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segunda-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2012

Happy New Year guys and girls :)

Yeah...thats about it.

Have a Happy New Year for you and your families  :)

Cheers...i´ll see you all next year :P

sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2012

Last but not least

The year is rushing to it's final days, and since the world has not ended (not yet, at least), I wanted to make one last post, before the new cycle begins...

As mentioned before by Abraxis this has been a very good year blog wise.
We've had contests, tournament reports, game reviews, pod-casts and magazines shout outs, a few prizes given, and many many Blood Bowl related stuff shown off (Pitches, Dugouts, Star PlayersSide Line figures, memorabilia, etc, etc, etc).

Just like the saying - to each his own, I too must address this very successful year to the rightful accountables: all of you out there, the fantastic BB community, that keeps feeding us with your news, photos, reports, and amazing and inspiring creations!

 It's really cool how after so many years of modeling, painting and playing we still get surprised by yet another fantastic new model, conversion or paint job.
That alone is most of the times more than enough reason to feel inspired again, and give all of us the momentum needed to start putting together a new team, or have another go at the old one that still waits in the shelf for a few layers of ink.

For all that and more you are all responsible, and we thank you for sharing it with us!

And now, since a MMN blog post doesn't feel quite right without a BB picture, here's one of a Khemri team I've managed to put together and paint early this year.
Hope you like them!

domingo, 23 de dezembro de 2012

Merry Goblin Christmas...

Hey ya´ll...

How´s it going?

I hope everything´s ok with you all.

It´s been a long time since i last posted in this....AWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE blog...mainly because i have been busy with real life thingies...

It seems that,if everything works as planned,i may be moving to Switzerland next year...but we´ll see about that  ;)

Anyway,this year was a awesome year for the blog,mainly because of the contests done by the crew,and the proof of that is those 30000 + visits to our humble guys rule  :)

To end,i just want to wish you guys and families a Merry Christmas...i hope Santa Goblin brings you all the presents you asked for...ohhh...and by the may want to keep an eye in Santa Goblin because he know...the klepto habits of the goblins are well knowned and hes no exception  ;)

So,have a great Christmas dudes and dudettes  :)

Thanks for reading

terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012

Wooden Spooooooooon...

...or How "last" doesn't necessarily means "least"!

Today when I checked my mailbox, I had this package with a very cool and funny surprise inside: a Wooden Spoon!

 It stated "9th Place Winner!" and it had the Deathroller Race 2000 logo on it, both of which engraved by fire! (Is there any better way to show that something really means business, other then using fire to mark it down? Wow!)
Along with the spoon it came a little paper note, a couple of customized DRR game tokens (Yep, you read it right - customized - just check the deathroller that shows up behind the letters of the counters!), a super cool "Wreck marker" (incredibly useful for using in the Deathroller races), and a Scatter Box (What? You don't know what a Scatter Box is? Well it looks like a box, where you can place dice, tokens, etc, but it has a scatter template on the top, so as long as you have a d8 with you, you'll always know where the darn ball will bounce to! Alternatively, if you have trouble deciding where you want to go when you're outside, just roll a d8. Kinda like a compass but better as it's not subject to magnetic influence!). :)

Here it is the photo of the official "9th Placed Winner" in the Deathroller Race 2000 competition!

If somehow you have been following either the MMN blog, or in particular the posts related to the Deathroller 2000 race competition, by now you already know this has the "N" mark all over, and had to come from the "DRR Brain" and contest sponsor, Mr. Neil!

I confess I had quite a few good laughs with this package, first just by looking at the spoon (according to Neil's note "(...) there were no losers in a fantastic competition so you are officially the '9th Placed Winner'.(...)", and later while checking the tokens (as I didn't noticed immediately that they were "customized").

Thank you very much Neil, for taking the time to put all these precious gems together, and shipping them our way!
Both me and Mr. Zvarr were delighted to be awarded this prize, and truly appreciated the tokens, marker and box. They will no doubt be useful in our next DRR race!


You know how, when injustice strikes out there in the cold ruthless racing world, and 9th placed contestants are not automatically acclaimed as "9th Placed Winners" too?
Well, somewhere there's a masked crusader, always ready to make justice prevail, that as soon as wrongs have been made rights, simply disappears, never waiting for praises, just leaving behind the mark of justice, his mark, a capital "N"...

... that, and perhaps a couple of Deathroller Race tokens too!

terça-feira, 27 de novembro de 2012

The 1st TFF Figure Exchange!

This is not exactly new and I intended to post this it a lot sooner, but "post offices" around the world seem to be running so slow that before this really is 'old news', here it goes...

A couple of months ago, while going through Talk Fantasy Football forum threads, one has caught my attention: figure exchange. anyone want to try it?
It was from a fellow TFF'er (cheers to bound for glory for it!), and it was quite simple: paint and ship a blood bowl miniature to a fellow TFF member!
Everyone interested could join, then would be randomly paired, and afterwards it was just pick up the mini to paint, do the actual painting and ship it to your pair.

I was matched with spubbbba (another fellow TFF'er, and a very good painter)... (did I mention he is a very good painter?), and after a couple of mails to make sure I wouldn't get him a mini that he would already had or simply hated, I was ready to go.

I had a few ideas sketched on paper, and after some thought, decided to go for a secret weapon goblin.
Not sure if its just me but I find very amusing the whole concept of goblins wielding these huge weapons on the pitch, terrorizing everyone only to injure themselves more often than anyone else.
I had done it before (with a ball & chain for the 'Give Him a Goblin' project), so this time it had to be a different weapon.

So, here it is my entry, a fanatic with a chainsawwwwwwwwww.....

Bob: Look Jim, there goes the fanatic, running the pitch from side to side with his huge chainsaw. Now that's a funny little fella. I wonder if we could call him in for an interview?
Jim: Somehow I don't believe it to be a very wise move Bob...

Bob: ... look Jim, he must have heard us, it's coming our way!!
Jim: Sure seems that way Bob! I guess I'll need to go now, and perhaps try to find someone... I mean something to have a bite. Give him my regards Bob, will you?
Bob: Sure thing Jim! But hurry up, or you're gona miss all the fun!
Jim: Yes Bob, I'm running already...

Hope you like him.
Bob seemed to!

quarta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2012

Deathroller Race (contest) results!

We have a winner!!!

Velvet Mark deathroller #5 has won this amazing race with a total of 17 votes (out of a huge sum of 70 voters), and won a fantastic pair of Deathroller Race 2000 custom dice, sponsored by our one and only Mr. Neil!

Here's the winning DR, cheering after the finish line in the first place!

And here is the glittering prize!

Just two quick notes before finishing this cool contest:

- First I'd like to congratulate everyone who decided to have a go at the contest, not only for participating but for putting such an effort on it. It absolutely shows in the great conversions and paint jobs we've  gathered here for the contest. Thank you all for it!

-Second, I'd like to remind you that those machines were build for wrecking the pitch against each other ... errr... I meant RACE against each other, so if you haven't already go ahead and download the rules of Deathroller Race 2000 (here), poke a few mates to build their own DR and put your own championship together! 
That's what "the brain behind the game" Neil is about to, and here's the trophy - properly converted - as it should! The guy knows his business doesn't he?

Hey, wait a minute... should there be a wooden spoon for the guy that ended the race in the last place? ;)
Oh, and I almost forgot, I'm deeply thankful for the soul that voted on my DR - the single vote I got!
It has a special taste mainly because it really wasn't from myself! :D

segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2012

Blingtoof's Gitbash 2012 - result = Best Team + no spoon!

I'll apologize right now, I meant to tweet lots of pictures and stuff over the weekend but I forgot my phone on Saturday so didn't really have easy access to twitter or taking pictures.  So my game recaps are going to be brief since I have no pics or any tweets to spark my memory.  I will be doing another post about the actual team and display base, etc. later on.  For now a huge huge thanks to Axtlinge from Merry Mayhem News for creating the custom dugout for me, as well as providing a ton of advice and inspiration.  Also thanks to Carl and Hillary @ Site3 for their assistance with the laser cutter, and Jason from The Printing House (branch 63) for help printing the dugout.  Here is a link to the NAF thread for this tournament.
Insane Goblin Posse - aka the gobblugalosch
I went all out to try to win Best Team with a goblin team with an ICP/Juggalo theme.  This was sparked in two ways.  One was that I misread the rules and didn't realize the goblin shaman lightning bolt everyone gets was only 1 per tournament.  I thought it was 1 per game and for that reason really felt I had to take goblins.  To find out I only had one sucked!!  I picked the theme because originally the zlurpcast guys were supposed to come, and they love juggalos! Unfortunately they weren't able to make it but I did such a good job with the team it didn't matter.  So I won the Best Team award and was successful in my goal of getting another set of winners dice.  First year they were gold and I had tossed Chris (the T.O.) a suggestion to make next years silver (guessing next years will be bronze - after that who knows!) So I've got a set of gold blingtoof dice as well as now a set of silver.  I'll be trying to get a pair of those, so we'll see what award I go for next year.
Best Team Award
The team I took was;
Troll - block
Troll - stand firm
Bomber - hail mary pass
Fanatic - mighty blow
Fungus the Loon
Looney - dodge
Pogoer - sure feet
8 goblins
3 rerolls
2 bribes
1 assistant coach
1 cheerleader

Game 1: 0-1 loss to Dave's Skaven
I was really pleased with this game, holding Skaven to 1 touchdown was a good result.  I don't really remember a lot of what happened since it was the first game and was still nursing a bit of a hangover from Friday night's festivities. Except I seem to recall a goblin getting eaten.  I also remember I didn't get to use the bomber very much since I didn't start with him on the pitch.  I definitely won the coin toss and elected to receive, but if I recall correctly Fungus danced around his skaven instead of hitting them a lot on that first drive and I wasn't able to make enough inroads to score.  He duly nipped around behind my team and stalled out til late for his TD and I think I ate my goblin trying to OTT.

Game 2: 0-4 loss to Kevin's Orcs
I made a mistake in the first turn of this game that really lost any momentum I could've gotten.  Kevin rolled a blitz on his first kick off, but tripped going for it to get the ball.  I surrounded his down player and did everything up to the foul and picking up the ball/handing it off to my bomber.  I should have just tried the foul first since I had a bunch of assists and it was his tackle blitzer.  Instead I went for the ball since if I got ejected he was just going to grab it and score.  But that happened anyways and I didn't get to foul his guy!  He scored on turn 2 and I had to spend 2 bribes and then had to use all my secret weapons on the next drive anyways.  Went downhill from there.

Game 3: 2-1 win over Pete's Goblins
Pete made a mistake in his first turn, going with Fungus first (he basically copied my roster) and he ended up hitting my troll meaning he only got 2 dice and he rolled skull/both down.  He failed his loner and lost Fungus + turned over.  I capitalized heavily, getting the ball, knocking down a troll, chainsawing a goblin and then used my goblin shaman to hit his other troll.  I scored with about 3 turns left for him but he was already doing a good job taking on my trolls, he killed one but thankfully it regenerated.  Start of second half he kicks to me and I have the bomber sit in the back and wait for an opportune moment after he flooded forwards, to run my pogoer deep into his end and I hail mary passed the ball at the end of a turn, landing near the end zone and just had to wait a turn to run up, pick it up and score.  Now 2-0 up I am out of bribes and I was  running out of players (2 ejected for fouling, all 4 secret weapons gone and he kept KO'ing my trolls).  By the end of the game he had cleared me off the pitch to walk in his touchdown, but it was too late for him to try for another so I got the win and he got fouling points.  This win basically saved me from the wooden spoon and simultaneously gave the spoon to Pete.

Game 4: 0-4 loss to Eric's High Elves
Eric is a big ICP fan and so obviously was a huge fan of my team. Eric won the coin toss and chose to receive.  I think he scored on turn 2, so first bribe gone to keep the looney around.  I just couldn't catch up to Eric in this game and he had 3 of his 4 TDs in the first half.  Eric kept a very thematic viewpoint during the tournament - in that High Elves would hate having a goblin on their team and they would never want him involved if possible and they would hope he would die.  So he gave his goblin stupid skills like break tackle for a double, etc. and he also didn't really foul a lot - so of course the one foul that worked for him all tournament was a casualty against me - LOL!

Game 5: 1-2 loss to Rod's Chaos
This was a heart breaker.  It was very back and forth as he got pieces ejected for fouling and we were both causing lots of KO's.  He won the coin toss and everytually scored in the first half, thankfully a number of KO's came back so I was able to save my bomber for the second half - although he did KO my pogoer who didn't come back, but thankfully I got Sure Feet on another goblin as the skill up before this game so I used him in place of the pogo'er, and managed to get him deep into Rod's half before hail mary passing the ball.  My fanatic and fungus both were on for the same drive and they totally destroyed Rod's team.  I made an EXTREMELY annoying and crucial error forgetting that on my turn 7 in the second half, Rod still had two turns.  I thought we each had one turn so I scored thinking I was the only team able to score in one turn.  I was right but I was wrong about how many turns he had, and with each only having 5 players it was easy for him to just walk in the touchdown after changing weather had the ball bounce out of bounds for a touchback.  My goblin was safe on turn 7 so if I had just been happy with the tie, I would have gotten it - but that mistake basically gifted him the win.

In terms of great things happening in game over the weekend the best were;
1. I never had a bribe fail.
2. I never had my HMP bomber fumble.
3. I never had Fungus go down as a result of a block (that I did, ie. double/triple skulls or both down)

Which leads me to believe I did a pretty decent job with Fungus AND I was extremely lucky with bribes and bombs!  Although the bombs almost never did any damage.

ps. my fouling points record from last year is intact.  116 points and this years winner of best fouler was Rod with 76.  40 points more, not sure if anyone will break that record :)

dual posted on GWpertinent

segunda-feira, 5 de novembro de 2012

Voting link

Hey guys...

Just to tell you that you can now vote on TFF.I´ve made a post there and hopefully everything will be ok now.

You´ll be able to vote for 7 days so,dont waste any time  ;)



domingo, 4 de novembro de 2012

Voting is Kaput...

...yeah...due to some awful work from some lazy Flings (because i simply couldnt blame on bad goblins....theres no such thing  :) ),voting for the Best Deathroller here on the blog is no more.

Me or Axt will open tomorrow a post on TFF and you´ll be able to vote there so,in the next hours ill post here a link directing you to the post in TFF.

Once again,im very sorry for what happened...


sábado, 3 de novembro de 2012

Voting Pt. II

Ok,lets see if this one works...

I think ill let you guys vote ´till next Friday. 


Ps-I´ve tried to change the options to allow only one vote per IP,but the voting thiguie thinks different so,you can vote as much as you like  :)

sexta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2012

Voting problems...

Hey guys,just a quick update here...I dont know whats happening but the vote thinguie keeps resetting the votes.

I really cant understand this...

Im very sorry for this whole situation :(

If you know another way to score the votes,please tell me because i dont know when will stop to act berserk.

quarta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2012

And the voting for the best DeathRoller starts...


For the next 7 days you will be able to vote on your favorite Deathroller so,dont be shy about it...

Tell your friends and family...the prize is awesome  ;)

Ill be posting a compilation of the Deathrollers so its easier for you to check them,and then,you can use the "thingie" on the left to vote...pretty simple  :)

So,here we go:

See you in 7

terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2012

Deathroller #9

There you have this awesome Deathroller from Juan that you may know from here:

- -Please check it out if you dont know it yet  :)

Heres some words from Juan himself:

"For this death roller I started with a resin barrel, a coffin cover and some 40K orki staff. I added some putty and more and more bits from 40k orks and Lizards banner from fantasy. Finally a piece of a plane on the top, a tractor exhausts pipe and the top of a dwarf.
The painting is not my best skill but I wanted to give a racing look with red and green.

With this piece of dwarf engineer you can smash and run at the same time, is the Gang Nam Style! Yeah sexy lady."
And now,here you have the "Mighty Fire- Gang Roller"
Heres the "Before and After" pics:

And heres some more bonus pics:

And to end this post...heres a little bonus...i hope you enjoy it  :P
Click HERE
I hope you liked the fact that theres spanish subtitles in that video  ;)

quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

Deathbowl X - result = 5th/24 (without a win!)

Check out my preamble to Deathbowl X here.  I did make a last minute change to my roster, dropping Strong Arm on the troll and Catch/Sprint on the goblin to give the goblin Pro and +MV.  Thinking back upon it now I wish I hadn't of changed my roster as I was always failing the catch or the throw. Hindsight is 20/20 but I didn't even think of probabilities in terms of actual opportunities (ie. I wanted Pro to reroll the landing, however it would have been better to make the catch roll easier with a full Catch skill reroll rather than Pro, and Strong Arm would have meant a 2+ throw instead of 3+ - which would have given me more chances to attempt to land and I should have just worked on saving my rerolls for that instead.  Ah well - maybe this means I take the original roster next year!

Game 1: 1-1 tie 3-1 CAS

My direct opponent was Matt, playing High Elves. To my left was Manuel also playing Orcs and to my right was Leathan playing Wood Elves.
Started on table one, which at this point seemed a blessing but by the end of day one was a curse.  It's impossible to sit down at this table due to it's height so I spent all day standing!  In this match I quickly decided it was best to focus on Leathans wood elf linemen so I could get them down and get some casualties.  I got 2 pretty quickly but then had to wait a long time for my third.  Leathan has won Deathbowl the past 2 years running so I wanted to make sure he didn't get a good start.  Debatable whether that helped him get to 2nd by not playing at top table or not, but in any case, right near the end of the game I made sure to help Manuel by blitzing one of Matt's players off his black orc so he could score the tying TD vs. Leathan.

I ended up with 5 points from this match.  1 for tie, 2 for having most CAS on the table, 1 for having 3+ CAS and 1 for sharing most TDs.

Game 2: 0-2 loss 3-2 CAS

My direct opponent was Mark H playing Humans. To my left was Peter playing Dark Elves and to my right was Colin K playing Skaven.
I wasn't too surprised to still be on table one, since I got lots of bonus points.  Mark's team was well composed with a ST5 blitzer with juggernaught as well as a MV10 catcher.  He and Colin made a good team, nullifying myself and Pete throughout most of the match.  I was very unfortunate to end a great turn one (first blitz = CAS vs. Colin) by eating my goblin.  Mark was very fortunate to have the ball bounce right next to his thrower (from the crowd/wall twice) after Pete failed a Leap to score vs. Colin and was able to run in his first TD without any blocking required!  Both he (again!) and Colin managed to score throughout the second half, so in the dying parts of the game, in order to screw Colin out of 2 points for the win, I threw the ball in front of Pete's blitzer, giving him a walk in TD and resetting the board. At this point Colin had 2 turns and I was willing to throw a ball to him, to then return those points but screw Mark out of the bonus points for most TDs on the pitch, but not surprisingly Colin didn't trust me and tried to get the ball himself, failing the pickup.

I ended up with 3 points from this match, 2 for most CAS and 1 for having 3+ CAS

Game 3: 1-2 loss 4-2 CAS

My direct opponent was Rod playing Skaven. To my left was Mark H with his Humans and to my right was Alex G also playing Orcs.
OK, NOW I am surprised to still be on table one.  CAS is apparently the way to go for bonus points so I am likely going to alter my plan away from the Slaan next year.  In this game Rod was really unfortunate not to score a couple times, with his gutter runner either dropping an accurate pass or failing the last GFI to score.  I also lucked out that in the later stages of the first half, nobody realized how close my goblin was to Rod's endzone so with a simple hand off, I ran the ball in and scored without even so much as a dodge or GFI required.  At this point I thought I had a good chance of progressing to play on top table again on day two, however in the second half, trying to throw a goblin twice ended up giving Rod easy TDs and he took the game 2-1.  I had maybe 5 TTM attempts this game and only once did I even get to roll to land the goblin which failed.  4 unsuccessful catches.

I ended up with 3 points from this match, 2 for most CAS and 1 for having 3+ CAS

Game 4: 1-4 loss 4-2 CAS

My direct opponent was Leathan with his Wood Elves.  To my left was Matt with his High Elves and to my right was Peter with his Dark Elves.
Again in this match I wanted to make sure Leathan didn't do well as there was definite possibility of him winning the tournament for the third time if the top table drew a bunch or he got a bunch of bonus points.  As it was I think that first tie in the first match just kept him out of 1st place (whew). Which was good because during the match, Matt took offence to me blitzing his catchers who he setup behind my LoS and CAS'd then fouled 2 black orcs out of the game.  He also went for it early but unfortunately his blitzer who knocked the ball loose caught the bouncing ball, which gave the impetus to Leathan with a big gap Matt had created, and it was quickly 1-0 Leathan.  Pete early on tried to return the favour by throwing a ball right in front of my blitzer to screw Leathan but luck or perhaps karma meant my blitzer bobbled the pick up and saved Leathan from a TD.  Later on, Pete did help me get a TD but it was too little too late since Leathan had a 2nd already and Matt kept fouling me to death, causing a casualty against my troll and removing my OTT TTM option.  Right near the end of the game I got my 3rd CAS (+ a bonus 4th).

I ended up with 3 points from this match, 2 for most CAS and 1 for having 3+ CAS

So I ended up with 14 points which tied me for 4th place and put me in 5th on tiebreakers, without even winning a game and with only 1 tie!!  WOW, so that's taught me something.  Colin K ended up in 3rd behind Leathan so mission accomplished to keep the Keilars off top spot.  If Stephane had managed to tie Colin late in game 4 on top table (Rod stopped him by scoring first) I think there was a chance I could have squeaked into 3rd place, however thinking back now I am pretty sure that then Stephane would have gotten 3rd.  Still I was very close to the podium without a win which was quite the feat.

I ended up winning Most CAS with 14, and due to finishing 16th last year (was 6th in 2010 - but last year everyone was ready for my Slaan) and 5th this year I also won Rising Star.  All in all a great fun and successful tournament for me.

dual posted on GWpertinent

terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012

DR contest... one last week!

As you know our Deathroller contest deadline ended past Sunday (21st).

However due to the request of our main (well... only) sponsor we decided to postpone the deadline to the end of the month!

Yes, that's the Wednesday 31st of October (2012... just to make sure we're on the same page)!

So either if you're almost finishing your Deathroller, or if you did finish it but would like to retouch the paint job, or even if you haven't begun building it but believe you can get it finished and delivered up to the last minute of 31st of October, by all means GO FOR IT!!!

We'll be glad to include new DR's, or update the pics of the ones that already got in!
Have fun!

segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

Deathroller 3# photo update!

Here you have the Randroid's Deathroller (our 3rd entry - check here), fully painted and fluffed!

"Crewed by Honcho Sleckbick the Groincrusher is the ultimate in Gnoblar reveng-eineering. Crafted from the bronze remains of a Dwarf Deathroller crew, this steam and rune imbued device has gifted Sleckbick with incredible luck, allowing only half of his crew mates to die each time it takes to the field. Sleckbick and his crew return to salvage wreckage from each race in an attempt to build and even bigger (and thus tougher and stronger) shiny metal crushing device. Some say Sleckbick's uncanny luck is the result of a magical talisman he took from a dead Dwarf Engineer, though it has been rumored that he actually recovered the talisman from a latrine. Reeking of blood, skunk ale, and filth both Honcho Sleckbick and his Groincrusher are truly a savage sight to behold!"

And don't forget to check more pics and a few tips on the bits he used to make it in his blog: Drinkin' and Modelin' !
Sounds good o me!

Congrats on a very cool job!

sexta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2012

Deathroller #8

And now we have a Deathroller with Viking inspiration!

Here's how our fellow TFF'er Barnacle111 tell us about his creation:

This is the 'Babbotsford Brewers' deathroller. 
They started life as a brewers producing fine ales secondary only to bugman's brewers. But after a bet with a skaven warpstone gin distillery, they tried their hand at bloodbowl. 
That was ten years ago, and they haven't looked back. 
Needless to say they are never without several beer wenches!

Deathroller WIP

Babbotsford Brewers Deathroller roaming in the snow!

Quite fitting that such unpredictable vehicle has a death-wishing Troll Slayer driving it, and with a cool tattoo too!

That's an impressive death machine you've build Tom, congrats and thank you for contributing!!

quinta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2012

Deathbowl X - year of original six

So I am pretty pumped about this weekends trip to Ottawa for a special edition of the Deathbowl tournament. First off, Deathbowl is awesome fun, 4 teams/2 balls/1 pitch - you know it's madness.  Second, being year 10, instead of it being "year of" a single race, it is year of the original six.  So if you bring any team of; dark elves, dwarves, high elves, humans, orcs, or skaven you will get a boost.  You can check out more about this particular tournament at the NAF forum thread.

I was originally thinking of bringing my new dwarf team, however 1 significant rule change this year is max 3 upgrades per player.  There used to be no limits and super players were definitely in vogue.  Without a super dwarf runner or blitzer I don't like the thought of playing the dwarves.  I also want to be careful which tournaments I take them too now that they are Warpstone Cup 2012 champions!

I don't find the build very suited to my dark elves either.  They are too expensive, even with 1250TV I didn't like any roster I came up with.  That only leaves 1 of the original six that I have teams for left which are the orcs (I've been told even on top of the roster bonus, it will be very worth playing an original six team).  So I've been throwing together some orc rosters, an all rounder, one built for getting casualties, and one with a souped up troll and 3 souped up goblins for TTM attempts.

In each case I am taking the free reroll original six bonus (it's worth 60k vs. the other bonuses of 50k so it seems a no brainer)

All Rounder
4x Black Orc w block/guard
2x Blitzer w tackle
2x Blitzer w +MV/dodge/sure feet
2x Lineorc
Thrower w +AG/Leader

Most CAS
4x Black Orc w block/mighty blow
4x Blitzer w mighty blow
Lineorc w guard
Lineorc w dirty player
Thrower w +AG/Block/Dodge
1 Reroll

Troll w pro/strong arm/break tackle
3x Goblin w +AG/+MV/sure feet
Blitzer w dodge
Thower w leader
6x Lineorc
3x Reroll

All of these were interesting, so I've been debating the pros/cons of each.  The All Rounder is pretty solid, the Most CAS would be a lot of fun, the OTT TTM list would be silly fun, but since it's a one trick pony I'd think that most opponents would be able to setup in such a way as to prevent the OTT with lots of tackle zones. I am pretty confident that a skaven team is going to come out on top this year.  They are nearly the perfect team for Deathbowl with their high movement and getting an extra free reroll is perfect for them.  Gutter Runners are scary good in this format.

So I've been seriously considering just going for Most CAS.  It is DEATHbowl after all and with all the extra players on the pitch, I could really just attempt to injure a ton of players every turn.  It does mean I probably won't win many matches, so yesterday I came up with a new roster which combines the Most CAS and OTT TTM in such a way that I think I can still take a run at the Most Casualties trophy and with a bit of luck pull out some ties/wins.

Troll w pro/strong arm/break tackle
Goblin w catch/sprint/sure feet
1x Black Orc w block/guard
3x Black Orc w block/mighty blow
1x Blitzer w guard
3x Blitzer w mighty blow
Thrower w leader

Still 7 pieces with mighty blow, plus a troll/goblin/thrower combo with;
pickup reroll, hand-off reroll, 1 of really stupid/always hungry/no fumble PRO reroll, GFI reroll

I am pretty sold on this list.  Just enough silly to not be bored playing 4 Deathbowl games for CAS only, I am just debating where to put the guard skill.  I think mixing 1 Black Orc and 1 Blitzer is the right combo, but am open to comments.

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terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2012

Deathroller #7

Here's Dokumitsukai entry!

Thanks for joining the fun, and congrats for a very cool looking model!
Love those yellows!

Here's a WIP picture:

 And here's the finished job!

Here's the fluff card of "Yellow Submarine"

PS: And thanks for helping out in the 'making of' the fluff card for my very own "Black Death"!
We'll meet again in the next Deathroller Race 2000! ;)