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quarta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2012

Spike! Magazine Blood Bowl Championship 2012

So,todays post goes to...

...yup...thats right...Spike! Magazine tournament in Canada  :)

- Spike! Magazine

"The SPIKE! Magazine Blood Bowl Championship is the Canadian Blood Bowl Major.
There are four major tournaments annually, each in a different country. These are:
1. The Dungeonbowl, Germany
2. The Blood Bowl, each year at GW HQ in Nottingham, England
3. The Spike! Magazine Trophy, each year in Surrey, BC, Canada
4. The Chaos Cup, October each year in Chicago, Illinois, USA"

Now for some info:

"Spike! Magazine 2012 Blood Bowl Grand Tournament
Dates: Saturday, September 29th, and Sunday, September the 30th, 2012

Location: Compass Point Inn
Address: 9850 King George BVLD, Surrey, B.C.
Hotel Website:
Accomodations: Mention the Spike Tournament when booking a room at the Compass Point Inn and receive the Corporate Rate.

Time: 8AM Registration Saturday

Contact: Craig or Mike
Email: or PM me (generaljason) here.

Additional Information:
- $45 non-NAF pre-registration, or $50 at the door
- $40 NAF member pre-registration
- 6-game Swiss Resurrection TV 110
- Door prizes from local and online stores"


"This year all registered participants at Spike! 2012 will get a set of 3 official Thunderbowl block dice, complete in the traditional TB colours of silver on black, and designed by our very own Blammaham (aka Steve)."

"Each attending coach will also receive a pair of Spike! 2012 d6s"

Also,if you attend the tournament,you´re going to see this bad boy live:

How awesome is this trophy  :)

And to end this post,please make sure you visit the:

- Spike! Store

There you can get goodies like the following:

- Ulfwerener – Bear

- Ulfwerener – Wolf

- “The Duke”

- Spike! 2010 Commemorative Coin

And the Gallery...containing 4 years of pictures...yuuummmyyy  :p

- Gallery 2008
- Gallery 2009
- Gallery 2010
- Gallery 2011

3 comentários:

moute disse...


j'adore le trophée!

AbraxiS disse...

Its not the original one tho...i guess GW "lost" the original one :( But i think this one its much cooler :P


Axtklinge disse...

That's quite a trophy.
And yes, the new one looks fantastic!