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terça-feira, 4 de junho de 2013

My cousin Mike.

  For the 4th year, our club, The Thursday Night Heros, will be putting on our tourney in honour of our friend, and my cousin, Mike. Three years ago, Mike was killed in Afghanistan. He has left behind a wife and little girl. and a lot of people who loved him.
  Tho I have a brother, I've always considered Mike my second brother and best friend.
We were about the same age, and we had a lot of common interests: gaming, hockey, punk and hardcore music, and Blood Bowl. Always Blood Bowl.

 Mike played Amazons and played them well. He was one of the founders of our club, and our league winners get to take home the Mike Kriger memorial cup until the next season.
He is remembered as a dear friend, always helpful, always friendly.
  We run the event on the last Saturday of October. This year we are looking for a new hall due to the fact that the price of the town hall has gone up, and also the place is a little small. We have a pair of figures I commissioned for the event and for sale.

The figures are Carol and Max from the book WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.
Mike and I had talked a lot about getting the monsters from the book made into Blood Bowl figures. I must say they came out very nice. Big thanks to Rykar and my friend Simon for all the help!
  I'm happy to run the event for Mike and the other pa. fallen soldiers (we take donations for the fund).
I think its important to honour these men and women who give so much to guard our freedom and protect us.
I think Mike would be proud.
I hope he knows his friends and family still remember him.

4 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

This is brilliant.
Is it considered a NAF tournament?
If so you should like to the NAF thread so people can find more information, and so we can tweet about it and such to help get the word out.
Good on you - people are what make the BB community great.

bound for glory disse...

its not NAF. nstarting next year it will be.
thanks for the kind words. the miniatures will be avilable next week. with a portion of the sales going to THE FALLEN SOLDIER FUND,

Axtklinge disse...

Gotta confess I love everything about your post John.
Can't remember of greater honour than to be remembered by those we hold dearest with such regard and love, even in the "smallest" things that makes us kick in everyday life, such as Blood Bowl.
You guys really are heroes, and FYI the miniatures are beautiful.

Tristan M disse...

If you have some type of flyer - email it to the email address in my blogger profile. I will print up a couple and bring them to zlurpeebowl this weekend.