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quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2012

Dreadball... love those orcs.I wonder if this supposed to be the Mantic version of Blood Bowl....
"GenCon - Mantic Games Dreadball
Mantic Games announced Dreadball, a futuristic Sport game.
Kickstarter campaign will go live in 10 days.
Base game set includes Orcs and Humans.
Forgefathers and Veer-Myn as Booster Teams.
3 kinds of players (strong brawlers, field player, fast players).
Veer-Myn won't have brawlers.
Forgefathers won't have fast players.

No reset of teams after score.

4 stats for players, streamlined for fast play.

Miniatures one piece or snap-fit, plastic, individual poses."


4 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

It's like they heard the space bowl episode of zlurpcast and built it. The humans look exactly like spesh muhreens

AbraxiS disse...


I thought exactly the same..."these guys are listening to Zlurpcast"...LOLOL



Paul O'G disse...

Interesting indeed...

Axtklinge disse...

LOL! They all look like spesh muhreens, even the gobo!