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quarta-feira, 24 de abril de 2013

Miniature Madness -- Star Players Part 1

The second of my Miniature Madness posts and a selection of my Star Player Miniatures, some are the official BB ones and some not.
 You've got to admire someone so obviously happy in their work!
 Not sure why two heads is such an advantage, surely they could potentially lead to indecision. I used to be indecisive you know but now I'm not so sure.......

Helmut bringing a new meaning to 'making the cut'.

A hidden in very plain sight dagger, "Oh this? It's for clearing mud out from between the studs on my boots..."

 He daren't look up because the weight of his helmet will probably make him topple over, but the Prince can certainly play.

What can you say about Morg? Well if he's within earshot it'd better be complimentary or it could be the last thing you ever do say!

My Blunderbuss conversion from an old Chaos Dwarf Flamethrower type thing.

More in a couple of days......

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Axtklinge disse...

Nice pinch of humour on those!
Nothing like a goblin who loves his work!