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sábado, 7 de novembro de 2009

Va la...

Pois é final de contas,parece que as coisas ainda vao acabar bem...

"Folks just so you all know, and in case you miss the other posts we will be migrating the transfer from TBB to

That site is up and showing the hosting company's default page.

Johnny is sending me a copy of all the data and content (so all user details including post counts) on Sunday night (UK time). I expect it will take a few days to get working so please be patient, but it should all be done by 13th Nov.

Ian 'Double Skulls' Williams "

Assim sendo,vamos esperar que as outras perolas do BB nao acabem e que mudem simplesmente de nome...
Eu vou "postando" aqui as mudanças.

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