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sexta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2012

Deathroller Race 2000

Deathroller what?!?

Oh yeah, you've read it just fine!
As it seems these amazing Blood Bowl dwarf "machines of destruction" have finally cleared the pitch!! By Grimnir... we know how devastating one of those thing can be, let alone a pitch full of them!
In true dwarfish fashion (machines, brute force, violence, you know the drill), they can now compete on their own, for the title of the fastest on the track.

But Ill let our friend Neil - author of this great idea - put it in his own words...
Neil got to work and made sure he had plenty of Deathrollers to fill the pitch!

Barak hit the floor hard, his hand twitched twice and then stopped as he lost consciousness. ‘Nae one calls ma baby slow’ growled Beardy Fokke and, having wiped the blood off it, carefully replaced the monkey wrench in the Deathroller repair kit before turning to face the surviving Cabal Vision reporters ‘Any further questions?’

Deathroller Racing is a spin off from the 2512 Karak Eight Peaks Blood Bowl Season.  After a rapidly escalating dispute between rival Deathroller drivers over which machine was the best threatened to descend in to civil war, King Lorin Greybeard declared the only right and proper forum to settle the matter was on the Blood Bowl Pitch.  A short time and a few modifications to the pitch later and Deathroller Racing was born.

The races generally consist of between four and eight Deathrollers who race around the outside of the Blood Bowl Pitch in a no-holds barred effort to be either the first to complete two laps or the last Deathroller not wrecked.
 The Deathrollers can ram each other, foul each other and generally cause mayhem; all whilst ostensibly attempting to prove their Deathroller is the fastest.  In an effort to shed weight they have removed some armour which in turn allows them to ‘Open the Throttle Wide’ in essence allowing them to ‘GFI’ as often as they want but with an increased risk of failure each time as the machine heats up.
  Each turn the Deathroller player effectively carries out a Blitz! by being able to move and also block once.  If they choose not to block they may foul a prone Deathroller instead.  When blocking the Deathrollers smash in to each other with such force they often cause the blocked Deathroller to collide in turn with either another competitor or one of the walls that surrounds both the outside and the middle of the pitch. This can lead to quite a chain reaction although pilots may choose to attempt to ‘Stand Firm’ but in Deathroller Racing success is almost never a given.

During play testing so far we have had a lot of fun due to the chain pushing/ blocking rules and the temptation to make just one more GFI.  The multiple GFI’s mean that a single breakaway Deathroller is unable to just take it easy once out front.  A particular peril of being in the lead is the likelihood of being blocked from behind as, due to the rear of the Deathroller being more vulnerable than the roller, any blocking Deathroller that blocks from behind gains a Block die.  

Another danger for the leader is the pack ganging up on him by creating a ‘chain push train’.  This is done by using the blocks carefully, pushing the other Deathrollers closer to the opposition before they move themselves.  This, however, carries a risk for the pack too, with the very first wreck in play testing coming as a result of a block looking for a push and coming up with skull and defender down!

Rerolls are limited to three per player with two being available from the beginning and the third being awarded as the Deathroller crosses the line for the start of its second lap.  This means a player has two options; either be lucky or take risks as they can be used up very quickly.  This has been done deliberately as Deathroller Racing is a risky business!  In our play testing so far we’ve generally seen most people choose to trust their armour on the odd failed GFI early on in the race rather than use their Rerolls up.

In general we have found the game takes about an hour and a half to play with six players using the basic rules.  The rules come with tokens that can be printed out allowing you to try the game without the need to invest in any models.  I’d recommend sticking them to some stiff card before play though. The optional driver rules haven’t yet been play tested and we have a few further ideas to introduce variety but the ‘simple’ version has already proven a lot of fun! 


And here are Neil's Deathrollers bios just to get you inspired... 
(please click on them to see them bigger)

How about that?

Please check the links below for the rules (and some tokens/markers) provided by Neil!



"Deathroller Race 2000" Rules -

"DRR Markers" -

quarta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2012

Spike! Magazine Blood Bowl Championship 2012

So,todays post goes to...

...yup...thats right...Spike! Magazine tournament in Canada  :)

- Spike! Magazine

"The SPIKE! Magazine Blood Bowl Championship is the Canadian Blood Bowl Major.
There are four major tournaments annually, each in a different country. These are:
1. The Dungeonbowl, Germany
2. The Blood Bowl, each year at GW HQ in Nottingham, England
3. The Spike! Magazine Trophy, each year in Surrey, BC, Canada
4. The Chaos Cup, October each year in Chicago, Illinois, USA"

Now for some info:

"Spike! Magazine 2012 Blood Bowl Grand Tournament
Dates: Saturday, September 29th, and Sunday, September the 30th, 2012

Location: Compass Point Inn
Address: 9850 King George BVLD, Surrey, B.C.
Hotel Website:
Accomodations: Mention the Spike Tournament when booking a room at the Compass Point Inn and receive the Corporate Rate.

Time: 8AM Registration Saturday

Contact: Craig or Mike
Email: or PM me (generaljason) here.

Additional Information:
- $45 non-NAF pre-registration, or $50 at the door
- $40 NAF member pre-registration
- 6-game Swiss Resurrection TV 110
- Door prizes from local and online stores"


"This year all registered participants at Spike! 2012 will get a set of 3 official Thunderbowl block dice, complete in the traditional TB colours of silver on black, and designed by our very own Blammaham (aka Steve)."

"Each attending coach will also receive a pair of Spike! 2012 d6s"

Also,if you attend the tournament,you´re going to see this bad boy live:

How awesome is this trophy  :)

And to end this post,please make sure you visit the:

- Spike! Store

There you can get goodies like the following:

- Ulfwerener – Bear

- Ulfwerener – Wolf

- “The Duke”

- Spike! 2010 Commemorative Coin

And the Gallery...containing 4 years of pictures...yuuummmyyy  :p

- Gallery 2008
- Gallery 2009
- Gallery 2010
- Gallery 2011

terça-feira, 28 de agosto de 2012

Mr. Merry Mayhem...

...what the hell happened to you!!!????
I bet you´ve been hanging with Mrs. Cecilia Giménez...LOLOLOLOL

segunda-feira, 27 de agosto de 2012

Dreadball Pt. II

If you,like me,are excited about Dreadball,then,by all means check this Kickstarter link full of information about the HERE
Also,please check this review on Quirkworthy: DreadBall and the Elephant in the Room

Pretty cool huh?I really liked the Dwarves...they could be awesome Chaos Dwarves  ;)

domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

Funny fact...

...this blog made 3 years of  existence last 21st of August   :)

So,a big THANK YOU to the blog crew and to everyone that supports us by reading it,promoting it in other blogs,podcasts or whatever.

Thanks to you guys,i´ve made wonderful friends around the world.

You guys rock  :)

sábado, 25 de agosto de 2012

Blood Bowl: Team Manager - Sudden Death Expansion

Oh...Christmas present of mine...lolol...Just told my wife about this  :)
From the Fantasy Flight Games website:
"Blood Bowl: Team Manager - Sudden Death Expansion

Sudden Death is bone-breaking, pulse-pounding expansion for Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game that brings three new teams to the pitch, plus a host of all-new gameplay options! Enhance existing teams with additional Staff Upgrade cards and Team Upgrade Cards, and take the competition to new heights with never-before-seen Highlights and Spike! Magazine Cards. Meanwhile, all-new mechanics like enchanted balls and contracts provide a variety of new strategies.

Three New Teams Take the Pitch
Sudden Death introduces three new teams to the skull-crunching action; the Dark Sorcery Syndicate union features dabblers in forbidden magics who just don’t know when to stay down. The undead Champions of Death tear up the pitch – sometimes literally as they raise new zombies and skeletons from the corpses of former Blood Bowl players. The vampires of the Black Fangs are always thirsty for victory (and blood). And the Dark Elves of the Naggaroth Nightmares are happy to give both teams plenty of fresh corpses with which to play.

Champions of Death: Not even mortality can stand between an Undead player and the pitch! While Zombies and Skeletons are not the most durable players, they can survive nearly any beating and come back for more! And woe to the opponent who has to stand up against a Mummy or Wight.
Naggaroth Nightmares: Dark Elves are merciless players, always looking to exploit their opponent’s weaknesses to find the quickest path to victory—even if it means eviscerating the competition. Dark Elf players rely on versatility and brutality, plain and simple.

 Black Fangs: The mighty Vampires of the Black Fangs do not know the meaning of mercy—they don’t even show it to their own teammates! Whenever a Vampire player isn’t feasting on one of his Thrall players, he has got his eyes—and fangs—on his opponent.

Once any one (or all three) of these new teams take the pitch, Blood Bowl will never be the same!

Claim Victory with Contracts, Enchanted Balls, and More
Sudden Death also introduces exciting new mechanics that expand the game’s strategic options. Contract tokens are a reward that let managers gain fans in whole new way. Managers earn these tokens by competing for Highlight and Tournament cards that feature the Cabalvision Contract icon, and each token provides a different number of fans.

But here’s the catch: no one know the value of the contract tokens they’ve earned until the end of the season! Will you go for the prize you can count on, or take the gamble for a potentially larger score?

What’s more, the “enchanted balls” optional rule takes the already coveted ball token and adds an extra incentive. The ball carrier gains all the normal benefits of possession, plus a bonus effect! Gain extra Star Power, a few more all-important Fans, or even interrupt your opponent with a well-placed skill; in Sudden Death, you’ll want to hold onto the ball with everything you’ve got.

Are you ready to take Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game to the next level? With plenty of bone-crunching new content and three all-new teams, the Sudden Death expansion is sure to raise your spirits...and maybe a few others."
Dark Elves....FRIKK YEAH  :P

quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2012

Dreadball... love those orcs.I wonder if this supposed to be the Mantic version of Blood Bowl....
"GenCon - Mantic Games Dreadball
Mantic Games announced Dreadball, a futuristic Sport game.
Kickstarter campaign will go live in 10 days.
Base game set includes Orcs and Humans.
Forgefathers and Veer-Myn as Booster Teams.
3 kinds of players (strong brawlers, field player, fast players).
Veer-Myn won't have brawlers.
Forgefathers won't have fast players.

No reset of teams after score.

4 stats for players, streamlined for fast play.

Miniatures one piece or snap-fit, plastic, individual poses."


quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2012

"Team Ginger gets back to basics..."

Thats right...Team Ginger is here again to rock your world with some ginger love  ;)

"Both Down Episode 9. Team Ginger gets back to basics, and by basics we mean we recorded this episode in the nude. This episode features segments like “House Rules” spotlighting house rules sent in by fans, “Strange Shit from Blood Bowl” hear about Mutations from a different Blood Bowl era, and “Tournament Talk” where we look at the team Steve is taking to Chaos Cup. Now stop reading this you know you want some Ginger love, press that button and give your ears a treat!
Episode Breakdown by time:
  • House Rules – 6:07
  • Strange Sh!t from Blood Bowl – 32:48
  • Tournament Talk – 1:03:53
  • Shout Outs – 1:21:13
Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 9:
Download it HERE

domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012

Thrud Bowl Auction

By Nazgob
Good evening good people. I bring important news!

I'm sure that you all know about a fine and fantastic tournament that's happening shortly in the southern part of England; Thrud Bowl! The TO is a maniac, the venue is great and will soon be filled with upwards of 45 coaches!

Even better, Thrud Bowl is a charity tournament. Over the last six years, Frank (also known as Giraffe on the TFF forums) has raised £10,000 for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Last year, I painted a 16 man Norse team for the Thrud Bowl auction; you can see some of the pictures here.

This year, I just didn't have time, so instead I painted a single model. The one you can see below.

Click to embiggen
I've had a word with Frank and the upshot is this post. If any of you guys reading this want to make a bid, just email me with the subject heading 'Thrud Bowl Troll'. I will forward the bids on to Frank before the live auction where you'll go up against the audience for a chance at the grand prize.

And, because it's for charity, I will pay for any shipping costs.

Oh, and for the record, email me at