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segunda-feira, 22 de julho de 2013

As my boy would say... "FAIL!"

As my boy would say... "FAIL!"
 My Wild Thing figures, Carol and Max, are pretty much sitting in the big box rykar sent me.
I sold about 9 (9 out of 50).
  We get about 20 players in our tourney. Everyone will get a set, but I'm starting to think my idea of having the wild things on the pitch isn't very popular with the BB community.
  When I told my mother about my idea, she smiled and said "thats cool".
She was always there when we had painting nights. My mom painted ceramics, and had fun doing it.
I remember her going to Saturday morning classes for painting ceramics. One Saturday, I stopped over and had my own paints, brushes and a primed blood bowl figure (a mino).
In minutes, the women were ohing and ahing over my miniature!

  My mother died on march 26th, 2013. She never got to see Carol and Max, from the book my mom and dad read me about a million times, from the book I read to my son about a million times, the book with the monsters that me and my beloved cousin, Mike , thought would be great BB players.

  Mike died in a small village in Afghanistan. He never got to see carol and max.
I'm not trying to be negative here, but its tough for me to know where these ideas came from, and the people who helped me through some tough times who would have been tickled pink to see Carol and Max on the pitch, are gone.
  No matter what, I will continue with the wild things, and if no one buys them, I don't mind.
At the end of the day, the figures give me good memories of some people I loved: my mom, my dad and Mike. I wish you could have come home to us, Mike. I miss you.

2 comentários:

Axtklinge disse...

Hey John,

Actually, you can't consider it a 'fail', not even close!
Using your own words, the simple fact that these figures light up memories of such fantastic moments you had with your parents and cousin, makes it all worth right there! Period.
An then, there's more! With and by those minis, you get to share all those moments not only with your closest ones, but also with your gaming mates, and the gaming community all together.
No sir, you can't put a "fail" in there. Not allowed.

Besides, numbers wise, with around 10 gone, plus at least 20 more accounted for your tourney, you already have 60% of them finding new places to live!
I'm sure it wont be long, before you start having "empty nest syndrome" towards that box!
And yes, that happens!

Tristan M disse...

I am very surprised that so few have been picked up already - they are perfect for a certain pair of star players and a very cool theme too.

I agree with Axt, I wouldn't consider it a failure. It kinda sucks you need to ebay them because of the hall rental.

Did you ever post them on the zlurpeebowl forums? Perhaps a post on the NAF forums would not go amiss either. I also bet if you contacted sann0638 he might be willing to put the post on the home page.