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sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012

Zlurpeebowl VIII - result = 38/60


Sorry for how long this has taken me to put together - have been super busy lately and I wanted to really give a summary of the whole weekend because Xtreme (@XtremeBBer) really put a proper "weekend" of fun together.


The canucks made excellent time driving down to Naptown, I think we arrived around 5ish.  Checked in at the lake house which turned out to be plenty big enough for 8 guys (they mentioned we might be cramped but the closets were big enough to hold our an air mattress - and Alex (@alexmatusiak) did sleep in the closet hoping for a bit of quiet, though it didn't work out that way as Hickling stayed up watching one of the american pie movies.

So once we dropped our stuff off, we headed over to Xtreme's place which was about a 20 minute drive.  Got there and Hickling immediately dove into a game of the BB team manager, while the rest of us hung around waiting for our beer to get cold.  Thankfully Sol and the mad dawgs showed up with a cooler and shared the wealth.  This party was a huge blast, everyone just hanging out and drinking, we all played silly games like rat ogre bowl (which Alex won) and space bowl (which Alex's team won - even despite my terrible efforts as the hive mind)
spacebowl broodlord vs. sergeant - that's me pointing!
hive mind high five! me, alex, randroid, sarge


Game 1 vs. Jeff (@ZootSuitJeff2-0 win

Jeff was one of the 'mericans crashing with the canucks at the little lake house we rented.  Appropriate we got to play each other!  Jeff brought a FTLOTG (and was eventual FTLOTG champion) counts as lizardmen team (no Saurus!) that was comprised of a giant robot for the kroxigor and a bunch of tiny robots for the skinks.  Very cool looking team.
game 1
In the first half I won the coin toss and chose to kick.  I used Boomer right away hoping it would force Jeff to try to score early.  Didn't work out that way and Boomer didn't have much effect as his skinks were so spread out - but I did manage to nip the ball and score late in the half.  Second half Jeff played a brilliant drive that very nearly succeeded in scoring down one flank, but fortune wasn't with him and he lost possession late (bit hazy now but I think it was a failed dodge or gfi) and even though I was planning to _not_ win by a lot (an early big win will have you playing stronger opponents sooner!) in the end I just tried to make a late scoring drive and ended up scoring a second touchdown without even using a reroll.  Should've saved some of that luck for later games!

Game 2 vs. Al 1-0 win

Al was _originally_ going to crash with us, but fortunately a cancellation let him stay in the house with the other mad dawgs whose team he was on, and was travelling with.  I'm sure that was nicer in the end for him.  Al also did a great job with the grill saturday night at the live after zlurp party.  He was the second lizardmen team I played, although he did have saurii (sp?).
game 2
Again I kicked to Al and used Boomer immediately.  Boomer had a much better impact in this game - I think it frustrated Al quite a bit.  The game was definitely a learning experience for Al, I'm not sure he was very familiar with the dangers of frenzy.  I warned him about being near the sidelines but I think the second hit threw him for a loop.  Fortunately for him the crowd only KO'd his tackle saurus.  Quite a back and forth game, where I managed to pull out a 1-0 win.  I think it wasn't until the second half that I scored but don't quote me on that, after the pre-party at Xtreme's Friday night the games from day one are tough to recall!

At the same time, Alex and Jonny P were playing right next to us, here's Jonny's #1 absolute favourite pic from the entire weekend.  Alex's Krox looming over his blitzer (or linewoman or whatever, ther're all blodgers - who cares!!)

Game 3 vs. Tom 1-2 loss

Angry Tom! Septuple Burger Buddy Award winner! THE Tomcat Rummery.

I have played Tom twice before, and with a win and a draw under my belt I figured a bit of smack talk was in order.  He got his revenge in this game but the look on his face was priceless!!  Tom is part of the mad dawgs crew and ended up winning Zlurpeebowl!  He came in 2nd for the RPS tournament, but he cheated me by waiting to see what I chose first! ;)  He was also the 3rd lizardmen team in a row I faced. 
game 3
Made my first big mistake of the day here.  I won the coin toss and should have kicked, instead I chose to receive hoping to really cash in on Boomer, but it ended up costing me as Boomer caused a couple turnovers with fumbles.  AV7 started to cost me as well.  This was a very fun game as Tom and I traded smack talk the whole time.  Unfortunately as he was generally doing well (and there were young children nearby) didn't manage to drag out a proper Angry Tom performance but it was still a blast.  We both scored in the first half, and then in the second I couldn't hold him as the casualties started to mount.
guessing I just insulted Tom in this pic
waiting for retaliation??

Game 4 vs. Ezzard 1-2 loss

Ezzard is another American who crashed with us, so throughout day 1 I basically played people I've been connected to somehow, with Tom the only one I'd previously played - that's always nice! I felt for the poor guy, his allergies were going crazy and I am usually the same, but my allergies didn't bother me at all in the States, weird!
game 4
YAY not playing lizardmen! BOO playing guardspam dwarves! Double BOO, he took Boomer too so neither can use him!!  Made another huge mistake in choosing to kick to him, that's what I wanted to do if I had Boomer, so once I lost Boomer I should have immediately realized that would be suicide.  AND it was.  I think Ezzard got like 7 casualties against me but I still managed to score a TD and I think if I had received it could've been a different game.  Not surprised I made this mistake though as by game 4 of day 1 your mental fortitude is really what is tested the most.  Ezzard won 2-1 and he ended up winning Most Casualties (you're welcome!)

live after zlurp party

Well this was a BLAST.  Definitely the highlight of the weekend, if you have listened to Episode 36 of Zlurpcast you have already heard all the best stuff.  I missed hearing Hickling's interview live as I was scarfing down food, but I joined the crowd just as Jeff was doing his "Go For It". It's always a blast chatting with Main Guy and Other Guy, and I had fun doing my own "Go For It" - especially because Jonny just wouldn't give up until I got a skill roll and (as it had all night) giving away SPP just bugs Bryan!  I'm sure if you are reading this you've listened, but as a recap I started as an Orc blitzer and with a few "correct" answers ended up with 6SPP and took Mighty Blow as my first skill, time to crack a few skulls!
mustard vs. ketchup!
There were tons of games and such going on, so much that it was impossible to follow everything that was happening.  I think we called it quits sometime around 1am to head back to the lake house for a bit of sleep before the second day.  Thankfully for us, our location was much closer to the venue than everyone else, so we were able to sleep in quite a bit even though we had to be all packed up before we left.  The folks at Indy Lakes were super nice (if you are ever there, say hi to James for me!) and I wouldn't hesitate to go back even though it's mainly for fishing, it was just overall super convenient.  Next year will probably try to do a bit more planning so we can just eat breakfast there, since we really barely used the facilities - it even had laundry!


Game 5 vs. Josh 0-1 loss

Josh was part of the OWFUL crew, and was the guy who told the hilarious Jake Lloyd selling weed story on Zlurpcast Episode 36.  A really great guy and we had a super epic game.  This was easily my most fun game of the tournament - which always says a lot when you lose!
game 5
I chose to receive and used Boomer and right away was super pumped as the kickoff result was "Get the Ref!" giving me a bribe to attempt to keep Boomer around for both drives!!  KICK ASS I thought.  Boomer really tore into Josh's orcs, mostly just knocking them down - however did get the odd KO here and there.  In the end, I should have just tried to dodge away on my turn 8 with a reroll to score, but instead I tried to blitz his player off and had to burn the reroll on a gfi in the process.  Then the blitz didn't knock his player down so I had to dodge anyways (stupid!) and of course I failed.  So we went in at halftime with no score.  To make matters worse I rolled a 1 for my bribe, so I didn't get to keep Boomer.  NOOOOOOoooooooo.  Fought tooth and nail to keep Josh from scoring, but he managed to score on the last turn of the game, where he failed his catch roll from a hand off and the game literally came down to a single 3+ roll.  He made it and deservedly won the game 1-0.

Game 6 GRUDGE MATCH vs. (@GDubToThaFeetUp) aka Jonny P (@jp4media1-1 draw

A man needing no introduction.  If you don't know who Jonny P is - I don't understand why you have read this far through this post!  Looks pretty soft in this pic eh???
game 6 vs. "soft" jonny
"I put dump off in dis bag" - your face says it all main guy
Another pretty epic game, though mostly for Jonny!  Boomer again was a force to be reckoned with since Jonny's entire amazon team were blodgers!  Really helped to knock his team down, though I gotta say I also rolled a fair amount of open POWs as well on my drive.  I scored late but didn't really do enough damage to Jonny's team.  

Second half JP made a nice push and tied the game up, then after kicking to me again - all of a sudden he started breaking armour like nobody's business around turn 5-6 and in two turns he had KO'd 3-4 and CAS'd another 2-3.  It was brutal!! In the end I had like 2 players on the pitch, and all I could do was draw his players close, then run up the field and throw it as far as was safe to do and pray to not fumble.  I managed it and JP couldn't manage to score with his chance so the game ended 1-1.
check out the beating I took!


The "Eh" Team did pretty well overall..  in fact much better than anyone (even Xtreme) thought because after the fact I determined that we actually should have won "Best Team"!!! This was mainly due to the bonuses from Alex winning best appearance for his lizardmen team (this was what Bryan forgot) and for Hickling being on a top table in the final round.  At the event it went to the Legion of Boom from Wisconsin - so we will actually be co-champions.  Waiting to hear from Xtreme about possible prizes and I know we are getting certificates!  There's a blurb about this in Zlurpcast Episode 36 which is pretty funny!

Hickling ended up with 3rd place.  If he won his last game he would have won the tournament.  He was the only player to beat Tom (who won, going 5-1) - the results list shows him in 4th, but basically the top 2 tables in the last round make up who places 1-4th, so even though Petre won his last game (the last American who stayed with us at the lake house) and leapfrogged him, Mark still took 3rd.  As you can see he spent a lot of time on the top tables!  PS. This is the Mark they called "Chops" on Zlurpcast Episode 36.
hick vs taylor 1.0
hick vs. solarflare
hick vs. rodney

Here's my recording of the awards ceremony.  Also you can check out the results thread on zlurpeebowl forums.

All in all this was probably the most amazing blood bowl tournament experience I've had.  I know The "Eh" Team will be back!!

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Axtklinge disse...

That was a nice event report Tristan, thanks!
It so cool how it sounds like 'old friends' meeting, with all the party and joking going on!

Moving on to the BB, you really had a nice start with those two wins, but the 3rd Liz team in a row must have messed with your concentration.

Still, you haven't lost your grudge match and that must be worth something! ;)

Oh and thanks for some nice photos! (Gotta give you credit for not taking pics of the coaches "over exposed rear bottoms"!)

Tristan M disse...

wasn't so much that it messed my concentration as it was a bit tiresome!

Most of the photos are just stolen from jonny p and bryan, but I purposefully avoided the ass shots - I figure Paulo has spent enough time staring at them ;) :P hahaha

AbraxiS disse...

Yes,i did spent some time staring at them....but its never enough cant never get enough of ass cracks...lolol

On the other hand...that hive mind high five is somewhat scary....lolol...if i ever go there,i want to do it naked...and i call dibs on the spot next to Valdric :)

Tristan M disse...

Valdric wasn't in the hive mind pic, but I'm sure you guys can find some private "naked hive" alone time somewhere!