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quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2011

Undead Blood Bowl team

You asked for it!  The rest of the MMN crew asked me to post a little bit about the team I planned to bring to Chaos Cup this year.  After a solid outing at the Power of One tournament (2nd place/Most CAS) in Montreal last year with a team built for blood, I decided this year I would dedicate myself to the walking dead in an effort to familiarize myself and hopefully win a few more trophies!

So, may I present to you - the Torne Bane Flaming Ears!

I became a little enamoured with the idea of basing the fluff for my blood bowl teams on real life NFL teams.  I had done the same with my orc team and I really liked how it worked out.  Basically I used the internet to find out the most active players from a team in the year I wanted to represent and find out what jersey numbers those players wore during that year.

For the undead I selected the expansion year (1976) Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who went 0-14!  Who else but the undead are going to fall apart on me!  So I did some digging in the warhammer fantasy undead book to find a place that rhymed with Tampa Bay, finally selecting Torne Bane.  Next I needed a name that rhymed with Buccaneers -  this was getting kinda tough - but eventually thanks to the above logo, I thought Flaming Ears would work - since it almost rhymes and the if a skull had ears on fire I think it would look pretty close to the logo.

With my team name and colours (orange & dark grey) selected I went about figuring out jersey numbers.  The team MVP was a defensive player #63 Lee Roy Selmon.  Most of the other players weren't that special, so I mainly chose guys whose last name went well with "dead" (they all have the first name "dead" - lol) as per my favourite named player, "dead" Fest!
Finally I will leave you with a pic of my zombie players.  For other pics of the team you can check out the link to my team page above, but I thought a pic of the zombies appropriate since Axt convinced me to send him a painted zombie after I commented on his ZOMBIES!!!! game post, in exchange for them each painting a harlequin for my planned spire brat pack gang for necromunda - and I will paint him in the style of my blood bowl team - so at least they will have one fan, even if it will end up all the way in Portugal!

2 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

what do you think Axt? like that scheme for a zombie?

Axtklinge disse...

Perfect! :)
And if its gonna be a supporter of the team, you can even paint the number (even the name?!) of one of the star players of the team!