, and if I can loan a noob a team, maybe he will enjoy the game enough to buy his team for the next league.
I think I will try to be more choosy with what I buy. I've already stopped buying female teams/figures, and I suppose I could cut down on big guys and stars.
I'll try, at any rate.
At least I'm not a drunk...