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terça-feira, 9 de abril de 2013

My pile of insanity

As I'm off work (possibly forever), I've been going through my blood bowl collection.
Kinda for the "remember when" thing, but really, just to catalogue what I have and what I want.

   Its a big collection, as I have mentioned here in a recent article and its gotten bigger. I buy bb/ff figures a few times a month. Sometimes just a figure or two, sometimes a team. As its my only hobby (well, that's not exactly true, I have an AK I shot at the local range), my wife gives me no trouble over it, and in fact, she's a fine painter. But I find myself asking why I have all these figures.
   As of 4/4/13, the collection stands at 1357 blood bowl/fantasy football figures. as of this post (4/9/13), I have, due for delivery, a team from Gaspez Arts (rats), and four figures from Goblin Forge.
I paint every day, but the collection is only about half painted. I have a GW Human and GW Orc team on the painting desk, and they are almost done (another 2 days), and my wife is painting a Shadowforge evil elf female team.

   The problem is, it seems there are new teams/figures released every week, and I don't even collect sideline figures (no coaches, cheerleaders, etc), just players. I have over 40 big guys, about 160 Star Players, and a crazy number of secret weapons...
Dice? I have 50+ block dice (I had more, but I sold 30 GW block dice to a club in Canada).
And I have 12 pitches... Funny thing tho, I had to order a range ruler from Impact! last week because I seem to have lost mine. I can play the game without the ruler, but why should I?
   I could say I'm gonna stop buying bb/ff figures, but I like the hobby, I like teaching new people the game, and I'm happy I can loan teams to new people who join our club.
These days, teams are a lot of money, and if I can loan a noob a team, maybe he will enjoy the game enough to buy his team for the next league.
I think I will try to be more choosy with what I buy. I've already stopped buying female teams/figures, and I suppose I could cut down on big guys and stars.
I'll try, at any rate.
At least I'm not a drunk...

2 comentários:

Paul O'G disse...

A most impressive tally indeed!

But if you enjoy it then why not? If you are home with your wife doing what you enjoy, then you aren't at the pub/casino/horsetrack/strippers - at least thats what I tell my wife!

Axtklinge disse...

That's quite an impressive number John!
However, do not despair as you are not alone facing such matters! :)

As you mentioned, the trick may be to be more choosy, and maybe check the 'catalogue' of your own collection to check how many of those you already have. That's what I try to do every time the 'miniature addiction' strikes.

On the other hand, there's the strong therapeutic side on the hobby (not just quite the 'shopping' side of it, but the painting, and the playing with other ppl,...), since it may sometimes help to keep mind from other matters.

Maybe in the end of the day, you end up finding you probably should change the label of the pile to 'My Pile of Sanity'!
Thank you for sharing, and congrats for such huge collection!