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sexta-feira, 30 de março de 2012

Horned gobbo plus a very special project...

...thats right...more gobbo pics for the contest.

Here´s Lerchey...this handsome beastgobbo :)

I just love those horns...which will give him +2ST when it wont but,since they´re so cool and "ram-y",i think it should :)

Also,the mullet and the hoof really gives him alot of personality...this is what i call a manly hoof...not that "roadkill-like" mullet that those damned 2ed elves use...LOLOL

And now...the very special project.

Scott and Wakelynn´s own gobbos.

Yes,Scott is fatfinley from the Both Down crew and Wakelynn is his beautiful daughter.

This is why this project was special...for me,seeing dad and daughter having fun painting some figs is the best reward i could get :)

Here´s both gobbos


And Scott

And for those of you who dont believe that a 5 year old girl (i guess she´s 5,but correct me if im wrong) can actually like painting green,smelly,little goblins,heres the proof you need :P

Mission (almost) accomplished...YEAH :P

In a word...AWESOME.

GHAG Cheerleader!

No team should hit the pitch without (at least) a cheerleader to warm up the crowd!
GhaG team should be no exception, so without any further delay I present you Dokumitsukai entry, the GHAG team cheerleader:

Here she is doing a new routine to present in the team debut game!

And here's a pic taken by a paparazzi (that mysteriously disappeared shortly after trying to sell it to Mr. Merry Mayhem himself...).

quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2012

Less than 1 week GHAG photo reminder...

Yeah dudes...less than 1 week left to send me your gobbo pics...hummm...gobbo pics...that sounded kind of funny (get it?? glad i call my "gobbo" Tiger Tail...LOLOLOLOL)

Please use the following email to send me your pics:


Also,if you already mailed me the pic and want to send me the gobbo,please use this adress:

Paulo Miguel do Carmo Soares
Av. da Liberdade,Nº481-2ºEsq.


Now,heres some more cool gobbos:

Heres Dalfort...he arrived yesterday directly from Crewe,U.K..Touchdown mate ;)

Here´s Connexion from the Nabbo League...(those guys over at Nabbo really know how to do great convertions he?)

And you probably remember this´s Nazgob "im too sexy" goblin ;)

Uhhhhh....ssseeexxxyyyyy :P

And thats it for now.
If you already sended me the pic and you havent see it here,please tell me because i may have forgotten.

Cheers all...

terça-feira, 27 de março de 2012

Im ready to hit the pitch...

...thats right...AbraxiS is ready :)

Not that i can win the prize,but hell,i had to play in this team ;)

So,heres ME...painted in my typical way..LOL

Also,heres some Jumping Nightmares "better" pics...



Witch Elves


And,the Assassin

I really like the GS work that Axtklinge did on the Runners,but my fav its the Assassin of course,the position of the guy and the cape really gives it a very dinamic pose.

And thats its primer time ;)


segunda-feira, 26 de março de 2012

Because im worth it...

...LOL...yeah,not me,but those

Neil mailed me this advertiser...and i think its perfect for my Wood Elf team...with those hairs...and those

Also,heres Thadrin :)

Another angry gobbo...YYYEEEEEEAAAHHHHH

quinta-feira, 22 de março de 2012

Jumping Nightmares preview...

...yeah...its a Dark Elf team :)

Converted from Dark Eldar figs...this team took me like 5 or 6 years to assemble...and im not kidding here.These guys were part of the Warhammer 40k starter box...the one that had the DE against the Black Templars.

Anyway,this is just a cheap preview,because i just finish the lineman´s and i had to take a pic of it.
In this pics you cant see the awesome work that Axtklinge did on the assassin and on the runners,so,after i finish gluing those extra spikes,ill take new pics before i prime them.

Until then,here you have 2 crappy pics :P

Cheers all...

terça-feira, 20 de março de 2012

GHAG update with pics and advertisers...

Hey all...another quick update on the GHAG contest,plus some extras done by neilnickson.
To start...that cool motto that neil sended me says it all "Champions bleed Black & Gold"...Mr.Merry Mayhem told me that he really loves it and that he´s gonna use it as the team official motto.´s an advertisement from Mr.MM own chocolate brand.This one was made by Neil also...Mr.MM is pondering about kidnapping....errrr....inviting Mr.Neil to serve as a slave....errr...graphic designer in the factory :)

Thanks Neil for the interest you´re showing on the gobbo team and the blog :)

And now,for the goblin updates:

Here´s Marco Preto and Tristan

Marco Preto

And Tristan (someone is going to get hurt...and im not talking about the other players here..lolol)

Now,here´s hakomike...lolol...he seems like is going to apply a karate chop on some poor bastard :)

And...Axtklinge...the gobbo with the biggest balls i ever saw...ok...ball :)

He looks like is having so much fun riding that ball...really...this is one hell of a funny conversion...pretty goblinesque :)

And last but not least....the "Trolls".
Tristan managed to surprise me (once) again...this time with these 2 beautiful "trolls".
You know,MR.MM doesnt really like those big,hairy,smelly trolls (the only difference between them and goblins is only in the height department really...) because of that incident with his father (a Troll eat him on a match against the Gouged Eye) so,he decided that he would never use them to play on his team.
But,he would need "big guys" to play anyway so,what the hell he would do?
Weeeellll...he did what every goblin does...he invented 2 machines that would cause as many damage as the trolls would (self damage

And here they are:

Its like goblin versions of the dwarf DeathRoller...but these ones will not be throw out of the game for being secret weapons.

These guys are beautiful and well converted and every Troll skill is represented in them in some way...they add so much flavor to the team :)

Thank you are the DUDE

sexta-feira, 16 de março de 2012

"2 weeks" left - GHAG contest photo reminder!!

2 weeks is in quotes - since I think it's actually a bit longer than that.  But I wanted to get a post up to remind everyone that their goblin PHOTO is due by April 1st, 2012. The actual figure doesn't need to have been received but the photo must be emailed to Abraxis (almightyabraxis [at] gmail [dot] com)

Don't worry about timezone's or anything like that - we aren't that strict.  If you have any questions or need his address or anything feel free to email Abraxis about that as well.

Every figure that has arrived has been updated in the original post with the text "TOUCHDOWN".

Thanks everyone for making this contest a rousing success!!

quarta-feira, 14 de março de 2012

Another GHAH goblin preview!

Here you go, another goblin preview for our "GHAG"contest!

This feisty specimen comes from our fellow TFF'er - neilpferd - and by the looks of its base the little bugger is already experienced in green skin 'dismantlement'.
Gotta looooove team players!!!

Kudos for joining our "green - black -gold" wave of merry mayhem, and thank you for this lovely entry!

terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012

Oak-Land Riders...

...Yeah...they are here...the Oak(Land) Riders LOLOL

I had to do something with those Dungeon Bowl elfs, and after that silly idea of painting them with light colours, i´ve decided that i would paint them with some MANLY colours instead (black and gold if you dont know what im talking about) and turned them into a (Dark) Wood Elf team (i can also use them as Pro Elves or maybe Dark Elves i guess).

While i was doing that i thought that it would be cool to keep that Old School 2ed feeling alive so, i had to have a 2ed treeman on the team.

Luckly Inkpwn from TFF had one, and he sold it to me :)

As for the awesome logo, while i was talking to Axtklinge over at Fumbbl, i was trying to explain him this dumb idea that i had... i wanted to do a Oakland Raiders funny version thing for my woodies and, a couple of minutes later, i had the logo on my mail box (talk about friendship hum ;) ). As you can see, its damn perfect...its manly (black and gold remember) and it fits the team in every possible way... they will be riding the oak foo shoo (#whutupshun).

(If you want some cool logos for your teams,please contact Axtklinge. C´MON DO IT)

And thats about it... like you can see, it took me 16 hours, 42 minutes and 14 seconds to paint them... uff... i'm such a slow painter

Ok, ill shut up, its lunch time...and im hungry :P

Here´s the team:

As you can see, the hair match the base colour. I stole the hair idea from this guys:

Fatfinley from BothDown painted them.

Here´s Ekie and his two favourite boys (dont ask)...

And here´s Ekie himself ;)

I hope you like them... because they will be kicking your ass pretty soon... or riding it... or you´ll all be riding them... oh man... elves.... ppppffff