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quinta-feira, 2 de maio de 2013

Zombie pt.2 - Abraxis

Next up on the dock is Paulo aka Abraxis, winner of the Zlurpcast Meatloaf Fan award.  As soon as I got the bare torso piece off the sprue I knew I had to have Paulo running with his jersey off after just scoring a goal.  I leveled the base with filler as on the other figures and I made a jersey out of a napkin with paint. After painting the zombie and jersey separately I superglued them together.  I also used an extra coat of painted varnish to try and give the jersey some strength before I gave the whole figure a spray coat of varnish.
zombie Paulo
In case you are unaware, Paulo's favourite football team is Benfica, so it's very appropriate I am posting this today, as both his team and mine are in the second leg of the Europa League semi-finals tonight.  Chelsea have a 2-1 lead and are playing at home, while Benfica are looking to reverse the tie (currently 1-0 for Fenerbahçe) and are also playing at home - the Stadium of Light.  Good luck to Benfica tonight, with any luck we will have a Benfica/Chelsea final in Amsterdam and we might all use skype to hang out while we watch the match!

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5 comentários:

Paul O'G disse...

Great job Tristan - that shirt is inspired!

Axtklinge disse...

Bang on!

Congrats to you both guys, your teams will be facing each other in Amsterdam!
I was about to joke with it by saying "let the team with more Portuguese players on the pitch win", but now that I think of it, I suppose it can easily go both ways...

Tristan M disse...

Maybe last year would have been different, but we sold Meireles so we just have Ferreira now. Don't forget even though David Luiz and Ramires played for Benfica they are Brazilian. So I think you can still safely say that within earshot of your gf or Paulo ;-)

Axtklinge disse... about your second goalkeeper?

Tristan M disse...

Ah correct (though it seems he is 3rd choice now?) but still the numbers are low compared to previous years :)