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quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2012

Podcast update...

Im just posting the latest episodes of our favourite podcasts:

- Zlurpcast - Ep. #36

"First off…. sorry for getting this out late. I had issues with the length. That’s what she said. And actually since we’re talking about it…. this thing is about 3 and a half hours long. Yeah, I know. Fuckin sucks. We had a ton of great footage from the LIVE episode at Zlurpee Bowl VIII, plus we had to do a wrap up afterwards with results. It would have been tough to just edit out certain spots of the live show, so I left it all in! This is a lot to swallow — I know, it’s also what she said again. Here is some direction. Listen to the first 2 and a half hours. That’s the live show. It’s fun, it’s all over the place, but most of all, it will help you feel like you were at hanging out at the Zlurpcast Afterparty with us. Then, but only if you absolutely must…. go ahead and finish the other hour. The live episode sees the return of the Go For It Trivia Game with guests Sarge, Josh, Mark x2, Tristan, Randal, and many others. You get to hear Xtreme and Jonny fight about how many SPPs questions should be worth, and we find out why Jake Lloyd of Star Wars fame might want to sell you some Bantha Fodder…but only if yer cool. Enjoy!"

- Both Down - Ep. #8

"Both Down Episode 8. Team Ginger takes an in depth look and breakdown of the Chaos Dwarfs… Just joking this episode features segments like “House Rules” spotlighting the Al-Kohrn Cup, “Behind the Fluff” hear an interview with Golden Toe Joe and some “Tournament Talk” about team selection and breakdown for Chaos Cup. Also listen to them boast about league Championship victories, birthdays, fireworks and various other Ginger related topics. You know you love it now go listen.
Episode Breakdown by time:
  • House Rules – 13:29
  • Behind the Fluff – 44:25
  • Tournament Talk – 1:04:57
  • Shout Outs – 1:32:31
Links to stuff mentioned in Episode 8:
- Three Die Block - Ep. 25-06-2012

"This episode takes a second look at the Chaos Dwarves with guest coach, Nate Ponce, and while the subject might be short, the discussion is our longest one yet! Once you've survived all that, it's a quick hit with a Star-Push-Skull segment about league required dice towers. And no time at all is wasted moving into Cheering Fans and local league standings!"

- ZTZ - Ep. Chaos Dwarf

"The EVIL version of the little guys! And they have slaves… how else are you supposed to get shit done?! Nathan and Shawna, AKA, Bumblefuck and Friend dissect the Blood Bowl Chaos Dwarf roster in detail. They discuss what skills to take, strategies for certain players, and of course what Star Players are most useful. Chaos Dwarves are a popular and feared sight on the pitch, so make sure you do your homework and listen to this episode of Zlurpcast Tactic Zone!"

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