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quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2009

TalkBloodBowl na recta final...

Pois é...é com muita pena que vos vou dar esta noticia.O forum TalkBloodBowl vai fechar as portas dia 8 de que parece os parvos da XXXXX XXXXXXXX (nao lhes quero fazer publicidade gratis) nao querem que o forum tenha a palavra Blood Bowl no titulo,vai dai,toca a ameacar com uma acçao judicial.

Eu acredito,do fundo do meu coraçao,que um dia essa empresa ainda vai engolir muitos sapos quando estiver em riscos de falencia...enfim....atitudes de merda.

Ficam agora com o post original do criador do forum:

"Good evening everybody.

Today I received a letter from the Games Workshop Group PLC stating that if I didn't compy with 4 directives within 14 days they would take formal proceedings against me. It saddens me to see GW take such action against a perfectly legitamate fan site that has provided a global communications portal for BB fans, with no intention of conning them out of the millions they make in sales. I feel that I have been stereotypically branded as an Internet con-man. I have been a GW fan for 20+ years and this site has been active for almost 9 of that 20. This site has also had GW staff registered and actively contribute to its content (it may still have).

The assumptions from GWG PLC are that I am making a profit from the donations received by this site. They also point out that consumers may believe TalkBB is connected with GW and the fact the domain name includes Bloodbowl which is an infringement of GW's registered trademark. Now, I am not against their need to ensure their trademarks are not used inappropriately, I feel they could have approached me in a more friendly manner to investigte the purpose of the site and discover that I only wanted to provide a hub for dicussing Blood Bowl globally. instead, they immediately enter heavy handed.

If they truely believe the donations have contributed to me becoming a wealthy person or that I have made enough money to give up a proper job they are sadly mistaken. The small amount of money donated has gone to pay for the upkeep of the server (when I used my own hardware and hosted it at home) or towards the costs for hosting with an ISP. In short I have been vastly out of pocket to provide TalkBB rather than the other way around. I thank all those that have contributed as it has helped TalkBB survive.

I have been asked to:

Immediately cease and desist from any activity which infringes GW's intellectual property. either remove remove your website or the reference to 'Blood Bowl' in your website name. Remove the donations button from the page. Confirm by return that you will not infringe GW's intellectual properly rights at any time in the future.

Now, I could simply remove Bloodbowl from the domain by renaming it to, but that means buying a new domain and time spent sorting everything out. Bearing in mind I hardly visit anyway, I can't really be bothered with all that so have decided to let it die. Therefore from Sunday 8 November 2009 will cease to exist.

Should anybody wish to take ownership of the source and contents I will be more than happy to prepare it for transfer, although this will not include the domain name. I will also have to ensure the recipient will not use DB content for anything other than to maintain the forum as part of an existing Blood Bowl site. This is to ensure passwords and emails do not fall into the wrong hands.

Thank you for your support over the years and for making what it is today. Without you all it would have died all by itself many years ago, regardless of donations.


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