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sábado, 3 de outubro de 2009


Lembram-se do concurso onde o premio era uma Middle Kingdoms Team com mala de transporte? Ja temos vencedor...aqui fica o relato do sorteio:

The kids are asleep and I am awake.

We had the Raffle on Tuesday and I drew lucky number 22. Which saw BABBL’s own Coach McGinty take home the Prize. He wasn’t in attendance, and the crowd chanted;
Draw again
Draw again
Draw again

Now I wanted the Draw to go to some one out side the league… The Odds were small since so many guys within the league bought so many tickets, and I mean, no one really “Likes” McGinty…

But that wouldn’t be fair now would it?

Congtrats McGinty!!! I hope to see the Team on the pitch soon… maybe season 6.
I would like to thank everyone who took part. We had a goal of $165.00 and we just managed to hit that thanks to two last minute entries. They took us to $175.00 and just in time we hit out goal.
Next year we will be looking at buying an official GW blood bowl team on the cheap (Maybe Via Ebay or have a League based Legacy Team effort) and see how that goes. I suspect that it may draw a little extra!

Time will tell! Thanks and Good luck out there!" por acaso andam mortinhos por mais uma preview do livro Feudball,entao fiquem com o #10 "Tryouts"

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