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sábado, 4 de maio de 2013

Zombie Axtlinge for Axtlinge

The funniest thing of all, receiving a painted model of yourself as a zombie!  This is exactly what happened to Axtlinge (aka Axt) with the final figure of the fab four.  I chose to make Axt a rugby player because he loves the all blacks and the zombie pieces I had suited it.  First the legs weren't proper shorts and seemed to have some extra padding/protection which makes more sense for a proper contact sport.  Secondly the hand with the thumb pointing up reminded me of the Haka dance that his favourite rugby team the All Blacks perform.  I had a bit of help from Abraxis who sent me a couple photos of Axt so I could get him right without giving away the secret - thanks buddy!
zombie Alberto
As with the others, I built up the base with filler.  The flock is the same as used on my figure but underneath I gave it a coat of brown paint instead of green to try and show how rugby fields are usually more torn up than footy fields.  I used some bits of medical gauze twisted and glued to create the long beard and pony tail.  I also used a little water effects for the blood on the recently ripped off leg he's carrying around ;^)

Hope you enjoy them pal!

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1 comentário:

Axtklinge disse...

Awesome job mate!
It was quite a surprise (and a very cool one I must add), to see this bunch of "well known" zombies crawling out of that package!
The characterization is plain perfect, and even the dynamics of my Haka are spot on!
That would be exactly how I looked if I actually did 'the Haka' in the morning aftermath of a night out of with my mates.

Thank you for that extra mile converting them!