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sábado, 16 de julho de 2011

Welcome aboard Tristan...

...oh yeah,thats right,Tristan is now part of the MMN crew (little does he knows that he´s going to do all the work here...but you didnt hear it from me ;) ).

My first impression was that he seemed like a cool guy,he has a ton of blogs and loves Blood Bowl so,what else could i ask for?

I guess having Tristan in the crew is a win-win situation,so,prepare yourselves for some Blood/Death/Mayhem/Creamy Bowl goodness.

On a personal was a slow news day...i got up,skipped bath,made some coffe,had lunch,went to the market to buy stuff for my pancakes,ate 3 of them (with powdered sugar,strawberry sauce,cinnamon and ice cream)

and now here i belly is hurting like hell,my son is trying to blind me with a Power Ranger sword and....and thats about it.

Well...i´ll see you all tomorrow...


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Tristan M disse...

thanks! still thinking about what to post from my archives, but i think i will try some crazy live dual blog/twitter updates from chaos cup