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sábado, 17 de outubro de 2009

NAF site down...

So para informar os mais distraidos que o site da NAF vai estar em baixo neste fim de semana...fica o comunicado do presidente:

"To all NAF members

We have delayed doing some work until the election was over but now we need to press on. During Saturday 17th the web site at will be going down and you will see a domain message. There is a process, a legal one, we need to go through. It will depend where in the world you are, Europe is expected to exit about 8am, in line with midnight for Central North America, maybe the early hours East coast.

The process we need to do will take between 2 and 5 days to complete so the website as you know it will not be available. This is somewhat out of our hands. We have alerted the tournaments running this weekend so they can organise and set expectation for results entry. We are aware that 5 days can seem a long time so we have another domain that will also come live some point over the weekend, probably Saturday evening. (Once again this depends on where you are globally).

The address will host the web site for a few days while this goes on but it will be a static site. I have asked for renewals and sign ups to be disabled as there is no link to Paypal. Dont post will not be there when the site comes back up next week. It is there so you can find information, read forums, find NAF numbers etc.

Sorry for any inconvenience but this is a process we must go through to move ahead and get us where we want to be long term. It could be back up Monday morning but I am very deliberately setting a longer expectation as much of what is involved is done by third parties, not us.


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