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sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2011

Happy New Year :)

Happy New 2012 everyone!!!!

Last day of the year...and my wish is that....all of your,MMN readers and crew, wishes come true!!

See what i´ve did here??!!...lolol...its a "karma-friendly" wish :P

So...ill see you all next year.

Happy New Year all!!!

terça-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2011

sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2011

Merry Christmas Y´all...

Hey all...

So,its Christmas time,and we,at Merry Mayhem News want to wish you all a Merry F_ _ _ _ _g Christmas.

I want to thank all of you who visited the blog and contacted us through the comment section or mail.

Also,i want to give a special shout-out to the following people,in no particular order:

-Tristan-for the great reports and for the new blood injection to the blog,this guy was awesome without knowing us from nowhere,a true gentleman indeed.

-Paul "the man cave"-for being so active on the comment section (do you want a job here at MMN?).

-Jonny P-for the support and for the pic with the original General Lee in wich Daisy Duke slapped her awesome ass.

-Bryan M(Xtreme)-because he finally followed me in Twitter and,that alone,deserves a big shout-out.

-Scott Prime(fatfinley)-Because through him,i got to know Orclahoma Bowl and Both Down...and he told me that he was going to find me the Blood Bowl comic books ;)

-Steve C.(Kilowog2814)-because of all the reasons above,and because he told me to fork myself...lolol...hes also a cool guy and hes supporting MMN so... ;) ...ooohhhh...and he called me a Portugalian...which many of you may think its kind of racist,but it isnt right? LOL

-James Rufer-because he turned me on to Fumbbl and to the Blackhawks...thanks mate,if you hear anyone talking about giving free Green Cards away,then by all means contact me ;)

And last but not least...

-Alberto M.(Axtklinge)-Because hes with the MMN since the begining,because he listed to all my stupid ideas and he actually managed to turn some of them into cool ones...he really loves the game (hes a PRO at it ;) ). Also,he loves guitars and he plays the harmonica.All in all,hes like a long haired version of,i really have to like the guy ;).Thanks for everything :)

And thats about it...i guess i didnt forget anyone but,if you think so,and want to see your name up there,just twitt me or something,i´ll edit the post :)

Now...i have great amounts of good food to eat so,if you excuse me...


And now....a Christmas Classic:

terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2011

Both Down #1 you have it Ep#1 of Both Down.Tell your one friend about it and enjoy it together :)


The first episode of Both Down is finally here! Listen to Steve(@kilowog2814) and Scott(@fatfinley) discuss who and what they and Both Down(@BothDown) are all about!

Don’t come to the podcast expecting tactics or power gaming, but there’s plenty of fun and fluff. Be sure to check it out for some surprise guests and special shout outs.

Definitely let us know what you think at either twitter (@BothDown) or by email at

Both Down: The #1 Blood Bowl podcast … that’s just starting out!

Listener Comment Hotline: 1-888-506-0221"

sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2011

NABBO Tea Cup 2011 - pt. 3 -

(Third and last update on the NABBO Tea Cup 2011 article)

The day of the tournament has come and gone...
Its impressive how fast an entire day runs when you're having a blast! (And that's probably the best way I find to define how the whole tournament went!)
Having said that, and despite all the fun of getting together with some old league friends, all the games were quite competitive and the "award winners" were only decided in the last game round of the day. I was glad to see how, apparently (and much like riding a bike), old timers didn't forget how much fun it is to roll Pow's against your opponent's team, and so they did as much as Nuffle or the rerolls allowed!
Everybody loved the "Tea Cup 2011" official dugouts (which includes a weather and kick-off table presented by Merry Mayhem News!) but the stars of the day were the custom ivory/marble NABBO dice made by Chessex! Thumbs up to Joseph for such amazing work.

Pic 1: Clockwork Green (orc) preparing the kick-off to the Black Ferns (Amazon), only to see them show off their playbook and equalise in the last three turns of the match. That would turn out to be the only TD conceded by the greens in the entire competition, feat that would assure them the top place in tournament!

Pic 2: Here the Rockandrolla Steel Heads (dwarf) stretch out through the entire field, trying to hold off the Deep-Six Diggers (Necromantic). The resilience of the short fellows kept them in the game for a long time but Necro team ended up capitalising on their fast movement, finishing this game with a 2-1 win.

Pic3: The (induced by brew abuse) brawling style of play of the Lanshor Wolves (Norse) fell short against the dodgy game of the Prowling Goddesses (Amazon).
Winning by 2-1 the lady's proved to the horn-helmeted norse that they could pick and stand a fight as good as any half-naked men, theory that proved to be right almost 'till the end, when they faced the half-naked orcs of Clockwork Green loosing by 0-1 in the end of the second half.

Pic 4: Here's the official stuff: our custom NABBO "Failing Go-For-It's Since 1999" dice, and "Tea Cup 2011" dugout! We might have a couple of them left to sell if someone is interested. By the way Zug is only there for scale!

One final word...
Unfortunately, due to some work related problems that required his presence, Abraxis was not able to attend to it as we all wish he did, but we will no doubt have a ton of other chances to welcome him and his newly painted Midgets!

quarta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2011

Both Down...

From the guys that brought you Orclahoma Bowl(Scott and Steve),here you have Both Down,the new podcast soon to be released.

"Welcome to Both Down!

Look for the first Both Down podcast to be out and ready for your blood hungry ears before Christmas! This site is under construction and should be improving over the next couple of weeks as we add more and more to it!

In the meantime head over to the Orclahoma Bowl and register for the biggest Blood Bowl event in the history of Oklahoma er… I mean in the history of Orclahoma. See you on the pitch… or at McDonalds getting a tasty McRib!

P.S. If you ever see Jonny P or Xtreme out at an event remember to punch them in the nuts and yell BOTH DOWN!!!

-Scott Prime (twitter: @fatfinley" -It tastes like chicken ^^

terça-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2011

NABBO Tea Cup 2011 - pt. 2 -

(second part of NABBO Tea Cup 2011 article)

Just another few words of a "not-that-short-now" short story.

Back then (1999), fluff was perhaps "the most" important thing and so the almost forgotten background story of the NABBO League stated something like this...
"Once upon a time there was a miserably poor, rural community where most crops kept being lost or destroyed by endless years of invading Chaos or Orc raids, only halted when really, but reeeeally bad weather settled in! Only the toughest, the crippled or the stupid remained in those harsh border lands, fighting to survive each day.

It's not difficult to understand that the once beautifully cultivated fields got left in complete neglect as other far more important issues (such as running or fighting for their life's) arised.
Hunger was almost a constant, and as the years went by, both men and beasts left behind in the aftermath of the invasions, struggled to find something to eat.
And that is when it all comes together: One foggy afternoon, while going back to the settlement empty handed, a team of human scouts short cuted through an open field when one of them spotted a huge turnip just a few meters ahead.
Obviously they went for it, but just as they got hold of the tasty vegetable, they realised they were not alone in the field...

Suddenly the fog seemed to have disappeared and there they were, standing right in the middle of an open field with of a bunch of orc's, apparently as surprised as they were, between them and the safety of their settlement.
After the initial moments of surprise for both sides, they soon realise that neither were war party's, but scouts looking for the very same thing - food -, and as far as both could tell the only thing eatable out there without too much of a trouble was that turnip!

The story goes on and on, stating how both sides slammed into one another, using whatever skills they had, sometimes running and passing the turnip amongst them selves, other times just tackling and blocking, in an attempt to grab or keep hold of the turnip, that annoyingly kept changing sides...
No one really knows for sure in which side's soup that turnip ended, as nowadays both races have slightly different endings for the story, but for what it's worth, similar brawls kept happening in that same field long after any turnip sprouted there, turning it into a festival (food, drinks, and brawls), and later into a real event (brawls, with drinks and food)!

That huge turnip was never forgotten and earned its place in the crest of the organised league that "a simple brawl" had turned into, pictured in gold and soaring high over the stripes that represented the once cultivated fields.
So what about the name of the league?
Oh that, was an homage to that turnip since the very start, as "nabo" is the word for "turnip" in the native language and in that way the acronym N.A.B.B.O would have a double meaning as Neglectic Agricultural Blood Bowl Organization.

(to be continued...)

segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2011

NABBO Tea Cup 2011

Short story...
As most of us Blood Bowl die hard fans would certainly like to, the fact is that only a chosen lucky few get the chance or opportunity to play in big tournaments.
A few years back, in one of ours BB league night the "Big Tournament" subject came up: the NAF guys were starting to plan the first NAF World Cup!
For a few minutes we all had that grin in our face, day dreaming of how "grand" would be attending to it, but as much as we all would like to, real life stuff such as work, family, economics, or a mix of them all ended up luring our expectations.

This year, to commemorate our very special 10th league (in more than 12 years of existence), we've decided to put together our own tournament, and invite to it all our past and present league players and a few friends too (thumbs up to Abraxis for planning on coming to commemorate and play with us)!

The tournment will be held in a single day (three games, top ranking coaches playing each other each round), the coaches will have 1,100,000 g.c. to spend in players, skills, re-rolls, etc. and in the end of the day three coaches will be awarded: the best coach (highest score), the most violent (more casualtys), and the "wooden spoon" (for the lowest scoring coach in the cup).

As we are a very small league there wont be any big glittering prizes, except for a "thematic" Cup for each of the awarded coaches, however we did produce a custom made Dugout, and a set of dice with our logo and motto for the past 12 years.

(to be continued...)

HairyBalls...errr...i mean...Midgets...

Hey you have the HairyMidgets roster and pics.This is the team thats going to try to conquer the Most Casualties Award at the Nabbo Tea Cup 2011...and the Wooden

The Troll Slayers-#1 Farmer Brooks,#2 Fuzzy Cupid.Both have the normal skills plus Mighty Blow.Value-220.000k

The Blitzers-#3 Haiti Kid,#4 Dink the Clown.Normal skills only.Value 160.000k

The Blockers-#5 Little Beaver,#6 Lord Littlebrook,#7 Little Tokyo,#8 Tzuki,#9 Short Sleeve Sampson,#10 Sky Low Low.All of them have the normal skills but #5 and #6 have also Guard.Value 740.000k

The Runner-#15 Mascarita Sagrada.Normal skills plus Block.Value 100.000k

I also buyed 3 Rerolls and a Cheerleader ;)

Heres a Team Photo

And thats about it...since the tournament is Ressurection style,i didnt bought a Apoth :)

And now,on a side note,yesterday was my 33 years old now...but anyway,just wanted to say that my wife made me this Humans Vs High Elves birthday cake...

Thats why i love her so much :p

sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2011

Prepare to be Headbutted in the balls... you have the first official pic of the HairyMidgets Team.

These guys are going to take part in the Nabbo Tea Cup 2011.They will try to win the Most Casualties Award....and probably the Wooden Spoon ^^

When i have the roster ready,i´ll post it here...together with some pics and the upgrade skills i´ve bought for a couple of them.

Also,check out episode #29 of Zlurpcast...our canadian brother is!!! :)