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segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2011

HairyBalls...errr...i mean...Midgets...

Hey you have the HairyMidgets roster and pics.This is the team thats going to try to conquer the Most Casualties Award at the Nabbo Tea Cup 2011...and the Wooden

The Troll Slayers-#1 Farmer Brooks,#2 Fuzzy Cupid.Both have the normal skills plus Mighty Blow.Value-220.000k

The Blitzers-#3 Haiti Kid,#4 Dink the Clown.Normal skills only.Value 160.000k

The Blockers-#5 Little Beaver,#6 Lord Littlebrook,#7 Little Tokyo,#8 Tzuki,#9 Short Sleeve Sampson,#10 Sky Low Low.All of them have the normal skills but #5 and #6 have also Guard.Value 740.000k

The Runner-#15 Mascarita Sagrada.Normal skills plus Block.Value 100.000k

I also buyed 3 Rerolls and a Cheerleader ;)

Heres a Team Photo

And thats about it...since the tournament is Ressurection style,i didnt bought a Apoth :)

And now,on a side note,yesterday was my 33 years old now...but anyway,just wanted to say that my wife made me this Humans Vs High Elves birthday cake...

Thats why i love her so much :p

7 comentários:

Axtklinge disse...

Super cool idea!
Congrats to your wife and Happy birthday to you!

PS1: Who won the game?
PS2: Who do I have to bribe to have a slice?
PS3: 33?!? You're still a kid dude!

Tristan M disse...

can I make some suggestions for your list?

if you ditch one reroll, and instead give leader to your runner, you can save enough $$ to give more skills to your team.

here's my thoughts (need to see the tournament rules to be 100% sure it's legal)

2x trollslayer (both mighty blow)
2x blitzer (1 mb / 1 guard) ** nice to have 1 faster guard **
6x blocker (1 mb / 1 guard)
1x runner (block + leader)
2x reroll

Axtklinge disse...

Only one skill per player allowed and a max of two equal skills in each team.
Other than that (on the runner)you're spot on.

AbraxiS disse...

Humm...leader...that would be cool...if i was going for the ball i guess...but i only want to beat the shizzle out of the other guys.

UUHHH...wait...theres a ball in the game??!!


AbraxiS disse...


Ps1-Humans won it...thres no such thing as winning elves in this manly

Ps2-Theres no cake anymore...sorry...and im now a 1/2 Kg

Ps3-Oh yeah :)

Tristan M disse...

leader is cool even if you only want to beat the shizzle out of people, it's a cheaper reroll!!

Here's what I would suggest. Don't worry too much about hurting people with crowd or foul (and not getting CAS) because with less people it means you can just gang up on those left!!

2x trollslayer (1 stand firm / 1 mighty blow) ** use stand firm guy to crowdsurf **
2x blitzer (1 mighty blow / 1 guard) ** nice to have 1 faster guard **
6x blocker (1 dirty player / 1 piling on / 1 guard)
1x runner (leader)
2x reroll

Paul O'G disse...

Your cool cake inspired me to make this one for my son last week: