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sábado, 17 de maio de 2014

New NAF gift presented in the NAF Championship!

 Here´s a pic of the new NAF subscription gift, as presented in the NAF Championship taking place this weekend.
 The other side says "FAME +1".

   (Picture as shown in NAF official twitter account, @OfficialNAF)

quarta-feira, 14 de maio de 2014

The Halfling Challenge - Super Size Me

So Mr Thorg do come in, have a seat, er great, hope it tasted nice, would you like another? What get on with it? Sure, right, yes great, well I have a fantastic offer to make to you and it's going to make you look even mightier than usual! There is a tournament starting soon in Albion and MootDonalds want you to be the face of the tournament! No, no of course not halflings, I remember one got stuck in your teeth last time, you'll do it?  Great! Well goodbye then.

Hi is that the manager of Super Size Me? Right, the good news is Morg will play for you the bad news is you're gonna need the fake beards......

And here they are, ready to take on the Halfling Challenge, laddies and sassenachs sponsored by MootDonalds it's Super Size Me featuring MORG 'N' THORG!

I love these little fellas so full of character (not to mention Little Macs!) and actually a joy to paint especially if you hate painting eyes!

terça-feira, 13 de maio de 2014

The Halfling Challenge

This weekend will see the latest NAF Championship take place in Nottingham. During a conversation in the car on the way back from last years Championship my mates and I made a pact to all bring Halflings to this years event and see who could place highest. A couple of months ago we decided to open it up to anyone who brought halflings and the Halfling Challenge was born!

I am providing two dice......

...... and a cork backed dice mat using hundred foot heroes creator Pug's fantastic artwork..... all competitors free of charge.

Not to mention a prize for the winner, these custom block dice made to my design by cudasquarius from TFF, this colour combination won't be made again.

And Axiom from TFF and Beastface Miniatures will be providing a Halfling chef model for the winner, who will also receive a painted Bretonnian team donated by Marian organiser of Sturm der Hiebe.

I am hoping to get around 15 to 20 Halfling teams there.....

....because as someone pointed out......

......breakfast is coming!

I'll show you my Moot Mountain Scotlings sponsored by MootDonalds soon and let you know how we all got on.