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domingo, 8 de setembro de 2013

We need some help...


 As many here know, I've been running a tourney every October in honour of my cousin, who was killed in Afghanistan.
 I had gotten a pair of figures, Carol and Max (here), made for the event.
I'll be honest here. The figures have not been selling well, and even with very positive reviews, from the people on TFF, they haven't sold.
 I need to pay the balance of the rent on the hall, and I have this on my shoulders (as some of you might know, I broke my back in 2 places and I'm limited in what I can do).
 Please guys, buy some of my figures. the new price is $12 USD (plus shipping). I still have a bunch left (please check the thread in Talk Fantasy Football forum).

They are very nice figures, and its a good cause!
I do this event to honour my cousin Mike, and all the heroes in Afghanistan. I wish I could do more...

quinta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2013

Donald Featherstone (1918-2013)

Donald Featherstone (1918-2013)
 Considered by many as one of the fathers of wargaming (and possibly the creator of the "Saving Throw"), Donald F. Featherstone wrote more than 40 books on wargaming and military history.

Born in London in 1918 ( joined the Royal Armoured Corps. in the Second World War), Featherstone was first introduced to wargaming by reading HG Wells "Little Wars", and in 1960, together with Tony Bath, began editiong the UK version of War Game Digest (wargaming newsletter).
Featherstone apeared in the BBC to promote the hobby.
In 1966 organized the first UK wargames convention.

 War Game Campaigns (1970), reprinted in 2009.

Solo Wargaming (1972), reprinted in 2009.

Featherstone's Complete Wargaming
(David & Charles, 1989)

 Weapons and Equipment of the Victorian Soldier (1996)

 Font: Donald Featherston (Wikipedia).

domingo, 1 de setembro de 2013

Laughing Ferret and the 200.000 Hit mark!

When there's a special day for a fellow wargaming blog, is a special day for us!
Congratulations to Laughing Ferret Lab blog for it's 200.000 Hit mark!

If you're in the Blood Bowl world for some time, by now you surely know Laughing Ferret Lab blog. There's always tons of fantastic stuff going on there, from new wargaming projects (Jovian Leviathans), to battle reports (Pan-galatic Confederation of Planets), humorous articles (Wars vs. Thrones), ...
Last but not least, Laughing Ferret blog is an HUGE source of inspiration for any Blood Bowl player, not only with plenty of advice and ideas for building your own teams, but it also has a gallery with more then 45 beautifully converted and/or painted teams. Truly a "must see"! (Link for plenty of beautifully converted and/or painted BB teams - Blood Bowl Teams Hall of Fame).

Go check all those goodies yourself, and while you're at it, go take a peek at the Step Right Up! The Cure For What Ails You Contest.
It's been going on since 21st of August, and the dead line is today (1st September), so don't waste your precious seconds if you want to have a chance to win some free goodies...